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22 Dec 09, 09:59 PM
jfook: Nanged....
26 Oct 09, 12:00 AM
farah: hi there!! ur durian cheesecake looks yummy! how much will it be for a plain one. no topping or deco
17 Aug 09, 11:49 PM
J: Will keep ya updated on any new recipes..hehe.
17 Aug 09, 11:48 PM
J: chessgal: =) Yeah, its still on. Haven't had the time to experiment with new ones yet.
17 Aug 09, 09:33 PM
chessgal: Still baking? May want to order Oreo this time. Small ones please, any new cakes?
5 Aug 09, 11:01 PM
C: hey chessgal n mich, thanks a bunch for the support, and its a real bonus that u guys loved it! =D
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