25 May 10, 21:51
matthew: so sian...
6 Mar 10, 09:21
tudigua: Hey Matthew!
18 Nov 09, 17:40
JJ: gosh dear matt, take care ya? remember that wai gong loves you forever...and that his love will last you a lifetime.He wants you to be well so make him proud ya? love lots...
5 Sep 09, 01:39
hUQIING: ok! got to jiayou for n level.. Reply me back here plz=) thanks maTT
5 Sep 09, 01:37
hUQIING: Haha.. botak better then aston rite??? but it is oly for the portion..haha.. don get your lastest post. dunno watu talkin bout=)
14 Aug 09, 22:47
Matthew: :furious:
14 Aug 09, 22:46
Matthew: that day when i checked this C-box there was an ad and I dont help advertise so please dont put some idiotic ads like paint brushes or stuff like that.
2 Aug 09, 22:38
Matthew: :cool:
2 Aug 09, 22:37
Matthew: Woo-Hoo! Mummy finally bought me an MP3. Sony Walkman
26 Jul 09, 19:21
Matthew: haha.k at least you got MP3 right?My mum say that she will bring me go to see the new mp3 and if i like then she will buy then she never bring me to see
24 Jul 09, 23:17
Huiqing: anw, don take it to heart.. jus commenting only!=)
24 Jul 09, 23:17
Huiqing: and hor, eating veggies will kill u meh?.? won rite? ok, don scold u liao. got thing to study.N lEvel coming.T.T
24 Jul 09, 23:16
Huiqing: hello.!!wow, read your blog..clarence is IRRITATING.. like my Classmate..N,,,don complain about playin psp only on wkdays n y the com is lock!! wat about me??? i don have psp, only mp3,computer also.
24 Jul 09, 21:41
Matthew: Thank you JJ jie jie! I'll continue to blog!
22 Jul 09, 20:19
JJ: Heys Matthew! Happy Happy Birthday! I am sorry for the late wishes but I am here always, reading ur blog often...take care ya? I understand how u feel totally...but be strong k! we will be champions!
16 Jul 09, 19:20
MAtThEw: Happy Birthday to me on 19 july!
30 Jun 09, 19:39
Matthew: Hi readers of my blog! Hope you enjoy reading! I created this C-box so non-bloggers can comment on my blog.