01/19/18 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: The only good martyr is a dead martyr, the same goes for your enemies! :D
01/17/18 08:16 PM
BrickVoid: Thanks! That certainly clears up the confusion! :D
01/17/18 07:27 PM
Swiftbow: I royally goofed up with my coding... 875 and 876 were both showing Episode 875. And 877 was showing 876. So none of them were showing 877. Anyway... they're fixed now. You'll probably have to refresh the pages.
01/15/18 08:21 PM
BrickVoid: If I'm not mistaken something swallowed the real Episode 878 whole and replaced it with this one! :D Hopefully Swiftbow can make it cough it back up again! :D
01/15/18 07:59 PM
cc55: ? ahmad was standing in the last page, but he's on the floor here.
01/15/18 01:58 PM
BrickVoid: This isn't a dun dun dun - it's a cliffhanger! *sighs*
01/15/18 03:21 AM
Swiftbow: Update will be a little late... hopefully this afternoon, but possibly Monday evening.
01/09/18 02:01 PM
Jeremy: Thanks for the reminder, Swiftbow! Honestly, it was just spur of the moment of forgetting his name. After being reminded later on, I completely remembered everything. It was just one of those times where I knew the answer, but couldn't say it :)
01/09/18 02:44 AM
Swiftbow: Ahmad was part of the group that blew up the Ministry, but repented during the attack. He was imprisoned in Azkaban until he escaped with Medria and Drake and helped the Potters fight off pirates. He later reappeared during the White Christmas arc when Sheriff Ned and Bart met James Bond. There's an extensive character history summation (for all the major players) on the Characters page, too.
01/09/18 02:24 AM
Jeremy: Thanks for answering! It does help me understand it more :)
01/08/18 09:52 PM
BrickVoid: Anyay, if you do an archive delve into certain chapters you'll probably find that Ahmad switched sides to the side of the good wizards. The prophet Mohammed therefore believes him to be a traitor. Good enough explanation?
01/08/18 09:50 PM
BrickVoid: http://harrypottercomics.net/869.html - url got mixed with reply, sorry for confusion
01/08/18 09:49 PM
BrickVoid: I recall sohis name, apparently, from episode 863, at least, is referred to as "Ahmad" http://harrypottercomics.net/869.htmlmewhere back in the episodes that the one
01/08/18 04:19 PM
Jeremy: OK, I just had another re-read of it and he says that "Infidels cannot be martyrs, but that still might not be how other people see it, so I'm still a touch confused.
01/08/18 03:26 PM
Jeremy: Oops! I meant Mohammed! My mistake :)
01/08/18 03:25 PM
Jeremy: Great episode! However, I'm a bit confused about something. In the first panel, Mohammend says that killing the other guy (sorry, I forgot his name) would make him a martyr, but he still tries to kill him? Why'd he do that?
01/08/18 11:46 AM
BrickVoid: Well the prophet had his meteoric rise, now it's time for his great fall! :D Or fail, even! :D
01/08/18 08:59 AM
Classic Steve: Does "Mohammed" even realize how he contradicts himself between panels 1 and 2? "You won't get me to straight-up kill you. Now DIE!"
01/05/18 06:41 PM
Swiftbow: It's an old Ninjago set, I'm pretty sure.
01/05/18 12:33 PM
Classic Steve: I'm curious which set gave us that stylish shirt.
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