22 Feb 10, 23:31
The Storekeeper: maybe you can join the fun on our next outing :D
11 Feb 10, 21:26
Cynthia: nice website! very impressed with the urban sketches, which i did quite often too! keep it up:)
5 Dec 09, 22:26
The Storekeeper: It's great to find someone as enthusiastic as you gene harn. hope to hear a lot morefrom you in the future :)
30 Nov 09, 00:43
Handsome fish: Great! before semester starts, we need that section to be up and running
28 Nov 09, 12:20
gene harn: photography im on =)
31 Oct 09, 14:17
The FIsh: We need more photographers here!
17 Sep 09, 23:03
all[y]son: Hey..this is such a nice site! Keep it up..GOOD job!!
25 Aug 09, 16:07
The Storekeeper: Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy browsing around. Dont be shy to drop a word or two :)