09/21/18 12:46 AM
BrickVoid: Given that Sherriff ned's resistant to magical effects, I reckon he's playuing along for now, I don't recall Cagney being aware of Sherriff Ned's magical resistance! :D
09/17/18 12:34 AM
BrickVoid: Cagney forgets Sherriff ned has immunity to magic! :D It's been a while, I reckon this is asking too much of magic! :d
09/14/18 03:32 AM
BrickVoid: Or maybe you could leave it in, and think up a witty one-liner that explains it away! I like to think of what LEGO prints on their torsos as story material or dialogue starter or continuation of dialog. :D
09/10/18 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: Funny you should mention that, I hadn't noticed. :D
09/10/18 12:00 PM
Swiftbow: Got busy with cider-making last night and forgot to put up Potter! It'll be up later today.
09/07/18 12:26 PM
BrickVoid: I always thought a proper wizard would've had a cloakroom pocket dimension, so would never have been without their cloak in the first place! :D
09/03/18 02:28 PM
Classic Steve: OK, you got me chuckling.
09/03/18 02:30 AM
BrickVoid: I like where this style of interrogation is headed! :D Be good to see next Thursday's episode! :D
09/02/18 06:52 PM
Classic Steve: She's sacrificing her precioussss!
09/02/18 12:45 PM
Swiftbow: It's the One Ring from the LoTR sets. I just desaturated it to make it silver.
08/31/18 12:17 PM
BrickVoid: It's pretty powerful, I'll give it that! :D As to what LEGO piece it is, not sure!
08/31/18 11:29 AM
Classic Steve: I have a few different ideas of what that ring is.
08/26/18 09:52 PM
brickVoid: Get well soon! Don't worry about us we'll still be here! :D
08/26/18 02:33 PM
Swiftbow: Delayed to the next ep, that is. My brain is not thinking at full capacity.
08/26/18 02:32 PM
Swiftbow: I caught some kind of nasty bug yesterday... so Potter's delayed. Sorry!
08/24/18 12:10 PM
Swiftbow: Well, Hermione made an English spell once. "Point Me" which made the wizard's wand act like a compass. Most of their spells were invented when Latin was the most common language.
08/24/18 06:58 AM
Classic Steve: "Ice"? That doesn't sound like an HP spell.
08/23/18 11:17 PM
BrickVoid: They need him alive? For what?
08/20/18 03:52 PM
BrickVoid: or it renders them ineffective, I mean
08/20/18 03:52 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder of the necromancer cast any spells on his minions that renders killing curses unusable for example Avda Kedavra? (sp?)
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