Renee: Hi Robert, thanks for the message, hope you are doing well! Chat with you soon!
Renee: Hi Everyone!
Renee: Hi, is anyone here?
Svetlana: Bye Renee!
Renee: Bye Sveta!
Renee: Thanks Sveta, have a great evening, chat with you soon!
Svetlana: Have a great day!
Svetlana: Ok Renee
Renee: Well Sveta, I must go for now, it was great chatting with you!
Renee: Oh okay Sveta! I thought something messed up for me or something!! LOL!
Svetlana: It's me Renee, don't worry? I deleted our converstaion with Lidia in Russian lol
Renee: I am still here girls, for some reason I lost some of the messages!
Lidia: I hope
Renee: I don't know Lidia, I am sure she will get back with you soon!
Lidia: Maybe she tired translate for me?
Lidia: I know, but we were friends. She always answer me, but not now...
Renee: I know she is really busy Lidia working on her new job on the poetry website
Lidia: She is not here and not there and not in the mailbox. What happened?
Lidia: I can't understand///
Renee: You are welcome Sveta!
Lidia: Sorry, I have some to ask to Sveta. I am so sad. Where ia Arina? She left facebook and don't answer the letters. Don't answer me... What happened, maybe who knows
Renee: Hi Lidia!
Svetlana: Thank you Renee!
Lidia: Hi!
Renee: I will do that Sveta!
Svetlana: Tell Tracy hi from me :)
Renee: You are so welcome Sveta! I will tell her you asked about her! :)
Svetlana: I'm glad that Tracy is ok! I'll look forward for her answer :) Thank you Renee for information
Renee: I am sure she will write you back soon Sveta, she has been going through a lot.
Renee: Tracy is okay, her Mom had a dr's appointment yesterday and her heart tests were good, but she has trouble with her legs. They haven't done anything with them yet since they aren't bothering her. Also her sister got out of the hospital on Saturday and she had suffered a mini stroke
Svetlana: Have you got any news from Tracy/ I sent her email several days ago but she didn't answer me. Is she allright?
Renee: I think he might be since he said on Monday he had been really busy when he stopped by here!
Svetlana: Is he busy?
Renee: LOL, yes, but he did ask me on Facebook a little bit ago if I was holding down the fort at his website, which means was I watching things. LOL!
Svetlana: It looks like Robert's forgotten about us
Renee: That's great to hear!
Svetlana: I'm ok, thank you!
Renee: Hi Sveta! I am fine, how are you today?
Svetlana: Hi Renee! I'm here, how are you today?
Renee: Hi, is anyone here?
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