13 Feb 15, 15:00
SG2: Aaah I remember this place.
2 Mar 13, 02:52
Anonymous: Twilight took my girlfriend!!! DARN YOU TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!
25 Aug 11, 22:54
ginji kamisama: saben donde puedo descargar holy talker en raw desde el tomo 4 , los tres primeros ya los leiiiiiiii qiuero los otros||||||!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 May 11, 23:33
SG2: Goddammit PWR. Always talking about doing this or that but flaking out every fucking time.
7 May 11, 23:32
SG2: Then she disappeared and left me to float things by myself. What the Hell was I supposed to do? I knew this would never work out in the first place. No one ever listens to me.
7 May 11, 23:32
SG2: It's all that Damn PWR's fault. It was her idea to make a GB forum; I told her I didn't think the fanbase was big enough to sustain something like it. She roped me into being a co-admin with her.
17 Apr 11, 13:03
SG2: Longer if you mean the board. If you mean the chatbox then take a better look >_>
15 Apr 11, 07:21
Tim: Is it really a year since this was used? D:
28 Mar 11, 19:28
SG2: I have no idea who you are or why you posted that, anonymous spammer...but 12 Oz. Mouse is one of the best shows ever.
16 Mar 11, 00:19
shark: [link]
27 Mar 10, 14:00
SG2: If only Kane were still around to hear this...I really enjoyed getting her into this series.
27 Mar 10, 13:54
SG2: words, as soon as the semester ends, and I get into my usual summerly GB kick...I will so be there.
27 Mar 10, 13:54
SG2: be-all of impossible-to-find-online series' because the fanbase in the US is unfortunately not very large...thank you, God of Infinity Fortress up in Babylon City, for this incredible gift. Mark my
27 Mar 10, 13:53
SG2: I won't deny it was fun this summer scanning my copies, but I got busy when the semester started...and this means this summer I shouldn't have to do it again. I always thought GB was the end-all
27 Mar 10, 13:52
SG2: [link]
27 Mar 10, 13:52
SG2: series...it looks like some God of the Infinity Fortress has shined upon us and someone is translating where they left off!! OMG OMG OMG OMG
27 Mar 10, 13:52
SG2: But since Tokyopop's license with Kodansha has expired, and the series will not be released again unless some other company snatches it up (I raged when I found out), I thought I'd never finish the
27 Mar 10, 13:51
SG2: MANGAFOX HAS MOST OF THE GB VOLUMES. Many of them are scans of the Tokyopop version - IE, exactly what I was doing with my own volumes this summer
27 Mar 10, 13:51
15 Mar 10, 21:03
SG2: I know, it's just upsetting. This place is fairly new, but IGNO and TxG have been around for years.
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