11/22/17 12:07 PM
BrickVoid: It actually comes that way from TLG, Classic Steve, that part is cas329 on BrickLink! :D
11/22/17 07:59 AM
Classic Steve: I like how you made the helmet dusty on purpose.
11/21/17 12:04 PM
BrickVoid: As for the evil Rosie battling with herself, I think the younger one has a surprise or two in store yet! :D
11/21/17 12:03 PM
BrickVoid: You still haven't fixed the 'propet' typo in the previous episode yet!! :D
11/20/17 01:20 PM
Swiftbow: No, I got memory charmed ;) It's up now.
11/20/17 12:40 PM
BrickVoid: Sooo ... Did Sunday's update walk off a cliff again? :D
11/18/17 11:26 AM
Classic Steve: One's so scared he said "Propet."
11/17/17 12:15 PM
BrickVoid: I think this prophet's in for more of a surprise than he bargained for, because it's not the enemy outside he needs to worry about! :D
11/13/17 07:05 PM
Swiftbow: MM/DD/YY. I put the wrong date on the last episode, but Sunday's IS up and runnng now :)
11/12/17 09:27 PM
BrickVoid: Anyway looking forward to Sunday's episode when it's ready! :D
11/12/17 09:27 PM
BrickVoid: Hmm I could've sworn this comic went up sooner than the date on thie comic. Are you in mm/dd/yy format or dd/mm/yy format? :D
11/10/17 08:50 AM
Classic Steve: Now I wonder if most Muslims will want him dead even more than most non-Muslims, for impersonating Mohammed.
11/10/17 02:27 AM
BrickVoid: That must be some magical film they've got in that camera if they're broadcasting live! :D
11/10/17 02:24 AM
BrickVoid: I think he should've waited and healed himself up a bit more first! :D I mean, that's what I would've done if I were in his shoes! :D
11/05/17 09:37 PM
BrickVoid: So ... Is the Necromancer going to travel over there in person this time? :D There should be quite a battle with the Prophet if he does! Looking forward to a really big magical battle between two super powerful magicians! :D
11/05/17 07:46 PM
Classic Steve: Not to mention a city of vast religious significance to a billion people, Harry.
11/04/17 12:29 PM
Classic Steve: I don't think that's an option, BV. I suppose they could pulverize him.
11/03/17 08:24 PM
BrickVoid: I don't know if it's possible in the Harry Potter universe, but the worst possible thing I could think of threatening a skeleton with would be to make them a real live human being again. :D
10/30/17 12:30 AM
BrickVoid: Dunno if you can find time to do it but maybe a double episode or two? Christmas is around the corner for those who celebrate it, and that could very well mean missed episodes. Be nice if you can squeeze an extra one in now and then! :D
10/29/17 09:27 PM
Swiftbow: So... funny story. My co-author was in town this weekend, which had the surprising effect of making us both completely forget about doing Potter. Sorry! Next episode on Thursday.
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