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stephanie: let me know what you think nells
stephanie: this is the chat box...
stephanie: 1
stephanie: 2
stephanie: 3
stephanie: hello
nell: hi sweetie
nell: looks good i never used c box before lol
stephanie: no lag
stephanie: Welcome everyone... please register and introduce yourself
Sherri: hello everyone
stephanie: WELCOME
stephanie: welcome to everyone,
ADMIN: hoping to get a contest started soon, any ideas...
ADMIN: Working on moving teh site to a diff server.. new server will have groups
ADMIN: we will be reopening this site , please invite your friends. i'm hoping to start contests soon
Admin: i'm searching theough diferant choices for a host site.. if i change i'll let evreyone know
Admin(stephanie): Welcome to our new site
KarriT: I love it [link]
LyaSmith: ... this is the application for Android TV series I have told u about it [link]