31 Aug 16, 23:13
yue mei: LOL oops I didn't visit your blog/my blog for a long time... do you still check your twitter? I know you abandoned your tumblr a long time ago haha
28 Jul 16, 19:23
lynne: @Justvb: haha yah, I wanted to but things got busy lol All the fadans are getting married...and everybody is out of tvb now. I dunno tvb anymore lols
28 Jul 16, 19:22
lynne: hi guys lol I'm kinda back again ;D
3 Apr 16, 13:15
Anon1: Glad to hear that you're doing well,looks like we are working alot on assignments and etc xD
28 Mar 16, 06:07
Justvb: Hi Lynne, I was wondering if you will create a post on Linda's wedding seeing you are a strong supporter of her ever since you started this blog. So i came here to visit, just to say hi! =)
25 Mar 16, 14:20
lynne: also haven't have much time to catch up with tvb (not a loss since nothing is good anyways) but the new series with Tracy Chu and Vincent is bringing back a little interest in me :P
25 Mar 16, 14:19
lynne: Hey Anon1!!! Haha yes, I definitely remember you :D I have been doing well too but like you, university is driving me crazy lol
16 Mar 16, 00:08
Anon1: Hi Lynne,long time no see!How are u now ?I've been busy for exams,exams and college life that I dont have time to catch up all the tvb series lol.How have u been and do u still rmb me ? hahas xD
29 Oct 15, 17:07
yue mei: she's done with CHL2 haha. And yeah, it's pretty lonely huh? XD It's pretty lonely on tumblr in regards to tvb stuff too haha
29 Oct 15, 17:06
yue mei: storyline too! I really like Katy~ her acting in 3 series simultaneously (CHL2, COD, and this) with different types of characters really shows her versatility. I hope she gets more lead roles after
29 Oct 15, 17:03
yue mei: Wayne's character and that Bosco + Eliza (carp) were boring haha. I actually liked Eliza as the evil person instead. The 1st story was pretty much my favorite too. And omg I loved the crown prince's
29 Oct 15, 17:01
yue mei: Yeah, I thought it was weird how they conveniently forgot about their friend & dead sister once the story ended haha. And I agree, the 2nd and 3rd stories weren't that good. Maybe cause I didn't like
27 Oct 15, 21:28
Jnewin: <3 Katy Kung in Romantic Repertoire and Under the Veil
27 Oct 15, 21:23
Jnewin: Limelight Years is the only sereis I was able to finish this year. I got 5 more episodes for Romantic Repertoire left to watch.
27 Oct 15, 21:22
Jnewin: I've been watching and rewatching too many wuxia series lately. I'm trying to catch up on Brick Slaves and Under the Veil if I have time.
27 Oct 15, 21:22
Jnewin: @lynne: I'm still on the first story in Under the Veil so far. Pretty Cliche but but pretty good compared to this year's series.
26 Oct 15, 19:51
CeeJay: Thanks lynne! We may have an affiliates page later as well so we will add you!
26 Oct 15, 04:36
lynne: @jnewin: haha thanks. I finally found something I 'love' enough to make a banner out of it xD what are your thoughts on under the veil?
26 Oct 15, 04:35
lynne: man I'm so glad you still check your chat box often or else I'll be so lonely here xD
26 Oct 15, 04:34
lynne: Also I absolutely love Kristal and raymond's ending where they came together through the painting. the other two were kind meh haha. which story was your favourite?
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