18 Dec 09, 00:32
Ashley: Hi, (:
30 Oct 09, 23:13
kanchana: hahahaha i knew you were not that kind of person that blogs when you told me that you had a blog. i thought you conformed lah! but haha its still you
29 Oct 09, 20:13
Shafia!: haha yeah(: realllyyy...
29 Oct 09, 16:29
kanchana: soooooo you got bored of blogging already is it????????
24 Oct 09, 23:34
kanchana: ay you know the poem you posted right, did you like make it or what?
13 Oct 09, 13:23
Shafia!: haha ok sure(:
11 Oct 09, 21:16
kanchana: of course! like duhhhh!!! hahaha!!! we do after exam lah! we choose together when we meet. i cant wait for my birthday!!!
5 Oct 09, 07:10
Shafia!: Haha ok sure(: whatever you think is nice la(: you have good choice right?
4 Oct 09, 11:43
kanchana: okay but you must give me your password everyting you know!!!! oh and tell me like roughly what kind of skin you want. say on fb inbox
2 Oct 09, 15:14
Shafia!: haha i dont know how to right loser! haha(: you help me do la!but choose a nice one ok!
1 Oct 09, 21:49
kanchana: can you seriously change your skin??
24 Sep 09, 13:43
AIn: Hello!!!!haha Shafia awesome(:
21 Sep 09, 11:14
Shafia!: adelene chong! teach me how to put links sooon?:D
20 Sep 09, 23:41
Shafia!: Adelene sure on Tuesday I shall spill it all out to you ok?! haha:D hope to go out soooon!!(:
19 Sep 09, 11:38
Adelene: Aw who's trying to make my baby mehboob jealous?? Tell me more next time ok!!!!!!! See you soon and enjoy your happy weekend ^^
19 Sep 09, 11:25
kanchana: probably one red gay ass shirt
19 Sep 09, 11:25
kanchana: YES BABYY HAHA!!! but im probably not going to be wearing a nice shirt
18 Sep 09, 12:28
PriscillaLim: Ya,seriously right(:
18 Sep 09, 10:40
Shafia!: KANCHANAAAAAAAA! i am gonna be seeing you on sunday right?!:D
18 Sep 09, 10:40
Shafia!: ok at least now i now that... cant wait for later after dance!!((:
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