09/16/19 02:27 PM
BrickVoid: In Episode 962, the NWO asked for a ceasefire, which they got due to the Necromancer's power back then. Did they send anyone to represent their losses in this war?
09/14/19 11:23 PM
BrickVoid: They have to clean up all the spells that created the raw Inferi that were brought into existence through use of the power tap in the conduit. this was, if i recall right, the linked conduits that the Necromancer created. Shut that down and the Inferi shouldn't be a problem anymore.
09/13/19 01:40 AM
Swiftbow: Hey, sorry for the late announcement... we have to skip an episode. Turns out getting the denouement right can take more time than you anticipate! Should be up on Sunday.
09/11/19 10:34 PM
BrickVoid: *Rosie
09/11/19 10:34 PM
BrickVoid: It's like the future Risoe originally speculated in-comic: Eventually they'd die and yet they still time-traveled back, knowing that was the risk they'd have to take. :D
09/11/19 05:34 PM
Swiftbow: While technically true, they've been family with Future Rosie for about over 3 years at this point.
09/11/19 02:16 PM
Classic Steve: I thought that wasn't really "their" Rosie who died.
09/09/19 01:28 AM
Swiftbow: Gonna be a day late with this one... check back tomorrow for the episode!
09/07/19 01:56 AM
Swiftbow: In panel 3, Harry speaks first, then Ahmad, then Shadi, then Harry, then Bart, then Harry. I don't make you bounce up and down to read a panel like some comics do. If you've read any of the episodes like that, then you've been reading out of order.
09/07/19 01:54 AM
Swiftbow: What? No, we always go left to right first, then up and down. Bubble breaks are just paragraphs for easier reading. If another speaker is in between, then I put a new bubble or a long connector.
09/06/19 11:55 PM
BrickVoid: This is in the lower 3 connected word balloons, not the one in the top left, which is responding to the word balloon in panel 2.
09/06/19 11:52 PM
BrickVoid: It's a bit confusing to follow but harry is actually responding firstly to the third word balloon across, in panel 3, and then to the second word balloon. It's not too hard to follow but the sentences make more sense if interpreted in this order.
09/03/19 12:47 PM
Freezer: People. Cremation. Cremation with Fiendfyre.
09/02/19 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: Actually, his reamins should be found, buriend in cement, and then magically teleported to the event horizon of a black hole. In other words, as little chance as possible of him comng back would be best.
09/02/19 12:25 PM
BrickVoid: And I don't want Beardface buried under it, deep within it would be far more preferable. And the location should be kept a secret forever! :D
09/02/19 12:22 PM
BrickVoid: When your former employee wants to bury you under a lot of cement, that really says something. I'd be okay with it but only if it's magically cursed cement that instant auto-rebuilds itself the second someone breaks any of it! :D
09/02/19 08:40 AM
Dracarot: maybe also dismember whats left as well, and bury and seal each limb in separate locations
08/31/19 11:31 PM
BrickVoid: @haakon I was thinking, if it wasn't for how complicated he'd made matters for Harry and his friemds. that tjeu could have saved him from his own demise. Unfortunately they ended up havign to do what they did to save themselves. Would the Necromancer have been worth saving? Maybe, i dunno, honestly. :D
08/30/19 10:02 AM
haakon: Nice death for N-man! Extremely well deserved, of course, considering how his vile mischief has plagued Harry and the gang throughout your comic saga. On the other hand, I guess this means I'll have to start my own "Necromancer Comics"... NOT!
08/26/19 12:08 PM
BrickVoid: I was thinking it was about time for a chapter break! :D
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