16 Jun 10, 11:32
Grandma: I love your blog, Jordan!
27 Feb 10, 10:45
Aunt Abby: Jordan you looked great in your play! I love your videos, you're good at this! :cool:
25 Jul 09, 15:12
aunt sue: great video's good job
7 Jul 09, 13:01
Kristine: Looks great Jordan! Thanks for sharing your videos with us!! :D
6 Jul 09, 19:26
Joy: Jordan, your videos are amazing! I love to see your perspective on things - fantastic! Great fireworks, too!
6 Jul 09, 17:06
Momu: Kinda lonely here without you Jordy! See you on Wednesday! Have fun with your dad!
5 Jul 09, 13:59
Mom: Looking great jordan! Now to take more videos! Get to work child!