05/16/19 08:17 PM
BrickVoid: I'm not going to worry, so lokng as it's thoroughly kicked! :D
05/06/19 07:42 AM
Classic Steve: I hope the "umph" is merely a sign of middle age.
05/05/19 12:08 AM
Swiftbow: He can't make intelligent inferi without expending a lot more time and energy or by using the conduit. "Raw" inferi can be "upgraded" later on, though, so to speak..
05/04/19 10:29 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder if the Necromancer disadvantaged himself by just ousting the guy's soul and turning him into a "dumb" Inferi, instead of doing it properly? Or does that guy still have his memories in his brain, that the Inferi in it could access and reveal to the Necromancer?
05/04/19 06:51 PM
Classic Steve: Well, you won't have to see previous MCU movies to get the gist of what's happening in "Endgame," but how much it affects you emotionally depends on how attached to the characters you are.
05/03/19 09:21 PM
Swiftbow: I've read early Spider-Man, and some of the other origin books. Plus, I had a subscription during the worst time to have a Spider-Man subscription... during the clone saga. Judging off that small sample, though (and some exposure to plot outlines of other comic titles), I personally think the movies have done an excellent job of being inspired by the comics, but not beholden to them. In other words, you really don't need to be a comic fan to enjoy the Avengers movies.
05/03/19 12:36 PM
BrickVoid: harry's going to have a problem with all of these defeated Inferi he's going to have on his hands. That is, assuming he wins.
05/03/19 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: As to why I haven't seen the Avengers movies, I'm just not that much of a fan of the Avengers themed movies. I never really followed the Marvel comics progression that closely.
05/03/19 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: Went and looked that movie up on the Wikipedia, and it says it's stop-motipon animation, as is Missing Link. If you watch the credits for Missing Link, you will see they animate a scene using the stop-motion it's very well done and it deson't look computer animated at all.
05/03/19 05:42 AM
DaniGeek: I'm curious about Missing Link, I can tell you that Kubo and the Two Strings has the same kind of Animation and is very well done, a lot of people ignore I think because of the different style of animation, I don't think it's stop motion though, I think it's computer animated and made to look that way, I'll look it up later and explain it better, I got to go to work now.. But @Brickvoid I am very curious, how in the world have you avoided watching any Avengers movies?
05/02/19 10:44 PM
BrickVoid: if you want a change from CGi animated films, watch Missing Link. It's a nice stop-motion animated film. As for the other Avengers movies I suppose I'll have to look into some video on demand service, like netflix, or whatever, to go watch them all with.
05/02/19 08:39 PM
Swiftbow: ... You should really go watch all the others first. Frankly, I think the series as a whole is one of the best set of stories put to film, and is supremely epic in scale.
05/02/19 06:47 PM
BrickVoid: I don't want any spoilers but is Avengers: Endgame worth watching if you haven't seen the other Avengers series of movies?
04/30/19 02:17 PM
Swiftbow: Okay, I was just trying to find out if I needed to post some instructions for making standard browsers be able to see the box, but it looks like most still can.
04/29/19 09:10 PM
BrickVoid: As for it being Chrome I would be gguessing, at best. it seems to work fine on pages requiring Chrome, therefore, I figure it has internal decoding protocols that allow it to run Chrome.
04/29/19 09:08 PM
BrickVoid: It was Mozilla's 64-bit browser, Nightly. It was whatever security protocol that browser is using. I merely whitelisted this site for the browser so it would allow what needed to be allowed.
04/29/19 01:30 PM
Swiftbow: What was the security protocol? And is it Chrome?
04/29/19 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: In any case, I believe what happened was the browser I'm using updated some security protocol and blocked your cbox from loading, becase changing that fixed things so it works again. :D
04/28/19 10:11 PM
Swiftbow: What did you subject title your email? I didn't see it. Maybe it went to spam by mistake? In any case... the stone can't do what you're talking about. This was covered in the books... it brings a soul back from the afterlife, but they don't "belong" here any more. Hagrid was a special case... his body had not experienced any trauma (the killing curse pretty much literally knocks your soul out without doing physical damage), and his body had not decayed because it was occupied by a dementor. Thus, when his soul was recalled, it had somewhere to go to "belong" again. His own body.
04/28/19 12:26 PM
BrickVoid: The obvious question asks itself of me, who has the Resurrection Stone, and could it bring this version of dead Rosie back to life again? My suspicion is that it's a lot more complicated for multiple instances of the same person in a timeline.
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