11/10/19 12:17 PM
BrickVoid: Good coverage on the werewolves! Nice to see they at least got something out of the ordeal! :D
11/08/19 12:56 PM
Swiftbow: Good guess on us covering the werewolves, BrickVoid :)
11/04/19 11:42 AM
BrickVoid: there's one other plot line the epilogue could clean up, if you/ve got the time and minifings to do so: The fate of Cagney's werewolf pack. I mean they were mostly finished after Cagney was killed by Sheriff Ned, but still would be nice to know if they somehow turned their former werewolf controlled lives around.
11/04/19 08:18 AM
Cc: Any dragons from charlie's dragon reservation moving to chrys's place?
11/02/19 11:17 AM
Swiftbow: Kinda both... twins, but also in the future where they're not infants.
11/01/19 02:54 PM
BrickVoid: Sooner or later Medria and Drake's kids will want to meet the rest of the wizards who helped save the world, that might cause a few problems for their parents! :D
11/01/19 07:54 AM
Freezer: So is the implication in that final panel that Medria had twins or that this further in the future, where she had a second child?
10/28/19 07:05 PM
Swiftbow: That is true, just more minor details than we wanted to get into regarding that.
10/28/19 12:58 PM
BrickVoid: The inferi were quite useful, but wouldn't their occupied bodies eventually wear out and become unusable? I would imagine there's some limit to how long an inferi body can last. :D
10/26/19 02:07 PM
Classic Steve: Nice to know something good came of the whole Necromancer plot. In-story, I mean.
10/21/19 08:16 AM
amethyst: Excellent!
10/20/19 11:57 PM
BrickVoid: This is a particularly fitting ending, as Harry is well known for going off on another adventure. Very well done! :D
10/20/19 07:49 PM
haakon: Agree totally with Jeremy. And even if (as it appears) there never is a saga with Harry and the gang saving an Elvish ship, the authors have at least created the fun possibility of it in our minds.
10/20/19 06:43 PM
Jeremy: Great final episode! I have to admit though, I got less a vibe of "The End", and more "The adventure continues ..." vibe from the last panel. Either way, excited for the epilogue :)
10/18/19 08:07 AM
Classic Steve: "That's what Slytherin is all about, Charlie Brown."
10/14/19 11:11 AM
Classic Steve: Of course we'd get that statement within fan fiction.
10/12/19 12:50 PM
Classic Steve: Nice to see snark again.
10/11/19 03:56 PM
Omegarex24: @BrickVoid have you even been reading the comic? The Necromancer is literally the son of Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin
10/11/19 12:37 PM
BrickVoid: When was it mentioned in the comic that the necromancer was half slytherin?
10/07/19 06:11 PM
Random: @BrickVoid Umm he does that all the time...
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