28 Dec 11, 14:14
Kelly: Nice blog. visit here to support u
25 Dec 11, 13:28
Weres: Blogwalking before i sleep
28 Nov 11, 19:35
Daniel: Hey Gingi :D
13 Jul 10, 09:02
sdriwe: www.hizbut-tahrir.or.id
2 Jul 10, 03:07
Vinhy: You look like the first girl i feel in love with. Unbelievable. Anyways hug from Niagara Falls, You really inspire others. Thank you and take care. Sayonara
8 Apr 10, 16:40
Bekah: Ahaha ^^;; I knowww~ I have been focusing on my Japanese blog more right now. XD; Check that one too!
12 Mar 10, 06:10
ken from stickam: OMGGG......bekah......UR ENG BLOG <------FROZED.....atleast ..UPLORD something....ONCE a YEAR XDD.......have a nice weekend
24 Feb 10, 17:31
Bekah: @shun I hope I can!!
22 Feb 10, 10:39
shun: Come to Japan at any time (^-^)b
15 Feb 10, 18:26
Bekah: @shun Thanks so much!! <3 I am happy you like my dancing! ^^
11 Feb 10, 03:46
shun: I saw your dance with youtube. Hereafter, i'm looking forward to your dance!!! (^o^)頑張って!
7 Feb 10, 15:56
Bekah: @ken1989 Yes! I'm very excited! Just wish I had gone to Japan. xD;;
7 Feb 10, 15:55
Bekah: @Sa-chan Well, we got emailed by someone. But I can always suggest girls to the man. xD
2 Feb 10, 02:30
ken1989: HELLOO......i DID see,,,CRUEL angel`S DVD on youtube....wowowo..fainally THEY DID debeu IN japan....andd...BECCKII is BEING POPURER on nad on?? COOL
31 Jan 10, 12:28
Sa-chan: Hi~ How did you girls become Curle Angels? :")
20 Jan 10, 23:19
Bekah: Hey girl! I'm so excited for it! ^^ I hope all goes well and we don't get bit in the butt because of our time zones. ;_; Haha Us dang Americans. XD
20 Jan 10, 20:01
Maxine: Hiya Bekah~ Getting your blog ready for the Cruel Girls stuff~<3
8 Jan 10, 17:55
Bekah: Thanks! Happy new year to all of you! I know its late though. ^^
1 Jan 10, 06:48
UsaPyon: Happy New Year Bekah! :D
16 Dec 09, 12:47
vash: welcome back ^^
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