1 Nov 19, 18:52
Frankie: yeah.. that really sums it up
1 Nov 19, 14:42
Kayleigh: once**
1 Nov 19, 14:42
Kayleigh: I completly get it. There hasn't been anyone since I stopped watching wrestling that caught mine. Not that I dislike all of them but nobody worth watching. It's okay though, glad wrestling was fun onc
26 Oct 19, 06:02
Frankie: ugh
26 Oct 19, 06:01
Frankie: even a cool finisher would force me look further... but no, an interesting attire/style and Bellas style facebuster/hair slam wrestling
26 Oct 19, 05:59
Frankie: I finally, in years, came across some1 in wwe to catch my attention . Someone who has an oldschool american poster model style - big hats, 1950's glam. but sadly none of her wrestling caught me
25 Oct 19, 20:20
Frankie: yeah, same. even the mods and new sound clips of her in story mode aint getting me
24 Oct 19, 16:55
Kayleigh: i won't be wasting my money on it. I didn't buy last year's either. If they would just update her model. So lazy
22 Oct 19, 14:44
Frankie: [link] these 2k20 glitches make me feel better, :D its like yearly dlc not new games
22 Oct 19, 14:43
Frankie: yeah Im sure they take turns with it
6 Oct 19, 15:31
Kayleigh: Thank you and yes, but the entrance wasn't televised. There's only a small clip of them sitting ringside
5 Oct 19, 23:13
Frankie: [link] [link] [link]
5 Oct 19, 23:11
Frankie: ok, thnx. She was on a few indy utube iviews tho. they made an entrance together? Let me take a wild guess who's music was used
5 Oct 19, 16:08
Kayleigh: @Gill. I'll email you in just a bit. @Frankie Yeah, she was on Smackdown but I didn't see her on the Pre-Show.
5 Oct 19, 09:42
Gill: Kayleigh, Yes, my email is [email]
4 Oct 19, 23:21
Frankie: so she was on smackdown and some sort of preshow?
4 Oct 19, 15:23
Kayleigh: Do you have an email? I don't have a instagram or facebook account.
4 Oct 19, 08:22
Gill: Does it work on JPG images as well? Can you message me on how to do it? Find me on instagram.com/wweattitudeeraaddicts or click link in instagram bio and message me on my wwe facebook fan page.
3 Oct 19, 16:45
Gill: Can you message me on how to do it? Find me on insta at instagram.com/wweattitudeeraaddicts or click link in insta bio & message me on wwe facebook fan page.
30 Sep 19, 20:26
Kayleigh: @Frankie I saw. I was suprised to see it too. @Gill You have to change the url a bit. Please send me the link to a picture you would like of wwe.com first.
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