07/19/18 10:09 PM
Swiftbow: He has been seen to regenerate wounds. I will not spoil how far that regeneration may go...
07/19/18 08:59 PM
BrickVoid: I was thinking about something regarding the necromancer and his bodies he controls from the portrait dimension. IF something completely destroys both of his physical bodies in the real world is he still able to come back in some other way?
07/16/18 07:24 AM
Classic Steve: Well, that's one advantage to being a Hufflepuff.
07/13/18 05:09 PM
Swiftbow: lol... I think it was originally going to say "the castle" but then I changed it to Hogwarts for better clarity. And the "the" just stuck around!
07/13/18 07:50 AM
Classic Steve: "The Hogwarts"?
07/09/18 11:23 AM
Swiftbow: Thanks for catching that! I had apparently done something really goofy with the last few episode links, actually. Fixed now! (You will probably need to refresh.)
07/08/18 10:12 PM
BrickVoid: Hmm, the comic posted correctly, but the link to the previous comic is missing, and the comic where the scouts reported to Cagney no longer links to the next comic in sequence.
07/02/18 11:05 AM
DaniGeek: @Brickvoid: So a lot of people have a thing called a life and sometimes life gets in the way and because of that, you never know what is going to happen in the future until a few days beforehand. So please be patient, and stop bossing them around about when you want updates. To pass the time go read a book, it's amazing how fast time goes when your read a good book.
07/01/18 11:51 PM
Swiftbow: What would be the point of that? It's just a busy week. This sometimes happens. I can't see any reason why that would require altering the overall schedule.
07/01/18 09:29 PM
BrickVoid: Possibly you guys should check your schedule fo the next few mohths and see if it's worth announcing a temporary change to once a week updates until things settle back down again? :D
07/01/18 09:28 PM
BrickVoid: I was thinking, this has been happening a bit often lately. So I wondered when the next chapter break would be, is all. :D
07/01/18 06:57 PM
Swiftbow: It's not the end of the chapter. Just due to circumstances!
06/29/18 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: So, you guys mean you're kind of having a chapter break? This seems as good a spot as any for one ... :D
06/25/18 12:33 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder what would happen if Cagney's group decided they'd had enough and toild Cagney off instead of implementing his plan? :D
06/22/18 12:53 PM
BrickVoid: @Clasic Steve: I wouldn't put anything past Cagney, if there was a way, he'd find it! :D
06/22/18 07:11 AM
Classic Steve: Say, is it possible to be both a werewolf and an animagus?
06/22/18 03:02 AM
BrickVoid: I wouldn't trust that tiny animal much, Cagney is known to surprise people with his cleverness on occasion. :D
06/21/18 09:30 PM
BrickVoid: Did you forget again or am I getting the time zome wrong again/ :D
06/20/18 02:13 AM
BrickVoid: I wonder if Medria should be more worried about what Drake told his dad, and if she should be worried about hsi reaction? :D
06/15/18 03:51 PM
BrickVoid: I'm pretty sure the Necromancer won't think much of Grawp. :D
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