1 Jul 20, 21:49
Rox_cobra: **** It's That Time Again!! ** Another FFA Players vs Staff Challenge this Saturday July 4th 9pm EDT - Swamp!! ** Come see if you can knock off the Staff!! ****
28 Jun 20, 09:22
SILLYKITTY: [07:14:23] SILLYKITTY> we need a DJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gona go on stike lol
28 Jun 20, 09:18
Lucy Berube: [07:14:23] SILLYKITTY> we need a DJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gona go on stike lol
22 Jun 20, 09:28
Be_A_Esther: Thank you to those who willingly shared a story or memory of their Dad or Grandpa for our Father's day TC pages & also a big Thank you to Colbs for doing up the page and entering in the memories.
21 Jun 20, 16:44
STR8H8TEx: happy fathers day to all
19 Jun 20, 18:51
Be_A_Esther: would you have a funny story or memory about your Dad that you be willing for us to share on Father's Day TC page??
19 Jun 20, 18:50
Be_A_Esther: Father's day messages can be pm'd or email to myself or HTD no later than Sat June 20th at 6 pm EST
15 Jun 20, 17:34
RAWTALENT: thxks to boop for doing 1 OF aKinDs team page
14 Jun 20, 22:42
Rox_Cobra: Congratulations to our May 20202 TOC Winners!!! FFAS - angelsis + HOTT_TEA
14 Jun 20, 22:42
Rox_Cobra: FFA Alt Mixed - HM: HM_10acious / HM_Tigress FFA Regular - Risky Bidness: floppy_ears // imhotforhotlips Good Luck and See You All Next Month!!!
10 Jun 20, 12:14
Rox_cobra: **** TOC Weekend **** FFAS - Sun 9am EDT **** FFA Teams: Sat 2pm EDT - Alt Mixed & Sun 9pm EDT - Regular **** Please see TC pages for format & qualified players ****
5 Jun 20, 13:47
b_daFuzzz: Welcome new teams KnittingClub and Mavericks to FFA!
10 May 20, 15:31
Rox_Cobra: Congratulations to our April 2020 TOC Winners!!! FFAS - econgineer & WILD_MAN FFA Regular - ONE: AngelicBlueEyes and LisaLogan FFA Alt Mixed - GOF: Its_Red_ and GOF_Dennis Good Luck and See You All
6 May 20, 10:24
Rox_cobra: **** TOC Weekend **** FFAS - Sat 9am EDT **** FFA Teams: Sat 9pm EDT - Regular & Sun 2pm EDT - Alt Mixed **** Please see TC pages for format & qualified players ****
4 May 20, 13:33
Be_A_Esther: Mother's Day is May 10th & we have TC"s in honor of Mother's. if you have, had a Mother or a Mother figure, send me a note, funny story etc email me to add to TC page, thanks lilycook7@gmail.com or
29 Apr 20, 17:24
ROX_NAUGHTYPUP: just like to say thanks to ROX_CandyHeart for helping me on what she did
24 Apr 20, 23:02
Rox_Cobra: *** Staying Safe at Home this Weekend?!?! * Come Join our Swamp Double Elimination Tournament sunday 2PM - Swamp! * 2 Chances to Win the TC!!! ***
5 Apr 20, 22:59
Rox_Cobra: Congratulations to March 2020 TOC Regular TOC - lilbitofcha0s and Wildshadow Alt Mixed TOC - MsGemini9999 and JustSomeGuy FFAS TOC - angelsis and GAG_mamggo Good Luck to all This Month!
3 Apr 20, 13:50
Be_A_Esther: Hi Samlini, you have to make a nic in https://www.safeharborgames.net/ same as the one you have in FFA, that is the league we play in Fun for all singles and team spades. All the best
2 Apr 20, 17:19
Samlimi: Hi, i am looking to join a team but i have no idea where do you guys play. I used to regularly play spades some years back and now i'm looking to start again. Cheers
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