31 Jan 11, 13:03
SexyJessyCa: hohohooh nice blog
19 Nov 09, 07:46
charlene: u will always be in my heart no matter where i am. take care.. and gud luck in ur new job XD hopefully everything goes well to you
18 Oct 09, 01:03
Ah Pin: snow snow saja lu tahu, haha
18 Sep 09, 14:44
vun: nola.. so tat u can leave comments ma haahahaha
23 Aug 09, 17:28
ming: [vun] hiiiiiiiiii..how come u deleted ur chat box dy one? why? too annoying? hahaha
16 Aug 09, 19:17
vun: drop to say hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
19 Jul 09, 20:51
Ming: [ktwl]: of course still alive here and eat gud sleep gud tim..lolz..still remember u la...kevin tan wei lung!!!! haha
17 Jul 09, 13:24
ktwl: Forget me jor la? If not welson say to me, i dunno u still alive... Haha.
18 Jun 09, 17:13
Ming: okok.. haha.. take care dude
18 Jun 09, 15:59
welson: song...melbourne..rmb take photo den post it here oo...wana c..haha...good luck dude...euro trip!!! haha
16 Jun 09, 19:15
Ming: [Welson] haha..tell u now also not late wat..same here la..but luckily exam over liao..next next week i going melbourne for holiday..haha
15 Jun 09, 23:50
welson: happy tat u stil alive..hahaha... wahh..go so far oso din tell me la..haha...me ha...stress kin lo..final nw...song la u...i oso wan goo!!!
15 Jun 09, 23:44
Ming: [welson] hey dude..how going there? i m here good good lar..haha.. i now in hobart ,Aussie ..Studying at Tas
15 Jun 09, 19:30
welson: wher u study??
15 Jun 09, 19:29
welson: heyy...hw u doin bro??long time no c..
8 Jun 09, 06:56
[yinfei]: hey..haha okok no prob XD
7 Jun 09, 22:23
yinfei: yo kai ming! i link u ya >.<
4 Jun 09, 06:24
wen: not much difference..XD still the same
2 Jun 09, 15:21
ming: [weN] by d way, how are you in melb?
2 Jun 09, 15:16
ming: i now in aussie lar.. studying at tas. haha..lately kinda busy wif works lo..exam soon..haiz
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