7 Aug 10, 23:05
Mitch: -hugs- <3
22 Feb 10, 20:37
Kristina: Mitch: I may or may not have honored your request
6 Nov 09, 18:41
Mitch-kun: YOU'RE GOING TO FREAKING CHINA!!!!??! How can I manage to hop in a suitcase....I want postcards... or a piece of the great wall, who cares if it's against UNESCO laws... I ENVY YOU!
2 Oct 09, 16:56
Auntie Laureen: I hope you are feeling better!!!! It is nice to hear your co workers are look out for you!
28 Sep 09, 13:16
Caitlin B: ah i really want to go back to japan TTvTT i miss it! but i love reading your updates! they make me giggle ^^
11 Sep 09, 17:09
Elisha: Evil kokeshi doll is just getting back at you for your evil Charlie Doll... true story, I just know it!
10 Sep 09, 23:32
Kristina: am I not funny sober? Is that what you're getting at? huh punk!?
10 Sep 09, 21:15
Mitch-Kun: Drunk Kris-Sempai is Funny!
1 Sep 09, 13:31
Mom: ans you should be proud, conquered Mt Fugi, addressed the student body in part in Japanese and got kudo's from your superior !!! GREAT JOB Ma Gee
31 Aug 09, 00:19
Lisa: Candy is so the way to win over children! I'm thrilled to see an update from you! Good luck starting school and with the internet. Clearly it all doesn't understand how tough we Americans are!
28 Aug 09, 10:48
Boussole: Oooooo~ I'm super jealous! Climbing Mt. Fuji has always been something i've wanted to do! Be sure to take lots of pictures! And pace yourself~! ^___^
13 Aug 09, 02:32
Ta-kun: Well, I;m glad to hear you're okay! I saw the earthquake footage on the television during dinner and I dropped my fork. The first thing I thought was "I hope carcer's safe! :'<"
12 Aug 09, 13:43
Elisha: Earthquakes and spiders, oh my! Sounds like you need someone to come over there and be a resident spider killer... if you do I may know of someone who has nothing to do at the moment! Miss and love u!
11 Aug 09, 19:08
Cindy May: Kristina...Your journey in the landof the rising sun....has taken on a whole new meaning! I am thrilled you are safe and sound! You will never forget this experience...Take good care...!
11 Aug 09, 17:20
Aunti Laureen: What a experience that must of been!! Way to scary for me!!! I hope you are writing a jounal. Then your children and grand children will be able to read about all your adventures! Keep safe! love lots
11 Aug 09, 14:18
Boussole: I'm so glad to hear you're alright! I've never been through an earthquake myself but i can imagine they're not fun~ After this, anything else Japan throws at you should be a piece of cake~
11 Aug 09, 10:06
Julia: Wow what a crazy experience! I hope you have 'crazy acts of nature' insurance! Also please keep an eye on those headbumps. Speedy recovery :o)
11 Aug 09, 09:34
michele: I forgot to add the care....LOL!!
11 Aug 09, 09:33
michele: OMG!!! Kristine...you sure have a long road of crazy experiences coming ur way!. glad u made thru this one:) Take of yourself.
11 Aug 09, 07:55
Mom: very proud of you MaGee, know it must of been one of the scariest moments in your life but allis OK... deep brath my love......
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