19 Feb 17, 12:48
Classic Steve: I hope it's just a trance and not zombification like Snape and Dumbledore.
19 Feb 17, 00:57
BrickVoid: I wonder if Hugo will be able to get Hagrid to snap out of his trance? He probably wants to fight the Dark Wizard's spells but needs some encouragement to do so! :D
16 Feb 17, 08:52
Classic Steve: Pro tip: "corridor."
13 Feb 17, 10:08
Classic Steve: I guess they're putting emphasis on the last syllable for a chant.
2 Feb 17, 13:26
BrickVoid: To get drunk one would have to still have taste buds, otherwise how would they distinguish the wine from the vinegar? :D
2 Feb 17, 10:02
Classic Steve: Well, we kind of assumed that skeletons were too mindless for any kind of conversation....
29 Jan 17, 20:27
Classic Steve: It's hard to know what an eyeless skeleton can see anyway.
29 Jan 17, 15:09
Swiftbow: The one without the hood is looking back at the hooded one. (The kids are also obscured by the support arches to Lily's left.
29 Jan 17, 01:06
BrickVoid: I mean the magic using skeleton, not the hooded one. Apologies for any confusion.
29 Jan 17, 01:06
BrickVoid: I'm guessing but does the guard even see them in panel 4? Because it looks to me as if he could quite plainly see them, I just can't make out the precise angle of his head.
29 Jan 17, 01:05
BrickVoid: A memory spell would be handy right about now, and possibly overheard by the approaching guards! :D
28 Jan 17, 23:41
Swiftbow: Right you are, Classic Steve... arghble! (and corrected)
26 Jan 17, 00:55
BrickVoid: Lily and Hugo are probably still ticking off some dark wizard who's probably about ready to plead with Harry to take them off his hands right about now! :D
25 Jan 17, 09:04
Classic Steve: I hate to tell you, but the corrected version is still missing an A. There should be four syllables total. :-P
25 Jan 17, 05:16
Swiftbow: Thanks for catching that!
24 Jan 17, 23:26
BrickVoid: *nearly
24 Jan 17, 23:26
BrickVoid: We can count ourselves lucky they didn't pick Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, that's narly half a comment line by itself! :D
24 Jan 17, 09:33
Classic Steve: I looked up "Leshmahgow" and got Lesmahagow.
23 Jan 17, 03:45
Swiftbow: That's only if you open the image by itself, they don't resize when they're inline with other elements.
22 Jan 17, 02:34
BrickVoid: Nowadays, if an image is slightly oversize even most browsers will resize it for you without having to be set up to do so.
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