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25 Mar 15, 05:14 PM
To guest:: When I receive the March hours spreadsheet from secretary Michelle Nguyen, my committee and I will begin updating to the newest hours.
25 Mar 15, 05:15 PM
To guest:: You can also check your hours here: http://franklinkeyclub.freeforums.org/how-to-check-your-hours-service-record-sheet-t125.html
5 Apr 15, 08:41 PM
hello: what is the date where key club will be checking off hours for the year?
6 Apr 15, 08:07 PM
To hello:: The last day to do an event for hours for this year is April 19th. We will be signing off hours on the 20th.
6 Apr 15, 08:08 PM
To hello:: However, please don't stop completing hours after this date because the additional hours will be transferred over to next year!
8 Apr 15, 05:34 PM
hello: ok thank you :]
10 Apr 15, 05:55 PM
quick question: hi, are the hours on the check hours for this year?
10 Apr 15, 09:46 PM
To quick question:: The hours on check hours are for this year. However, they aren't the most updated hours. If you wish to see your most updated hours, please contact our immediate past secretary.
9 Sep 15, 07:08 PM
monster: when are payments due?
18 Sep 15, 08:51 PM
random: if we are a returning member, do we need to fill out the entire form again? or do we just pay the $15 and bring the receipt?
8 Oct 15, 01:43 PM
Isha: Hi! I couldn't check my houres so I was wondering if I was in the database. Thx!
5 Jan 16, 08:30 PM
President: THE WEBSITE HAS BEEN MOVED TO franklinkeyclub.tumblr.com . If you have any questions, please email me at d07s.frkc.pres@gmail.com
8 Apr 16, 12:26 AM
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22 May 17, 03:41 PM
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23 Apr 18, 03:44 PM
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