17 Jun 09, 07:19 PM
sora: comment this box anytime :D
17 Jun 09, 07:23 PM
sora: x.x i wonder why the comments arent showing up..
18 Jun 09, 03:35 PM
sora: -.- im bored..
18 Jun 09, 07:45 PM
That One Kid: U CONFUZZLED ME! If this is the right webiste...O.o
18 Jun 09, 07:46 PM
That One Kid: On my page this website is all...the layout is confuzzling D:
18 Jun 09, 07:56 PM
That One Kid: and the music is taking forever to laod D: Well, I already heard most them xD
18 Jun 09, 07:57 PM
That One Kid: OMFG MORE TRIANGLES ▲▲▲ *hopes they work* But ncie website =)
18 Jun 09, 08:00 PM
That One Kid: WHOA Im just an all natural spammer, I even spammed this D: Sowwy u cant stop it D:ill leave xD
19 Jun 09, 01:05 AM
sora: omfgggg even on THIS u stalk and spam me!!!!!! XD