11 Jun 13, 00:08
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30 May 13, 07:08
chef rara: how to natural food cooking :)
22 May 13, 13:50
Product Testing: hii, nice blog! wanna trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
10 Jan 12, 16:44
Bridget: Does Dimtri Die
13 Jul 10, 15:46
Taschima: Hope you come back girl
22 Feb 10, 13:01
Shayla: I did not leave again. I just haven't had any reviews to post. I'm working my way through a book now.
18 Feb 10, 20:56
Taschima: See? U left us again :(
12 Feb 10, 00:48
Meagan: Just wanted to let you know we have three contests going on at www.bythebookreviews.com..you should make sure to enter!
2 Feb 10, 20:07
Eli: Hey! You have an award at my blog <3
12 Jan 10, 14:08
Shayla: Hi Eli!
12 Jan 10, 12:09
Eli: Hii!!!
9 Jan 10, 14:47
Taschima: U have 2 awards at my blog
29 Dec 09, 13:21
blueicegal: you have to read vampire diaries omg damon is like just as hot in the books!!! oww im looking the show im still waiting for the latest ep! has anyone read the mortal instrument series my fav ever!!!!!
28 Dec 09, 15:26
Shayla: Okay. I will. =P After I finish the books I'm currently reading.
28 Dec 09, 14:39
Taschima: I am not a fan of Vampire Diaries :S But you have to learn to love Sookie! just give it another try, pleeaase!
28 Dec 09, 13:08
Shayla: I haven't tried Vampire Diaries yet. See a couple episodes of teh tv show though... But I love vampire Academy! <3
28 Dec 09, 12:55
blueicegal: lmao i tried readin that couldnt get into it, but vampire diaries and vampire acadamy is pure epicness D:
27 Dec 09, 16:12
Taschima: If you love yourself you have to keep on with The Sookie Stackhouse series!
26 Dec 09, 20:05
Shayla: Haha. just slightly a stalker. =P My Christmas was good.
26 Dec 09, 15:38
blueicegal: hiya i heard shylars abit of a stalker so thought id return the favour heheehe nice blog u gt here, feel free to chek mine out http://blueicegal-fantasy4eva.blogspot.com/ how did every1s christmas go
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