14 Nov 14, 22:39
Shinkara: hey there! nice site!!!
31 Oct 14, 11:04
Pim: Hi Melanie. How are you? Happy Halloween. Visit back whenever you can.
30 Oct 14, 13:36
Ana: I finally added your link; button is up at can0py.com/exeunt.php. Sorry for the delay. ^^;;;
19 Oct 14, 18:26
tina: Wanna battle? ^^
13 Mar 13, 12:28
Vanessa: cant wait <3 i know it will be amazing
26 Feb 13, 19:28
Meliane: I will invest the time soon I promise xox
26 Feb 13, 19:27
Meliane: Vanessa thank you so much for coming back here after all this time it means so much to me.
29 Jan 13, 20:55
Vanessa: miss you too :)
24 Jan 13, 21:36
Meliane: wow... i havent updated her enigma in wayyy too long :( i need to get back into it... miss you all
6 Nov 12, 16:10
Pim: cute and colorful layout
12 Nov 11, 11:42
Keyko: Hey! I really love this site! Congratulations again, girl! You're awesome!
28 Jun 11, 00:29
Christy: Hi! Thanks for dropping by, and sorry it took so long to respond~ but I'd love to be link with you!
11 May 11, 05:43
jaeminchul: sure. will link you on my next update
4 May 11, 20:57
Thia: Thank you SO much for mentioning my sites on your update, darl. You're an angel! ILU! *mwah*
4 May 11, 20:56
Thia: Honey, the new art pieces are stunning! Always love the way you use all the resources so well!
30 Apr 11, 00:53
Vanessa: ..(cont) the moment" one that interests me in particular oh & i think you forgot to change wednesday
30 Apr 11, 00:51
Vanessa: Yay you updated! Im glad to see the new art :) Inspiring as ever. Something anout that "hanging in..
26 Apr 11, 21:24
mayra: wow your layout is super cute :)
26 Apr 11, 13:02
Vanessa: how silly of me to write the wrong link x_x fixed it just in case you couldnt find me
26 Apr 11, 13:01
Vanessa: Hi Meliane! I just wanted to let you know I've linked you already Cant wait to see more of your work
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