01/17/19 09:48 AM
Classic Steve: NOW KISS!
01/16/19 08:33 AM
Classic Steve: @BV: My point is that Harry should know better than to say anything aloud that might cause trouble.
01/14/19 08:10 PM
BrickVoid: I personally wouldn't put anything past the Necromancer at this stage! He will be going down but what he will ry to stop the others is anybody's guess! :D
01/14/19 07:16 PM
Swiftbow: To that last one, no. Voldemort's body was left in the afterlife and disintegrated when his soul evaporated. Voldemort is 200% dead.
01/14/19 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: @Classic Steve: I'm pretty sure Voldemort is the least of their worries right now, remember he's probably gonna get Inferius'd by the Necromancer anyway! :D
01/14/19 08:16 AM
Classic Steve: Yeah, Harry! Have you learned nothing from the Voldemort alarm?
01/07/19 12:17 PM
BrickVoid: If anything, Harry will probably end up having to use the resurrection stone to bring James back to the living! :D
01/04/19 12:55 PM
Swiftbow: That may be so, but they were referring to military strategy, wherein you attack an enemy from two sides, pinching them in a vise. I had the wrong spelling for that kind of vise, so that's pretty much that.
01/04/19 12:38 PM
BrickVoid: And as for autocorrect, I hope you don't mean Google's autocorrect. I'd never trust that feature if Google owns it! :D
01/04/19 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: My point remains valid, then: These are bad guys, they still enjoy doing bad things! :D Think about it for a second, after this Necromancer is stopped, if that's possible, what are they going to do? Turn right back around and continue doing the bad things they've already been doing! It's human nature at it's finest, even in this comic, it works well!
01/04/19 12:54 AM
Swiftbow: If you look it up, BrickVoid, you'll notice that it's actually a "vise grip" not a "vice grip." The search will autocorrect it for you. I was also surprised by that. Miami Vice is referring to the other kind of vice, as in a bad thing that some one enjoys doing.
01/03/19 02:50 AM
BrickVoid: Also, "vice" is commonly used in shows where there is a crime theme ongoing: They would NEVER have called it 'Miami Vise" only "Miami Vice"! :D
01/03/19 02:48 AM
BrickVoid: https://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859508769/ @Swiftbow: I don't believe you should have changed it please see this song, a "vice grip" can mean a very strong grip on someone or something! :D
01/02/19 06:22 PM
Swiftbow: Huh, yeah, good catch. I believe I thought all the spellings used a C, but I was incorrect!
01/02/19 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: No the anvil, sorry, i meant the device usually found in workshops that has two jaws that bring things together! :D
01/02/19 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: @Classic Steve: I disagree, "vise" means the anvil, "vice" is what they're after here! :D Consult a dictionary, i did! :D
01/02/19 07:50 AM
Classic Steve: Pro tip for the previous strip: "vise," not "vice."
12/29/18 06:19 PM
Swiftbow: Basically 594 ( http://harrypottercomics.net/594.html ) through 598 ( http://harrypottercomics.net/598.html ). Shielding London from the nuke is what effectively did it.
12/29/18 12:36 PM
BrickVoid: OK so what I would now like to know is which eposide Harry revealed magic to the muggles?
12/29/18 01:19 AM
Swiftbow: No, you're right. I'm just saying that in the comic, World War III started on Christmas 2019. That's just a year away from us in the real world.
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