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08/06/09 12:58
Erin: hmmm, i got sirena, summer, and hermina!
08/06/09 13:15
minnow: That was a great deal, thanks so much for the tip!
08/09/09 06:14
Erin: no newspapers again this weekend... really irritated. shoulda known better than to order bmore sun!
08/09/09 18:53
minnow: I'd call and get a refund then just start buying it at the store.
08/10/09 05:13
Erin: yeah i think i'll have to do that. i've missed the coupon section 3 wks in a row now! grrrr...
08/12/09 07:30
Jaime: Per usual, the BEST samples. <3 you!
08/16/09 23:18
Paula/lulubelle: Just popping in to say Hi! I have been traveling for over 2 weeks! Time to find some good deals no
08/16/09 23:18
Paula/lulubelle: ...good deals now!
08/17/09 18:50
Paula/lulubelle: Hey minnow - do you have any codes for BDB?
08/19/09 19:22
Erin: tried my zoya today! have you gotten yours yet?
08/21/09 09:03
Erin: Steve Madden - 10.8% cash back with bigcrumbs and discounts w/ code Madden20
08/21/09 09:03
Erin: i just got the bonanza black suede boots for $45, retail $100! :D
08/26/09 20:22
Natalie: OMG!! 30% off Prescriptives cosmetics line...Code is Friend09
08/28/09 06:48
MandyB: Minnow??? where are you???
09/02/09 13:08
misshop: Minnow you were starting to worry me..I hope things look up for you guys!!!
09/05/09 21:35
Minnow: lol ;) I was being a good little student. Had to figure something out. One income is hard enought.
09/05/09 21:36
Minnow: No income...not really an option...ya know?
09/05/09 21:37
Minnow: Great deals Erin!!!
09/14/09 04:53
Erin: Hey there, just checking in, hope you guys are doing okay!
10/02/09 05:54
minnow: Ew, it's soggy outside. =(