12/11/18 03:05 AM
Jeremy: Nice episode. Strangely enough, this is reminding me a lot of Derek Landy's own story about Remmants taking over people, and saying that the Remmants ARE the people. Life is fun sometimes :)
12/10/18 11:54 AM
BrickVoid: It's no wonder the Necromancer had to use so many killing curses on Hagrid. But it didn't work the way the Necromancer expected it to, as it seems Hagrid wants his very much alive body back! :D
12/09/18 03:00 AM
Swiftbow: It was discussed briefly in Episode 186 ( http://harrypottercomics.net/186.html ). I'm not certain if that is the only time or not.
12/09/18 01:38 AM
BrickVoid: We'll find out soon enough though!
12/09/18 01:37 AM
BrickVoid: Well, it does have quite a lot of mystery surrounding it, i don't recall it haveing been explained in-strip anywhere as to what the the Resurrection Stone actually does, at least not that I recall.
12/08/18 09:46 PM
Swiftbow: Do you mean you looked it up on the Harry Potter Wiki? That's fine, but remember that this is not the first time the Resurrection Stone has been used in the comic timeline. Harry, Ron, and Hermione used it to escape the Afterlife after they killed Voldemort's soul at the end of Book 1, Chapter 9. http://harrypottercomics.net/231.html
12/07/18 07:19 PM
BrickVoid: I looked up what the Resurrection Ston does, this should be interesting! :D
12/07/18 07:49 AM
Classic Steve: Has Harry verified that the hearts of Snape and Dumbledore aren't beating?
12/05/18 12:58 PM
BrickVoid: Ah, I see. It's been a while since that arc, it's amazing what the mind stops remembering until reminded of it. :D
12/03/18 07:45 PM
Brogen: @Brickvoid: Hagrid is an inferius, not controlled by one. The intelligent inferi the necromancer has created use a dementor soul to animate a body, essentially creating an evil (and loyal, to the necromancer at least) version of the original. He talks like Hagrid because he is Hagrid, in all but soul.
12/03/18 07:32 PM
BrickVoid: I don't recall for what reason but it would seem that the Inferius controlling not-Hagger knows how to use his language htat Hagrid speaks in ... is this a normal side-effect of being controlled by an Inferius?
12/01/18 04:49 PM
Classic Steve: If Grawp were better with language, he'd say, "What can I say except 'You're welcome'?"
11/30/18 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: I suppose Hagrid's Inferius that the Necromancer created is going to be difficult to deal with until they figure out what to do with it! :D
11/29/18 01:00 PM
Swiftbow: I'm making this discussion a forum topic http://swiftbow.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=98 Go there to discuss this if you want. Please no spoilers on the tagboard.
11/29/18 11:57 AM
BrickVoid: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantastic_Beasts:_The_Crimes_of_Grindelwald Well if you want to know more just visit the link on Wikipedia, I still don't completely understand it but I believe he's after followers who feel the way h does.
11/28/18 09:58 PM
Swiftbow: We should probably watch the spoilers for that, BrickVoid. I thought the movie was... eh. Long and meandering and I still don't know what Grindelwald's goals even are. As to the Necromancer, he has a rather super Horcrux. Everything about him has now been revealed.
11/28/18 12:12 PM
BrickVoid: Just watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them 2: The crimes of Grindelwald. A most interesting movie, Nicolas Flamel helps out to defeat the villian! :D This makes me wonder if the Evil Necromancer learned of something similar to achieve immortality! :D
11/19/18 08:57 PM
Freezer: @shades: Sniper round from Medria, fall from a significant height, repeated stunners in a weakened state. In that order.
11/19/18 08:17 AM
Classic Steve: Hmm. I might have preferred her redemption, but having three good Rosies would feel redundant. Anyway, better dead than still evil. This comic moves slowly enough that I'll take any permanent hero victory we get.
11/18/18 11:29 PM
BrickVoid: Well the only question left unanswered is how that Necromancer's doing pulling himself back together! :D
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