24 Jul 17, 22:37
BrickVoid: Well, the invisibility cloak could work, but james should beware of falling mech parts! :D
24 Jul 17, 22:36
BrickVoid: I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't see the new episode before I refreshed the page. I don't know long it was up for, but this was in the last few minutes before this post. :D
24 Jul 17, 21:02
Swiftbow: Yes, sorry. Still getting used to the new schedule here, too!
24 Jul 17, 13:42
BrickVoid: Is Sunday's episode late again? :D
20 Jul 17, 13:10
Swiftbow: They didn't use the term here specifically, but I think this was the first mention: http://harrypottercomics.net/725.html (The Necromancer may have hinted at them earlier, though... may have to hunt for that.)
19 Jul 17, 22:20
BrickVoid: *instinctive, too, sory, again.
19 Jul 17, 22:19
BrickVoid: *then had to, sorry
19 Jul 17, 22:19
BrickVoid: I was about to ask about whether the next episode was due, and then and to stop myself, as I realized I'm still expecting an uplload Wednesday, instead of Thursday. Damn insiticive memory reflexes! :D
19 Jul 17, 12:54
BrickVoid: They did indeed! It's hard to keep an evil neromancer down for long! :D
19 Jul 17, 11:57
Classic Steve: Hey, his arms moved!
18 Jul 17, 18:11
ccss: wait, what exactly is a conduit again? when were they first mentioned?
18 Jul 17, 13:21
BrickVoid: Well, Horatio's eyes aren't x'ed out, so I reckon a Prophet is going to get a rude awakening very shortly! :D
14 Jul 17, 03:26
BrickVoid: Well, he doesn't know *yet* that the Necromancer is rather hard to kill. Imagine his surprise when his opponent gets back up gaain! :D
13 Jul 17, 18:52
BrickVoid: I sometimes dislike the way books and movies portay something as inveitable or nigh on unstoppable - it kinda takes the fun out of whether there'll be a sequel or next book. :D I'd much prefer it if they left the ending of the book open-ended! :D
12 Jul 17, 23:00
Swiftbow: Actually, that "Block!" should have been "Deflect!" It is now. (And yes, shield spells and other magic CAN deflect the killing curse, as previously seen in the comic. (And the movies)
12 Jul 17, 12:36
BrickVoid: One likely explanation is that his shield was already up when the Dark Wizard cast the chain lightning spell, neither affected him, a shield already in effect would be very likely to block a subsequent attack! :D
12 Jul 17, 07:36
Jason: I hope for an explanation of how the magically unblockable killing curse was blocked by a magical shield.
11 Jul 17, 12:39
BrickVoid: The difference here being I wouldn't put it past the Dark Wizard to win the fight! :D
11 Jul 17, 09:19
Classic Steve: This is why supervillainy doesn't pay: You get the most fragile alliances.
30 Jun 17, 16:25
BrickVoid: This reminds me of the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" I guess she's going to do whatever she's going to do, if her minder is smart he's going to stay out of the firing line! :D
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