19 Oct 14, 06:15
mathieu: mathieu
7 Jan 10, 18:08
DHEWADA: Please Vote For Us: "(2)DeltaHeatwaves" in "Star Ka sa Cadiz 2010:Hip Hop Dance Contest" at the bottom page of http://www.cadizinformation.blogspot.com/ Please 4ward.Thnks
8 Nov 09, 17:48
laya: hii john! how's the family? saw your recent works and am so proud of you! you've come a long way beybeh! aylavet! have a great day and regards to your lovely family!
15 Oct 09, 06:32
ak0n: small world, same place andrea village
28 Sep 09, 12:14
marskie: john i am glad to heard u that u are super natural person.pls dont give up//god bless u john///we miss u all.kita kits on january
11 Sep 09, 15:11
alex a.: Thanks John for accepting my invitation. I hope we can bring back glory to Cadiznons..
13 Jul 09, 15:50
coxplayer: I hope you would do this $7 sketches again!I will be surely to have at least 2 of mine
13 Jul 09, 12:11
flamehead23a: Great work on Aang! I can't wait to see the other chracters :D
13 Jul 09, 00:15
Zen: Looking forward to the Young Vagary image!
13 Jul 09, 00:15
Zen: Very happy with the Emmas, and mostly so with Rhyme and Reason. (Reason's weapons should have been daggers, not spikes). Hero Prime looks a little too feminine in the face, but otherwise is great.
8 Jul 09, 12:42
Lunar Veil: (It is spelled Veil though :p)
8 Jul 09, 12:29
Lunar Veil: Oh wow this is PERFECT, every detail! AWESOME!!! THANK YOU <3
8 Jul 09, 00:21
Belblind: Arrr, pretty nice work on my chars! They're great! Btw: You mispelled my name in the deviantart link!
7 Jul 09, 02:28
Nomadder: Yay! All of this stuff is excellent and I'm VERY happy with how Dark Ranger came out!! Thank you!! Great work!! : )
10 Jun 09, 23:13
CapeMike: The CapeMike(CM Chillin) art...pleases me greatly.... :D
10 Jun 09, 11:24
Lunar Veil: *Agreed* Jadewire looks awesome :)
9 Jun 09, 00:11
Unsovled-1: FANTASTIC JOB on the Jadewire!!
25 May 09, 17:31
emmanuelxerxjavier: pare, ganda ng blog mo!. ayos! i will follow you!!!.
20 May 09, 07:12
gytalf2000: I am having a great time seeing all these fun pics!
19 May 09, 08:18
Lunar Veil: Ahahaha!!!
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