22 Jun 13, 06:43 PM
miss tiarra: visit here :) keep checking for my new information :)
1 Mar 10, 09:20 PM
Natalie: Hello! Great site you have . Congrats on blogger of the week :)
30 Jul 09, 09:23 PM
bakingmomma: Uprinting if you have an email send it to my email address listed above. I do leave you responses but am never sure if you get them since I have no way to contact you
28 Jul 09, 08:13 PM
bakingmomma: Hey Mari how are you
28 Jul 09, 08:11 PM
Mari: Happy Anniversary! The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing ;)
24 Jul 09, 10:07 PM
bakingmomma: Oh thank you!. Believe me it took some serious digging
24 Jul 09, 07:16 PM
Mari: OMG! That is such a cute picture! I love it!
20 Jul 09, 08:58 PM
bakingmomma: Mari, Thank you for the compliment and it was great meeting you and your family.
20 Jul 09, 06:53 PM
Mari: Your cookies are the BOMB!!! I absolutely LOVE them. Thank you soo much for the cookies you brought to my sisters, They really were soo good!
20 Jul 09, 03:46 PM
bakingmomma: Asheika thanks for stopping by. Isnt it great when they help you? Wow four children! Congrats! You will have great help!
20 Jul 09, 02:42 PM
ASHEIKA: First time on your site. LOVE IT!!!!!! I have four little ones, 10, 8, 2, & 1 and they always help.
9 Jul 09, 08:41 PM
Nashida: Stay cute Jr. Chef
9 Jul 09, 08:38 PM
Nashida: keep baking B.M.
9 Jul 09, 08:36 PM
BakingMomma: I would just like to welcome you to my blog. Please leave me a message. So that I know you were here. Thanks for your support.