5 Jun 15, 02:53
wnder: hi! did u get the btar at last ? :)
14 Jun 14, 17:18
hilda mfoong: erm, i apologize if I offended u
12 Jun 14, 03:19
.: b i t ch
10 Sep 13, 19:59
hilda mfoong: i think Chicken Little is ur sis kot... LoL, All the best for ur trials...don't study so late dat u cant wake up oh. I m doing my internship/industrial training 3 months in Taiwan 2 complete my degree
9 Sep 13, 20:52
abigail Hing: Hahaha.. I dont remember having that nickname.. or maybe I just forgot.. Haha... I'm having my trials now. :/ Staying up everyday to study.. haah.. last minute. xP What abt u? what r u doing?
6 Sep 13, 19:26
hilda mfoong: hi Abigail.. rember u..chicken little right? LoLs..so far so good. U?
6 Sep 13, 17:25
abigail hing: Hi Hilda! :D Remember me? Haha.. I saw u posting some photos on facebook and I saw your blog. So touched when I saw my blog link here.. haha.. How are you? :)
20 Jan 13, 06:39
Nieyna: Drop by :)
5 Oct 12, 16:42
kiong: <= USM main campus senior cadet PALAPES laut intake 25. nice to meet you~ 2nd year student
5 Oct 12, 16:42
kiong: no, u do not know me. neither do i know u. but nice to meet you.
4 Oct 12, 15:37
hlida mfoong: Hi Kiong, do I know you? Yes, still Palapes Laut
4 Oct 12, 00:58
kiong: hoho. masih palapes laut? nice to meet you
22 Jul 12, 18:49
Kim: Sure =) I hope I can recognize you, its been awhile =)
20 Jul 12, 23:09
hilda: congrats, guess will c u around at PKV (persaudaraan Kristian Varsity UM)
16 Jul 12, 16:24
Kim: I dun have ur FB? I got UM =)
23 Jun 12, 00:16
hilda mfoong: hey Esther, dint stop blogging yet..
10 Jun 12, 20:54
Esther Liew: Hello I thought you stop blogging already!
31 May 11, 11:20
MellisaWong: and btw, I have my new blog. Dont worry this time the old one is still alive :D
31 May 11, 11:20
MellisaWong: Wah liao weyh! I thought Im the one busy here, but you're wayyyy busier. :) May God bless you Hilda!
8 May 11, 04:03
hiladq14: yup, hilda mfoong
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