03/19/18 12:04 PM
BrickVoid: I may have to consider getting a SSD myself. Might be tricky fitting it to mys system, though. :D
03/19/18 12:02 PM
BrickVoid: That SSD is what is boosting your boot speed, Windows 10 will run pretty fast on it. I don't linke Windows 10, though, because updating the PC drives me nuts as to how slow it is when dealing with large update installs.
03/19/18 11:59 AM
BrickVoid: Yeah the hinge would've been better if you could get red ones. Easy enough to grab off BrickLink! :D
03/18/18 08:33 PM
Swiftbow: We used a hinge (as we typically do when we need people with dresses to sit or bend). In comic terms, though, she's wearing a belt :)
03/17/18 12:49 PM
BrickVoid: Or maybe just photoshop the wrongly colored brick parts into a red color. :D
03/17/18 12:47 PM
BrickVoid: I was wondering about that, her dress seemed to have a few flaws in it. You might be able to find a red 11211 somewhere, they're fairly common and shouldn't be difficult to get off BrickLink or a recent set! :D
03/16/18 11:08 PM
Jeremy: OK. Thanks for answering me. It's just a bit hard to tell with some lego figures sometimes. Keep up the great work :)
03/16/18 04:07 PM
Brogen: Yes, she is lying down. she's sitting up and is wearing a long dress.
03/16/18 03:43 PM
Jeremy: Is Maxime lying down in her panels, or is it something else? It's just a bit hard to tell right now.
03/16/18 12:19 PM
BrickVoid: I'm thinking it is possible, but with severe changes in Hagrid's life or afterlife or whatever! :D
03/16/18 06:54 AM
Classic Steve: Get Rubeus back? I'm torn between wanting that to happen and feeling that that would be too hard to accept even in the Potterverse.
03/14/18 11:45 PM
Swiftbow: That will remain to be seen. I will note that Voldemort's original body was destroyed and he eventually built a new one.
03/14/18 12:42 PM
BrickVoid: One thing is unclear: If they somehow destroyed both of the necromancer's biduies physically, does that mean his soul would be trapped in the portrait world forever?
03/13/18 12:41 PM
Swiftbow: Typo fixed, thanks. To BrickVoid: Yes, he was. It's why his prime body was sitting there doing nothing while he was "piloting" the Jerusalem body.
03/12/18 07:14 AM
Classic Steve: "Remember how powerful we were than..." I'm afraid she skipped "much more," and it won't be easy to doctor. In a pinch, you could replace "than" with "to."
03/12/18 01:13 AM
BrickVoid: I'm thinking that doing it a lot, can put a stress on his soul because of the fact he has to go from one to the other and then back again. It also probably isn't instant so if it wasn't for the fact that his bodies are in the same place right now, they could attack him on two fronts at once, causing him a dilemma.
03/12/18 01:11 AM
BrickVoid: So, was he switching bodies multiple times when he had to be at Hogwart's and in his high priest body at the Prophet's location, then?
03/10/18 02:16 PM
Jeremy: That makes sense. It wasn't a strong theory, I admit. Either way, should be fun to see what happens next :)
03/10/18 11:30 AM
BrickVoid: *soul
03/10/18 11:30 AM
BrickVoid: The one thing the sould in a portrait trick doesn't explain is why he can have multiple bodies of himself lying around and swap to them at will. It must fragment his sould to do that so I'd goess he doesn't do that too often, only when needed. :D
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