19 Feb 13, 08:02 PM
Stern: It's a lot like WAE with a twist of Total War. It's better than TW as far as i'm concerned
19 Feb 13, 08:01 PM
Stern: Playing Lagie version 1.5 Free Revolution now.
25 Feb 12, 01:38 PM
Stern: Deicide Total War...Rough game..specially with the crazy dmg
21 Feb 12, 12:21 AM
Stern: I need to update a lot!!
21 Feb 12, 12:20 AM
Stern: I need to update skills and armor lists for TW....UUGGHH!!
21 Feb 12, 12:08 AM
Stern: Checking the old site. Guild is available in TW but I don't build it. Not enough new players.
14 May 11, 05:55 AM
~Mossimom~: I still come on here occasionly
8 Sep 10, 08:11 PM
stern: not too many games i'm interested in these days
8 Sep 10, 08:11 PM
stern: playing total war now.
5 Jul 10, 01:18 PM
~mossimo~: Hi Ppl. Whats happening in your neck of the woods? what games are you all playing now. Im looking to
22 Apr 10, 12:49 PM
stern: silence....is loud!
20 Dec 09, 05:01 AM
Gabriel389: lol i would recruit but theres nobody in vail nor miras... im lucky if i see guilded ppl...
10 Dec 09, 01:35 PM
stern: hmm...we need players!!
1 Dec 09, 12:16 PM
stern: hello every one. Hope all is going well for you :biggrin:
18 Nov 09, 05:16 PM
Sir_Nub: Just wanted to pop in and give a shout out to all my brethren :quizzical:
11 Nov 09, 05:37 PM
FlairRain: sorry,i think not reset,just restart is ok
11 Nov 09, 05:35 PM
FlairRain: If someone canot log in the game,please try to reset the windows.maybe can solve the problem..
11 Nov 09, 05:33 PM
FlairRain: Why are you not playing the game?I find i have not already seen the old fellows for a long time ..
11 Oct 09, 10:17 PM
Belmara: As of 5:16 pm CST the game is still down so yeah its still down lol
8 Oct 09, 02:18 PM
Pepy: This is ludicrous! Still down?!?! C'mon already
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