23 Sep 17, 18:13
Classic Steve: Happy anniversary, even if "Danielle and mine's" is awkward.
22 Sep 17, 13:43
BrickVoid: Believe me when i say I had toi read it twice myself to be sure I wasn't seeing double! :D :D :D
22 Sep 17, 13:42
BrickVoid: Line 3: "with my"
22 Sep 17, 13:42
BrickVoid: It most cretainly does! Line2: "yer with"
22 Sep 17, 12:13
Swiftbow: No... it doesn't? Oh, and next Wednesday is Danielle and mine's 2nd Anniversary!
22 Sep 17, 03:34
BrickVoid: Also, Bart's word balloon in panel 3 has "with" in it twice. :D
22 Sep 17, 03:31
BrickVoid: LOL, okay, and don't worry if you get back too late for next Thursday's what matters is that you get whatver needs doing done and get back safely! :D
22 Sep 17, 01:58
Swiftbow: I think you're a day early, BrickVoid :) It's up now.
21 Sep 17, 22:37
BrickVoid: Comic late again or didn't publish? :D
11 Sep 17, 14:00
BrickVoid: So, it all seems as if this whole battle is going to be centred on the Clocktower, does this mean Dark Rosie is going to wind up at the Necromancer's side, anyway? :D
11 Sep 17, 13:59
BrickVoid: *logically
11 Sep 17, 13:58
BrickVoid: Though, logocally, to right would read better, it probably won't matter that much! It's just the path that makes more sense to me anyway.
8 Sep 17, 08:14
Classic Steve: Skybeams are the villain trend of the decade. Seem to have begun with "The Avengers."
5 Sep 17, 14:14
Classic Steve: Oh, silly me.
4 Sep 17, 17:48
Swiftbow: I just realized that he said "first time," so my argument was nonsense. Still... I think it might be confusing to say "second time," given that Harry really didn't do anything but sit there.
4 Sep 17, 16:56
Swiftbow: That's not Hermione, it's Ginny :) That is a good point about Voldy... though the last time, Ron technically got the kill, so maybe it works?
4 Sep 17, 14:49
Classic Steve: Also, from a certain point of view, Harry was 1 the first time he "killed" Voldemort.
4 Sep 17, 14:48
Classic Steve: Wait a minute. Canonically, Hermione is older than Harry, who turned 17 at the start of year 7. She's remembering wrong.
3 Sep 17, 17:54
Swiftbow: Oh, I see. Yes, we did have a comic go up on the 9/1 for most people. (Was still technically the 31st here.) I would have waited, but I actually forgot the date, lol. Danielle told me the next day.
3 Sep 17, 03:47
BrickVoid: of course it'll be the 3rd where you are but no matter! :D
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