25 May 17, 12:43
BrickVoid: I woudl imagine the prophet Necromancer is having a vision right now that requires more than "momentary" attention right about now! :D
25 May 17, 11:23
Classic Steve: Normally you look for a fireplace BEFORE starting a fire.
20 May 17, 23:43
dallas: Helloooo Potterheads
20 May 17, 23:43
dallas: sacAVX acAVdaVavdavvvvv
20 May 17, 00:43
Swiftbow: Sorry, I picked up some kind of bug last night. (Feels a little like the flu... hope it isn't!) Skipping this update, but we'll be back on Wednesday night!
18 May 17, 13:01
BrickVoid: I wonder if that Kaboom has anything to do with the breakout from Episode 814? :D
18 May 17, 12:59
BrickVoid: Hmm it seems they're not the only ones who want to destroy things! :D
15 May 17, 13:24
Classic Steve: People say "as best you can" so often that "as best as you are able" gave me pause.
12 May 17, 21:11
Classic Steve: The heavy, you say? "I have yet to meet one that can outsmart spell!"
8 May 17, 03:25
BrickVoid: Well, it'll do for now, I don't really worry that much about zooming in, it just makes spotting my own typos easier! :D
7 May 17, 21:06
Swiftbow: If your monitor resolution is that big, I also suggest zooming in, Brickvoid. I view most websites at 120% or higher.
7 May 17, 13:49
BrickVoid: I'm also noticing that the text input size hasn't changed much, if any. Is that fixable, too? :D
7 May 17, 13:47
BrickVoid: Very good, much better readability here! :D I don't mind the bigger box size at all, but maybe that's because I'm on a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution! It's my new monitor's default resolution! :D The only thing that could be tweaked now is the font color, which should just be black, or a few shades darker than it is now! :D
7 May 17, 03:35
Swiftbow: Good idea implemented. Hope that's not TOO big now... I made the box bigger, too.
7 May 17, 02:15
BrickVoid: By the way, is there any chance this comment box section could be upgraded with more readable font sizes? For instance the descriptive text you put under the date for the comic would be just fine if this cbox text was that size.
7 May 17, 02:11
BrickVoid: I think I may have stumbled on it, 6764, I believe. It's not actually a pneumatic piece, that's a Technic Shock Absorber. IT's spring loaded, and from the instructions, one simply pushes the cylinder up so that it is freed by sliding a tile under the retracted end of it. Very ingenious! :D
6 May 17, 22:19
BrickVoid: What was the set number? I only know of LEGO Western or Wild West, so I'm not sure what to look for when you mention Cowboy.
6 May 17, 15:24
Swiftbow: It's Lego. It's a part of that cowboy set I mentioned that we never took apart.
6 May 17, 14:53
Classic Steve: Sure looks like LEGO to me.
6 May 17, 13:29
BrickVoid: I'm confused so is this LEGO or non-LEGO I'm looking at for this breakaway dungeon wall? :D
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