13 Sep 14, 04:04
Passerbyagain: but I know you won't be back. Take care of Abby and yourself.
13 Sep 14, 04:04
Passerbyagain: Now that we are no longer in contact, and I know we might never be back in contact, good luck with life and I hope you meet greater friends and people in life. I missed the old Wei ting,
13 Sep 14, 04:03
Passerbyagain: Been a really really long time since I thought of you this much. The last time contacting you meant so much to me. You totally changed.
21 Oct 12, 03:13
Passerby: Hope you're doing fine with your current life! All the best weiting <3
21 Oct 12, 03:12
Passerby: You've not been blogging for more than a year. I come here to see your blog every now and then but no update..
11 Aug 12, 14:47
Ery: "hi! thank you! I just visited. Super blog!
26 Jul 12, 07:41
Meera: yuhuu
30 Jun 12, 09:18
Matt: nice blog i'm so impress..about it..pls visit us back thanks
23 Jun 12, 09:14
Emi: can you follow me on facebook? i will do the same.. :)
16 Jun 12, 10:25
Lydia: great looking blog you have! really enjoy it! im going to bookmark it.. hope u return the visit and do the same..
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