07/23/19 05:19 PM
Haakon: Hey, thanks for the boost, Swiftbow. One "thread" I thought amusing is that with Harry now apparently "dead," this ought to be renamed as Necromancer Comics. ;)
07/22/19 03:42 PM
Swiftbow: He means you're monopolizing the chat thread by just saying everything that comes into your head, BrickVoid. And often misremembering plot/character details. For example... Sheriff Ned is not immune to all magic. Just the stuff that affects his mind, such as, but not limited to, memory charms.
07/22/19 12:29 PM
BrickVoid: The Necromancer's going to have a ton of fun trying to figure out why his spells don't work on Sherriff Ned! :D Ron on the other hand is not so easy to deal with! :D
07/22/19 12:25 PM
BrickVoid: @Haakon: What "threads" do you speak of? This is just a tagboard as far as I'm aware. If you see fit to discuss something, go ahead and develop a post, people will respond to it.
07/21/19 05:22 AM
Haakon: @Brickvoid - I understand your interest in this comic, because it's obviously well done, but for the sake of other long-time readers like myself, do you suppose you could limit your input to allow other comment threads to develop? Thank you.
07/19/19 12:41 PM
BrickVoid: I dunno if he knows much but he's got 5 minutes before the rest of him gets obliterated along with his two hostages. It would be fun to see him removed even at the cost of two of Harry's friends. Not nice, but fun, since this is just a comic.
07/15/19 12:25 PM
BrickVoid: I reckon that Elder Wand he's holding onto would've been "cut down" a bit, too! :D
07/13/19 07:25 PM
Swiftbow: I'd like you to point me to the place in the movies where it said Voldemort had anything to do with Dementors beyond recruiting them for his army. It's not in there.
07/13/19 02:40 PM
BrickVoid: It certainly wasn't explained that way in the movies. Therefore from a movie standpoint, he had every reason to be involved in the creation of the ones in his service.
07/13/19 02:19 AM
Swiftbow: Voldemort had no involvement with creating Dementors. They did join his side becaues of the free lunches.
07/12/19 02:44 PM
BrickVoid: That came out wrong but the gist is there.
07/12/19 02:43 PM
BrickVoid: This means Ron shouldn't want to be at the tower either! But he doesn't know that yet. How will Hermione let him know everyone not to go to the tower?
07/11/19 11:41 PM
BrickVoid: There's one thing I don't understand about Dementors and Snape. Snape was in the service of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies so he knew how Dementors were created. How feasible would it be to suspect that he tricked the Necromancer into believing he'd turned his former self into a Dementor, and is simply biding his time, waiting for the perfect opportunity?
07/11/19 11:08 PM
BrickVoid: It's a wonder George hasn't looked in on Hermione himself. he's certainly the closest person to render her medical aid, if any can be given.
07/11/19 11:07 PM
BrickVoid: Does Ron know that George and whoever he was with in Episode 990 is up on the Cathedral Stairs laying down portable swamps? Presumably to make access more difficult for the enemy I guess.
07/08/19 09:53 PM
Swiftbow: As for the Inferi... you may well have noticed that a very large number of them (not all) are skeletons. The magic that animates Inferi takes the place of a functiong blood/muscular/limbic system. In the bodies that are less damaged, the natural processes continue/restart and they are, for most intents and purposes, alive.
07/08/19 09:51 PM
Swiftbow: Avada Kedavra would work, but you have to remember: it's an inherently evil spell. Granted, using it on undead isn't really the same, but it's not a spell our heroes have practiced or would normally even consider. James, younger and more impetuous, is more apt to try something like that, but he's incapable of actually doing harm with it. He's just not, well, broken enough to do it.
07/08/19 12:05 PM
BrickVoid: Also, it seems that being reanimated by the conduit can apparently repair gunshot wounds, at least sufficiently for the Dementors that inhabit them to be able to use them again.
07/08/19 11:50 AM
BrickVoid: His own spare body in fact.
07/08/19 11:50 AM
BrickVoid: Is there some reason Ron wouldn't use Avada Kedrava on the Inferi? In episode 893 the necromancer used Avada Kedrava to remove a Dementor from a revived corpse. and then blasted it from existence with a blast from his wand in 894. So, what makes the difference between Inferi and Dementors inhabiting bodies reanimated by the conduit?
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