20 Feb 12, 12:13
Bess: great to see you're still around, JJ! :-) And glad you like the comic! IPotty humour is always up to date when you have kids! (and... when you don't *laughs*)
19 Feb 12, 13:17
JJ: Heyy! Missed you as well :o( Noungame made me laugh thanks.
13 Feb 12, 08:21
Bess: Aaaand we're back! :-)
26 Dec 11, 14:27
Bess: Hm... tough decision! Alarm für Cobra 11 and Einsatz für Team 2 are both German productions so if you enjoy these you should go for German. Japanese is much more fun with Japanese productions. :-)
25 Dec 11, 19:14
mike: Haha, I'm actually wavering between learing Japanese or German right now. Alarm Fur Cobra 11 is available in both, not sure about Mission Fur Team 2 though XD
12 Dec 11, 08:31
Bess: Ok... so no fillers - this term is really hard with all the other family appointments to tend to as well - hopefully we'll have a little something for Christmas and new comics in the new year.
7 Nov 11, 07:06
Bess: Hi dear folks out there and sorry for no update today. Papa Rabe has to work really hard for his term right now, so we'll have fillers for a while. Thanks for your understanding!
31 Oct 11, 09:39
Bess: Today's comic will go online around 5pm EST - sorry for that! But it's very funny so please come back at night, ok? :-)
22 Sep 11, 07:30
Bess: Thanks, Mike! I'm really flattered you took the time to read through all of it! in one go! But Teddy bear hell wasn't fun - at least not for Bess... *lol*
22 Sep 11, 00:56
Papa Rabe: Thank you very much! :D Till next monday I hope! :)
21 Sep 11, 23:46
Mike: Great comic! Teddy bear hell was funny XD. Harright, back to the sketchup work I was doing 2 hours ago X_X
12 Sep 11, 08:33
Bess: Hehe, I don't know if this is any funny but the original pun was so untranslatable we had to come up with something entirely new for the English-Version...
5 Sep 11, 22:46
Bess: Oh noes! How embarrassing! Working on it!
5 Sep 11, 08:55
SX: Hm. I think today's comic presented in the wrong language :)
29 Aug 11, 00:17
Bess: just a filler today - sorry!
8 Aug 11, 10:10
Bess: today's update will be out sometime this evening or tomorrow morning. Sorry!
25 Jul 11, 21:49
SX: @Papa Rabe: she did it :) Now going for the next school and for the next diploma.
25 Jul 11, 20:56
Papa Rabe: @ SX: Thank you very much. I hope your girlfriend did well! I'm glad my exams are offer for now. Next will be in six month. Till then there will be as many Updates as possible. :)
25 Jul 11, 07:06
Bess: Look! An update! Hurray?
20 Jun 11, 09:38
SX: Good luck to Papa Rabe! My girlfriend will do her final exam tomorrow :)
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