25 Apr 10, 18:19
Sephora: Hey I love your site. You shading is amazing.
17 Aug 09, 11:31
Haruki: Hey! Sorry for taking forever to get back with you. XD Summertime is busy for me. anywho, I'm putting your link on my site<3 sry for the wait
6 Aug 09, 06:41
Sheeyo: Haha : D thanks a lotfor advertising my contest, and again for entering! ^^
26 Jul 09, 14:41
Jade: haha. Thank you Robin :) I will fix that right now.
26 Jul 09, 06:08
Robin: btw on your contest page it says "Contest ends when I receive 10 entries. Whichever comes first." which you might want to fix because it makes very little sense ;)
26 Jul 09, 06:07
Robin: Heya! I love your dolls. They are extremely well done!
24 Jul 09, 09:30
Sheeyo: Hey Jade! Thank you for the visit, and again for the contest entry! Your link is now up on my site too ;) I really like it here, keep up this nice site!
21 Jul 09, 06:39
Luh Scaglione: Hey! Nice site! You make beautiful dolls!
20 Jul 09, 14:30
Mariiii: Hi :) I just found this site - and I like your dolls ;) The concept of them is great!
20 Jul 09, 03:47
Jade: Thank you! I like your's as well :]
20 Jul 09, 03:19
Steph: Wow, you've got a nice site here. Your dolls are good :).
19 Jul 09, 17:19
Jade: Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy your visit. Leave me a tag and let me know what you think! :]