05/17/20 10:34 AM
Oldarmourer: This guy has itright, backing up your backups is never a bad idea and sometimes you just need to say "gun ports open, give 'em hell!!" :)
05/11/20 06:49 AM
Bird of Prey: The last panel: Cue the Star Trek fanfare in the soundtrack! "Daaa ta-daa..."
05/10/20 05:06 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: I was a fan of Harry Potter Comics, and I'm really enjoying how this new effort by the same writers is developing.
05/10/20 02:59 PM
Swiftbow: Hey, just to follow up on Brogen's comment about Colonel Reynolds... the reason the Shadowburn has a different rank structure will be revealed in the future. (It is something of a spoiler)
04/28/20 11:59 AM
Swiftbow: I have never heard of Luis and the Aliens. And, aside from the extremely general people conspiring about something, I can't think of any particular show this is similar to?
04/27/20 11:25 PM
BrickVoid: Although, it is hilariously funny in an oddball kind of way! I'm kidding, I've also seen "Luis and the Aliens" - probably some of that rubbed off on me! :D
04/27/20 11:24 PM
BrickVoid: What real life TV show did you get this plot from? It sounds awfully like 99% of them! :D
04/23/20 04:36 PM
Swiftbow: Yes, I did! Thanks for catching that.
04/22/20 10:54 PM
BrickVoid: There is no "next" button for Episode 9! Forget something? :D
04/17/20 08:24 AM
Brogen: Miles: Nice catch! We are using the typical Starfleet Naval Ranks (as you'll see in the current comic and ones coming up). However, there's something a bit different about Colonel Reynolds' ship and crew.
04/17/20 01:16 AM
Miles: Just found the comic, I find it interesting that we're going by Airforce-ish? ranks (which if current Spaceforce is anything to go by will be accurate) rather than Naval ranks, which have traditionally been Starfleet ranks in the TV series. Just commenting, as my dad was a Petty Officer First Class, whereas I was a First Lieutenant (Logistic Readiness Officer) in the USAF, which has ranks like Colonel.
04/14/20 06:57 PM
Swiftbow: Just to let you all know... we made a couple fairly minor dialog edits to Episode 9. You may want to refresh!
03/30/20 12:56 PM
BrickVoid: i wonder if he'd believe his own people right now? I suspect not! :D
03/23/20 11:34 AM
BrickVoid: Shouldn't that be "surrender *OR* be destroyed!"? Why would they surrender if they're going to be destroyed anyway?!
03/23/20 11:16 AM
Swiftbow: Its up! Sorry... forgot to post. Oops :-0
03/22/20 05:21 PM
BrickVoid: I went and voted for this comic! it's doing well, hope to see Sunday's episode when it's ready! :D
03/20/20 06:03 PM
Swiftbow: There's a button on the top right, and next to the tagboard :)
03/19/20 01:34 PM
Amethyst: Where do I vote for this comic? I'm enjoying it! :)
03/16/20 06:36 PM
Swiftbow: It's a racial trait. Like when they destroyed the human colony on Cestus-3 without any prior communication, because they jumped to "invasion!" as their first thought. But, later, after fighting Kirk and the Enterprise, they were agreeable to peace terms (and later allowed humans to resettle the colony).
03/16/20 12:32 PM
BrickVoid: The Captain of the Gorm Hegemony seems a bit quick to blame the Tajarans, about as quick as he is to change his mind once given further information on them. That seems quite bipolar of him ... :D
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