6 Feb 17, 19:40
manisha: dear sir/mam, i doing bsms 1st year and i need to get history & fundamentals of siddha mediicne notes in english. could you pls. help or get any contact no. of student in santhigiri pls.
12 Jan 17, 14:03
Ranjani: Hi doctor could you please elaborate the process of making kariyabolam + amla juice for white hair external application? Since Kariyabolam is solid one want to know how to use. Please reply
10 Oct 16, 15:51
Ariel: Excellent site please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you.
24 May 16, 18:30
jayam: I have sore around my testis,how can i cure that,i felel itching,penis getting tired how to cure ,i had sex with illegally ,how cani cure sir anser please
3 May 16, 06:06
santhosh: I want to read heath related questions and answers for my academic interest
27 Apr 16, 11:39
VIJAY: want w2 meet u
2 Mar 16, 09:39
suresh: I am having sperm count but motility is less? Please suggest treatment for curing
24 Feb 16, 09:56
fr.francis: My Vydhyar is K.Ramraj from Chennai
24 Feb 16, 09:55
fr.francis: I am havin siddha treatment for my heart valve problem
12 Jan 16, 04:02
Vanitha: Thanks
12 Jan 16, 04:02
Vanitha: I would like to know how to apply kariyapolam and amla juice for gray hair, kariyapolam is a solid how to mix with juice any procedure. Please let me know.
16 Dec 15, 10:34
radhakrishnan: sir, i am affected from lichaen planus for past 10 years, not curing, kindly help me sir.thanks.radhakrishnan
1 Oct 15, 12:02
DR.MURALIDHARAN: Kindly send your mobile no.
10 Sep 15, 21:27
Sekhar: Do you visit chennai ? How can i get consultations from you ?
18 Aug 15, 12:50
praveenkumar: want siddha medicine for fungal sinities
18 Aug 15, 12:49
praveenkumar: want siddha medicine
28 Jul 15, 19:09
28 Jul 15, 19:09
DR.ARUNBABY: mr puvan take tribulus terastris water. CONTACTME 9946309106
18 Jul 15, 14:05
gopal: i have lipoma . is it curable withour surgery
12 Jul 15, 21:05
Puvan: Dear Dr Arun, my mother is 75 yrs old. her creatinine is now at 260 and GFr is 15. What can I do Dr Baby Arun?
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