27 Mar 15, 13:49
liuq677@: hi, is there anyone who wanna apply hostler together? pleas free to contact me
20 Jun 13, 21:40
haoying: Hello, i am a student live in hall 10 now. i wonder if there is anyone in jcrc who get a room in NTU but not live next year? if have, i hope i could rent his room. thank you very much!
20 Jul 12, 16:06
Troll: Is hall 1 seriously that bad. Seriously???
18 Jul 12, 08:05
thik: 6790 5161
17 Jul 12, 19:25
Sonic: suppp all. can reply me?
2 Apr 12, 15:51
Sonic: what is hall one office number, the number stated here is not in use
8 Feb 12, 16:22
Troll: @amos: epic fail english
30 Jan 12, 10:45
amos: ok thanks. ur committes in hall 1 does not work together? u guys work separately from the jcrc and the valentine day ad hoc? cos i thought a contact could have been pasted to direct sales to ur ppl?
25 Jan 12, 00:50
hey amos: think they're selling, not sure about the price.
19 Jan 12, 03:22
amos: is hall 1 selling roses for valentine's day? and how is the rate like?
16 Nov 11, 09:21
mispeller: is there a hall 1 twitter?
2 Oct 11, 22:59
Tan Shu Jie: Hi, I am the liaison director from Cyber Game Club and is currently looking for all the email of honourary General Secretary email address for our contact purpose for the invitation of gaming night i
7 Sep 11, 17:11
Dun Hao: Dear min, unfortunately we can't help you with that as we do not have control over room allocation at this point of time. u can however enquire from the SAO.
7 Sep 11, 17:10
Dun Hao: dear hall 1 resident, you will have to book through our Hon.Gen, Priscilla, her no. can be found on the website
4 Sep 11, 21:47
hall 1 residentce: i want to book the bbq pitch. what should i do?
1 Sep 11, 18:56
min: is there anw i can rent a single room from this hall or like a room which both roommates want to withdraw?
28 Aug 11, 00:25
Gabriel: You will have to wait for the election of the new sports secretaries and for them to decide on training
21 Aug 11, 20:55
freshie: when will the sport games training schedule be available?
19 Aug 11, 08:08
Gabriel: Dear ONERs, please note that supper hop has been ch anged to Wednesday 24th August!
17 Aug 11, 15:45
Gabriel: sorry i meant @sam
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