24 Jun 17, 00:51
s: Hi Joo Ling, could you email me the f4 notes to me via sarahseeby@gmail.com ? Thanks a lot!
13 Apr 17, 10:42
yikling: hi joo ling could you email the f4 notes to me at yikling98@hotmaill.com thankyou!
9 Feb 17, 11:23
min: hi joo ling, can you send the f4 notes to me. thank you
22 Jan 17, 00:08
Kamilin: hello joo ling ! can you send the f4 notes to my email? thanks :)
20 Aug 16, 01:17
Viola: Hello! Can you send me a copy of your F4 notes to my email please? Appreciate your kindness! :)
13 Aug 16, 10:26
elayne: Hi Joo Ling, could u please email a copy of your f4 notes? thanks so much ;)
19 Jul 16, 05:28
Faiwani: Hi joo, can you send me all f4 notes i really need your help! my email is fairuzalwan@yahoo.com
20 Jun 16, 10:04
Racheal: Hi, could you pls email me your F4 NOTES. THANKS. chngwf@yahoo.com
20 Jun 16, 10:04
Racheal: Hi, could you pls email me your F4 NOTES. THANKS
28 Apr 16, 17:02
Gwen: Hi Joo Ling, can you pls email me your F4 notes, as I couldn't download it. gwenchang89@gmail.com
16 Mar 16, 01:08
Lin: hi Joo Ling, do you mind to send me the F4 notes to my email coz i couldnt download it
3 Mar 16, 21:49
Choi: Hey Joo Ling sorfy to disturb you but i hope u can send me the F4 notes, much appreciated! yiherng.j@gmail.com
30 Nov 14, 21:07
Gtrailer: blogwalking session, da lama x wat
18 Jun 14, 17:50
Ayie: Menarik kisah ini ^_^
24 Apr 14, 14:05
kah mun: My dear, I want the F4 notes as well
25 Mar 14, 21:52
Charlene: My dear, do you still keeping the remaining chapters of F4 notes? Thank you sooo much <3
21 Mar 14, 20:54
Syafiqah: Hi, blog awak sangat cantik. Jom singah blog saya.
9 Mar 14, 00:30
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
13 Feb 14, 20:15
darren: can you change the content from private to public for us to download?
3 Feb 14, 18:56
jooling: Erny/Allen, sorry for my abandoned blog. I have completed ACCA long time and have not been updating anything. Those in my blog is all I have
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