RIP Stephen Hawking!
Nivans: Posted
Eden: Something tells me you’ll need more than SPF to keep new spots from popping up, Keith my darling.
Tegan: Lol
Keith: But I am aging spotty.
Keith: I'm not aging gracefully.
Tegan: Did you cut your hair?
Tegan: Keith, you look...different...
Keith: posted
Tegan: Oh, please...that was a pinprick compared to what Kinin does to you, Robin!
Tek: ... this is giving me a headache
Robin.: Ouch! Some-one get me a medic!
Tegan: *punches Robin*
Robin.: No one is safe.
Eden: Yeah. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. :P
Robin.: She is the one to doom us all.
Eden: Sup giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl
Tegan: :guns:
Eden: One more pun and I might burst a seam.
Robin.: No one ring to rule him all.
Eden: One hilarious guy.
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