14 Mar 15, 20:55
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16 May 13, 12:03
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7 Aug 11, 07:08
yvonne: hi , my wedding will be on the 5th dec, can send me ur quatation please? thanks
10 Jan 11, 10:36
kim: Pls send me a quotation, pre-wed & wedding full day (includes same day edit). Thanks.
27 Nov 10, 19:04
kf: can i have your actual day quotation? please e-mail the package.
20 May 10, 20:04
kelly: will u going outstation too? ipoh? and how about ur package?
10 May 10, 02:29
ans: Hi Czelyn, so sori for the late reply. I will email u the quotation. Btw, add me at ans5222@yahoo.com in facebook, if u have it. Tq!!
3 May 10, 22:51
Hi Anson,: can i have your actual day quotation? please e-mail the package at czelyn_cuiyun@yahoo.com
17 Mar 10, 22:25
ans: Hi czelyn, thx for ur compliment!! I am now a freelancer in pre-wedding,commercial,potrait & actual day photo shooting.
9 Mar 10, 23:01
czelyn: Hi Anson, u still at Love Vision Loke Yew, i like your photo shooting very much, really a great jobs
28 Dec 09, 15:23
Serene: Hi Anson, Good Job!!
12 Sep 09, 23:43
ans: Hi Thomas & Sophie, u guys are nice n wonderful! Thank you very much!
11 Sep 09, 09:03
Thomas&Soph: Thanks Anson, all of my friends like my photos so much, to you, cheerS!!
8 Sep 09, 19:55
Sophie: So lovely..u really did a good job
25 Aug 09, 22:33
ans: hi Julie & Tan, I'm fine here. How are u2? TQ for u2 support, i'm appreciate it! Tq.Tq.
25 Aug 09, 11:55
Julie & tan: hii Anson..how are you? both of us like your photo very much! Gambateh!
6 Aug 09, 13:21
ans: Thank you , It's glad you like it!!
5 Aug 09, 00:51
xypher: nice photo at cameron...
31 Jul 09, 09:46
ans: hi Valerie n Wei, Sorry for late reply!! Thank you :) , It's glad you like it!!
30 Jul 09, 21:16
Wei: Hey I really like your photos!
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