8 Dec 15, 10:49
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7 Aug 13, 07:27
Go collect: CCKL ...
7 Aug 13, 07:26
Old cover ..: welcome ...thanks
30 Jan 13, 05:34
welcome: thx
7 May 12, 16:59
Raihan: Check my blog :D http://bankofraihan.blogspot.com/
28 Feb 12, 12:39
Irene Chen: Hi friends, here a lot of old stuff that you must see :biggrin: :cool: :)
13 Jun 11, 03:18
me: More beautiful notes! Well done.
22 Oct 10, 18:57
kai: Sure Kai, why not? One of these days we may work out a deal between us.
22 Oct 10, 01:46
Kai: Kai- Hope all is good, Just stopping by to check out your website.Maybe we can work out a banknote exchange.
21 Oct 10, 21:00
kai: Hi Kai, thanks for your comment. This hobby is very additive :biggrin:
16 Oct 10, 01:47
kai: Hi Kai, nice notes. Pity that I can't read German. Great collection.
28 Sep 10, 18:32
mnfaj: hai there.. i would like to make friends in banknotes collecting hobby .. this is my blog.. im still learning.. http://mnfaj.blogspot.com
28 Sep 10, 16:34
Wilson: owh, you also identify youself as Kai? Hi Kai. Where did you get your notes from?
26 Sep 10, 07:54
Jay: Kai- I've added your link on my links page (found here: http://jaysworldbanknotes.blogspot.com/p/links.html)
25 Sep 10, 21:24
Jay: Kai- Thanks for the comment, your website and collection are very nice as well. Maybe we can work out a swap or at least a link exchange someday! Cheers from the USA!
17 Sep 10, 06:24
Mohammed: Visit my site at http://mohammedsbanknotecollection.blogspot.com/
23 Jun 10, 12:45
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Monetastic: You have a very nice collection and website
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