25 Sep 15, 21:48
Sophue: Can you please change the link to my site to :http://the-legend-comes-to-life.webs.com/ Thanks! :)
16 Nov 11, 01:23
alyssa: kkvnindpvmeyrugjn
14 Mar 11, 15:39
Estella: Hey there Daniel! Hope everything goes well! Congrats, you're a winner at Master of Buckland AWARDS! Please, collect your award! =)
8 Feb 11, 13:06
Sophie: Wow, awesome website.. please check my new layout ;)
31 Dec 10, 17:00
KatieMac: what is this site?
5 Jul 10, 22:07
lady of the sun: Hey! would you like to become a member of my site? :)
7 Jun 10, 21:22
Sophie: http://the-legend-comes-to-life.webs.com/
7 Jun 10, 21:22
Sophie: There is a new layout on my website!! Check ittt :D
7 May 10, 16:48
LadyRohan: I just want to send you an invite to join a brand new LoTR topsite called Middle Earth Top 10. We would be honored if you joined.
10 Apr 10, 00:32
Lenore Nevermore: Hi!! I'm Lenore Nevermore, and i just wanted to see if you wanted to become a fan of my book review site - http://bookwormsdotcom.webs.com/ . i love LotR too. Also, I love your site!! :biggrin:
10 Apr 10, 00:28
Lenore Nevermore: Hey!! i love your site!
20 Mar 10, 18:56
Telturwen: Hey Ramandu! Please consider nominating your site at Unsung Heroes Awards (click my name). Thanks very much!
6 Feb 10, 01:46
Ramandu's Daughter: Hello!! I just wanted to let you know that your entry to the awards isn't working...it won't accept the password...thanks!!! :biggrin:
1 Feb 10, 04:24
Adriel: Hiya! first time visiting your site and I love it!!! *bookmarks it* Love the banners too!
28 Jan 10, 22:56
Estella: Hey there, Daniel! Thanks for the gorgeous awards, I love them!!! =D
4 Jan 10, 21:00
Uls: Hey! Thank you so much for my award :D I'm going to add it in my next update :)
1 Jan 10, 19:06
Nurrantiel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! http://i46.tinypic.com/24vsnt3.jpg
31 Dec 09, 21:54
Telturwen: Thanks for the beautiful awards, Daniel!
28 Dec 09, 20:26
Ramandu's Daughter: Hey! How are you? I Love the New Layout!
28 Dec 09, 12:16
Cseny ♥: hey.Would you consider becoming affiliated with my site?pls answer on my site(in the guestbook,or in the chat).b y e,have a nice day *.*
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