06/20/17 09:58
06/20/17 09:57
Hitler: servers up
06/16/17 22:30
Sephiroth: Whered all the commenters go? my site was gettin plenty of posts last yr why is 2017 so dead nigss
06/11/17 14:14
06/11/17 14:14
Sephiroth: Hey I made a new site to blog on, apparently google sites is back. Click my name and give me ideas
06/03/17 17:19
Antares: Check out the Blockland Classic Mod wiki by clicking on my name. :D
05/08/17 07:01
Sephiroth: New blog post, click my name.
04/13/17 20:39
fagget: https://www.mediafire.com/?1rrmb7oy47354v8
04/11/17 23:06
namee: the discord is as dead as this game, typical
03/26/17 02:42
Anonymous: Holy shit, you're still trying to keep this game alive Seph? You're pathetic. Move on
03/12/17 16:36
Antares: Fallout Heerlen is about to be released this week!
03/10/17 12:03
Calem07: @Sephiroth Well then, Frick my fears.
03/09/17 17:37
Sephiroth: the master server goes down all the time bro
03/09/17 12:57
Calem07: The master server is down... Welp, if someone finds a replacement we could use that.
03/09/17 12:56
Calem07: Its over.
03/08/17 12:04
Calem07: hi everybody
03/04/17 14:34
Sephiroth: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a41v454q4y53e1g/rtb.zip to download an RTB with bacs and xmenu without having to install shit
03/04/17 12:56
Sephiroth: https://discord.gg/fQvjXu7 Join the discord or I will kill u
02/27/17 14:29
cool dude maxymax13: thanks for vitawrap's name antares
02/27/17 14:29
cool dude maxymax13: hey
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