25 Jun 17, 13:42
Swiftbow: I don't think people tend to lose their accents all of a sudden unless the accents aren't real, lol. I haven't been terribly consistent with her accent, though part of that was meant to be the effect of her having spent the last two years in Britain. Kind of harder to show that sort of thing with written dialog and not an actual actor!
25 Jun 17, 13:23
BrickVoid: My point being, just because Cherlette's accent isn't familiar, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't the right accent for her. Maybe she's the type of person who slips out of her foreign accent under duress, and they've got plenty right in front of them at prsent! :D
25 Jun 17, 13:21
BrickVoid: I went and saw the Transformers 7 movie when it came out and you might think when the movie starts that you're in the wrong movie, but don't worry, it's certainly the right movie you're in! :D
25 Jun 17, 12:27
Classic Steve: You were right to omit "shanged." I've seen a few webcomics where accented characters got less accented with time, not because they were becoming more assimilated in story but because it was kind of a pain in the ass. No wonder the only newspaper comics to do it are old.
23 Jun 17, 01:22
Swiftbow: Yes, it's up now! I think I will be changing the official schedule.
22 Jun 17, 12:58
BrickVoid: I take it the Wednesday episode is late again? :D
17 Jun 17, 17:02
BrickVoid: Thanks for the clarification. The remainder of my stateement still stands, though. :D
16 Jun 17, 12:59
Swiftbow: Well, to clarify BrickVoid, it's not a new job. I own a computer repair business (Techno Guy Computers). The business meeting is for a networking group I joined. (Though I did have to apply and be interviewed). We share referrals and leads with each other at the weekly meeting.
16 Jun 17, 10:38
Classic Steve: I recall reading about a man who meant to take a plane to Oakland but got on one to Auckland instead. He'd have floo trouble too.
16 Jun 17, 03:34
BrickVoid: I will look forward to whatever you can come up with, best wishes with the job, holding that down may be more important than keeping the comic schedule! :D
15 Jun 17, 16:40
Swiftbow: Sorry, yeah. I've got a business meeting every Wednesday morning now, which keeps me from staying up to finish the comic for editing. So we've kind of been pushed back a day. We may officially change the schedule soon if I can't figure out another solution.
15 Jun 17, 07:29
Classic Steve: Wow, you're really behind.
11 Jun 17, 22:34
Swiftbow: Answer to both questions: The have senses relating to school security, and the power to authorize their creation. (Like when Dumbledore apparated with Harry.)
11 Jun 17, 13:54
Jason: Maybe you addressed it and I forgot, but how are they going to connect the bonfire to the floo network, or at least the Hogwarts network?
10 Jun 17, 09:53
ccss: how can headmasters sense floo channels?
8 Jun 17, 13:18
BrickVoid: I know this probably won't be this week but is there any chance you might consider slipping in double episodes periodically when you can find spare time for a little extra? :D
8 Jun 17, 03:59
Swiftbow: Posting the update tomorrow afternoon/evening again. I may need to do a permanent schedule shift there. Also... Brogen's bachelor party is this weekend (we're camping), so won't be able to update on Saturday.
4 Jun 17, 23:26
Swiftbow: In Episode 720: http://harrypottercomics.net/720.html. As for the Hufflepuff password, the part you mention was only mentioned on Pottermore (and not the books) and then transcribed to the Wiki. Pottermore being Rowling's post book infodump, it has sometimes contradicted stuff that we've done (such as Hagrid having children). As such, we had to decide what woudl be our "official" canon. We chose the main seven books, with other materials (such as the movies or Pottermore) serving as possible idea sources if we like them. In the case of the Hufflepuff door, this was just funnier.
4 Jun 17, 15:13
ccss: also when did they find out what the necromancer's horcrux was again?
4 Jun 17, 15:12
ccss: isn't it canon that the hufflepuff door is locked by a password of sorts? barrels, i believe. straight from the wiki: one must tap the barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’
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