11/28/19 10:38 PM
BrickVoid: I think this may be the biggest author comments section thus far, but mostly because of the images you uploaded to illustrate the new comic.
11/28/19 10:57 AM
DaniGeek: It's gonna be so weird not seeing you work on this comic, I remember when we first met I randomly asked: "How much longer do you think you have on this story?" and you said "About a year and a half." That was five years ago. LOL Any way congrats on this you and Brogen told a really fun story that will hopefully still be talked about for many years.
11/27/19 12:49 PM
Swiftbow: Thanks everybody :D CC: I will post links once we have them set up, but it will be linked to my primary site: swiftbow.com (probably as a subdomain)
11/27/19 11:26 AM
BrickVoid: It's probably because the primary character of this comic, Harry, lives in the UK.becaues the original film is set with Hogwarts being in Britain. Apologies, but all these years, i did not know where you actually were living. :D
11/27/19 10:35 AM
haakon: 1,044 episodes in all. This has been a real accomplishment - a mostly upbeat continuation of the Harry Potter saga (so much more appealing than what Rowling herself came up with). Also unique from a technical standpoint. You basically maxed out the Lego format for your photos, then boosted the effect by photoshopping in facial expressions and backdrops.
11/27/19 09:17 AM
Classic Steve: I'll miss this.
11/27/19 06:54 AM
Cc: Once the star trek comic is out, where can we find it?
11/26/19 10:07 PM
Swiftbow: Should be posting shortly. I'm flattered you find our British dialog authentic enough to think we live in the UK, but we actually live in Colorado (US).
11/26/19 09:09 PM
BrickVoid: it's now almost two days later, have the internet issues been resolved yet? I wish you a happy festive occasion not sure what the UK celebrates but enjoy it anyway if you're celebrating something! :D
11/25/19 01:07 AM
Swiftbow: Looks like we have to delay a little longer. Some internet issues are affecting editing. We will post as soon as possible.
11/23/19 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: to-->through - it's early here atm lol
11/23/19 12:31 PM
BrickVoid: I still want a look at the reception committee the Necromancer got when he finally got sent to the death portal. See, I've even forgotten what it's called! :D
11/21/19 11:21 PM
Swiftbow: Anyway... it seems that the next epilogue will in fact be the last episode! Holy cow! We're putting it off till Sunday as a partial result. Want to end it right!
11/21/19 11:20 PM
Swiftbow: As established, wizards can't just pop whereever they want. Apparation, floo powder, etc. all require infrastructure to operate (which is why they mostly couldn't do that during the war).
11/19/19 10:42 PM
BrickVoid: I looked at the Abcubierre Drive, and there are several mathematical hurdles it may not be able to overcome. Possibly a wizard could make it happen, but then, if a wizard wanted to visit a different solar system many thousands of light-years away, he probably already has his own kind of magic to get him there! :D
11/10/19 12:17 PM
BrickVoid: Good coverage on the werewolves! Nice to see they at least got something out of the ordeal! :D
11/08/19 12:56 PM
Swiftbow: Good guess on us covering the werewolves, BrickVoid :)
11/04/19 11:42 AM
BrickVoid: there's one other plot line the epilogue could clean up, if you/ve got the time and minifings to do so: The fate of Cagney's werewolf pack. I mean they were mostly finished after Cagney was killed by Sheriff Ned, but still would be nice to know if they somehow turned their former werewolf controlled lives around.
11/04/19 08:18 AM
Cc: Any dragons from charlie's dragon reservation moving to chrys's place?
11/02/19 11:17 AM
Swiftbow: Kinda both... twins, but also in the future where they're not infants.
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