12 Oct 18, 17:47
Stamp Paradise: http://www.stamp-paradise.com/stamp-listing/search_ads.php?country=Malaysia
23 Apr 18, 19:17
Rick: Hi do you sell LKY Maxicards?
22 Oct 17, 16:52
EkaG: Hello! You sent a postcard for EkaG to Russia. You forgot to write ID. I can not register.
15 Nov 16, 18:31
NAHAR: Hello Brother , I hope you are fine .I collect Postal Aerogram & Postal Maximum Card . We can exchange . I can send you Picture Postcard / Maximum Card .
21 Aug 15, 16:52
harold: nice post card!
4 Nov 14, 04:40
ye: [karloce] No extra available.
3 Nov 14, 12:40
karloce: I can buy this Max card if available.
16 Aug 14, 04:12
Sebastiao: I would like to exchange maximum-cards with you. I offer you Brazil mc in exchange for same of malaysia.
15 Oct 13, 21:06
ye: Check with local stationery bookstore for the available brand name.
14 Oct 13, 13:49
camysim: hi mr ye thx for reply~by the way any brand is recommend in malaysia?:)
12 Oct 13, 18:24
ye: <camysim>buy a quick dry ink for inkpad. Apply cancellation with that inkpad. Enjoy your hobby.
11 Oct 13, 22:13
camysim: hi mr ye~~i am from malaysia.wan to ask u about the malaysia postcard which very滑面 how to apply nicer postmark?i am newbie hehe :) i love ur panda maxi card so much really great!
29 Jul 13, 06:46
ye: <cleaner> It is a waste of time posting here. I will DELETE as I see them.
25 Jul 13, 05:40
cleaner: I hate SPAM messages. See 1 delete 1.
31 Jan 13, 18:05
adeline: thank you
30 Jan 13, 15:11
ye: <adeline> By regulations and rules, you can't. However, we do see MCs surfacing which were easily differentiated by the age of the postcard. Maximaphilists have to be sentitive with this.
30 Jan 13, 06:51
adeline: Hi, I am new in maximaphily. Can I know can we still get those past special cancellation eg in 2011 from the Post office ?
25 Dec 12, 23:17
boyce yuen: 谢谢,会尝试到书局找找
25 Dec 12, 14:02
ye: 一般必须采用快干油墨。
25 Dec 12, 10:35
boyce yuen: 请问制作极限卡, 把邮票贴在明信片上再盖郵戳, 但郵戳不干, 因为明信片滑面,怎么办?..请赐教..谢谢
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