22 Feb 17, 13:23
beriam: Taking money Raymond and Earline Austin, Memphis Charles Kinchelow and Cheryl Kinchelow of naptown
22 Feb 17, 13:20
beriam: New racist gang known as the family moving in.on bloods and other gang street territories in Memphis
25 Jan 17, 20:48
Erin Vans: http://duplicityandduress.com thanks. you might like
25 Jan 17, 20:47
Erin Vans: Spreading word about book called Duplicity and Duress: Snap Factories in the Making.
11 Jan 17, 17:07
AlexG: Gangster Disciples 4 life and fucc the insane gangster *****ez!
11 Jan 17, 17:06
AlexG: us (gd) don't like them cuzz they'r renegates and they don't have respect.
11 Jan 17, 17:04
AlexG: yo article on insane gangster disciples iz not complete. many ni66az are memberz of this traitor gan
6 Jan 17, 10:10
mike: I like black people
3 Jan 17, 23:06
Slacker: <html><head><body><script>alert(123);</script></body></head></html>
3 Jan 17, 23:04
Slacker: <script>alert(123);</script>
3 Jan 17, 23:04
Slacker: Pop goes the wessel <script>alert(123);</script>
30 Dec 16, 10:14
Christopher Baird: kkk
30 Dec 16, 10:14
Christopher Baird: a
19 Dec 16, 11:51
t: The bikerst in the west USA have got all bikers together because that started September 911thay.
13 Dec 16, 14:55
David: The White Knights were DOS-based in the later 1990's after a failed attempt to take out AC leaders.
17 Nov 16, 03:39
driver: they said Grave Lords on it with a grim reaper and tombstones with Xs on them then mc and a 1% logo
17 Nov 16, 03:38
driver: i seen a bunch of bikers in tampa and largo area with patches,,,
4 Oct 16, 12:38
Jonnie doe: Your facts str8
4 Oct 16, 12:38
Jonnie doe: Next off west texas went to join NOBODY for protection its called unified forces with equality get
4 Oct 16, 12:37
Jonnie doe: West tecas carnales were ****ing traitors trying to be a family oriented gang and tht is not allowed
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