14 Apr 10, 00:59
xman: Thank You so much Lord for Cu at school,its such a blessing,thanks for the class weather too
28 Feb 10, 20:42
anon: that it be built up again ovr time and b stronger than ever.
28 Feb 10, 20:42
anon: Please pray for lost trust in a relationship,
28 Feb 10, 20:40
milise: Thank you! :D
28 Feb 10, 20:39
milise: And if anyone wants to drop by it's on a Thursday during lunch time in D3 or D4. :)
28 Feb 10, 20:39
milise: But it would be great if you could pray for understanding as we work our way thru James. Thnx
28 Feb 10, 20:38
milise: I'm soo happy that we already have between 5-10 people every week which is perfect
28 Feb 10, 20:37
milise: hi, it would be really helpful if yous could pray for the CU in Carrigaline Community School.
16 Jan 10, 23:35
Anon: and that he will continue to forgive us when we do.
16 Jan 10, 23:34
Anon: I pray that God would help us from giving into temptation.
6 Jan 10, 19:39
lazlo: I want to pray for everyone in the new year that they have a healthy and happy one
3 Jan 10, 16:36
Annon: Pray for broken relashionships in the church.
17 Dec 09, 18:44
milise: That the Lord would stay in our hearts and guide us in making the right decisions.
13 Dec 09, 12:00
Bladez: Please Pray that More People Would be affected by the Prayer Room at school this week =]
12 Dec 09, 12:31
Caitlin: um.. you may want to start wit my 1st msg to get the full comment :)
12 Dec 09, 12:30
Caitlin: check it out. Pray that God will speak to them through his word, and that they may come toknow Jesus
12 Dec 09, 12:30
Caitlin: she has asked that we pray for her B.U (Bible Union.) as more and more non Christians are startng to
12 Dec 09, 12:29
Caitlin: that they may be bold in their faith, and they may remain strong in Christ. The second is for Emma
12 Dec 09, 12:28
Caitlin: The first, is for my friend Rebekah. She has asked that we pray for her youth group of 6 teenagers.
12 Dec 09, 12:28
Caitlin: I have two prayer request for two lots of people.
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