21 Mar 17, 12:17
BrickVoid: Although, in this case, it's the evil Rosie who should be disturbing you! :D
20 Mar 17, 15:07
Classic Steve: Pregnant villains are kinda disturbing. Maybe that's why there are so few.
17 Mar 17, 13:53
BrickVoid: You probably typed a '5' instead of a '4' I find myself doing that a lot of the time. You just didn't notice it until it got pointed out. :D
17 Mar 17, 12:58
Swiftbow: I have no idea where "Book 5" came from. It has been fixed to Book 4.
16 Mar 17, 16:22
Classic Steve: Looks like nested nightmares.
16 Mar 17, 14:00
BrickVoid: Anyway, it's the book version that's wrong, so the authors just need to correct that! :D
16 Mar 17, 13:58
BrickVoid: It's because according to the archives that's what it should be. :D The eronneous chapter information is in 799, not 800! :D
16 Mar 17, 13:47
RobC: Silly question - if ep 799 is "End Book 5 Chapter 6", how can ep 800 be "Book 4 Chapter 7" ? :)
16 Mar 17, 02:22
Swiftbow: Oh, sorry, that particular way of reading it didn't occur to me. We are back now!
15 Mar 17, 13:03
BrickVoid: @Classic Steve, I'd take it to be more likely to mean the short form of "evening" - I'll just go back to waiting patiently now. :D
15 Mar 17, 12:48
Classic Steve: So when you said "the eve of March 15th," you didn't mean the night BEFORE.
2 Mar 17, 19:07
Swiftbow: The answer the door accepted, essentially, is that the universe will run out of time before it runs out of matter.
2 Mar 17, 17:33
BrickVoid: So let me see if I get this straight: The answer to the riddle is that you would run out of time first, before you were actually able to explain it, or did you guys make a typo somewhere? :D
2 Mar 17, 11:21
Classic Steve: Two classrooms to house all the students? Sounds stuffy.
19 Feb 17, 11:48
Classic Steve: I hope it's just a trance and not zombification like Snape and Dumbledore.
18 Feb 17, 23:57
BrickVoid: I wonder if Hugo will be able to get Hagrid to snap out of his trance? He probably wants to fight the Dark Wizard's spells but needs some encouragement to do so! :D
16 Feb 17, 07:52
Classic Steve: Pro tip: "corridor."
13 Feb 17, 09:08
Classic Steve: I guess they're putting emphasis on the last syllable for a chant.
2 Feb 17, 12:26
BrickVoid: To get drunk one would have to still have taste buds, otherwise how would they distinguish the wine from the vinegar? :D
2 Feb 17, 09:02
Classic Steve: Well, we kind of assumed that skeletons were too mindless for any kind of conversation....
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