9 Feb 18, 16:23
Kayleigh: I love those candid shots
9 Feb 18, 16:23
Kayleigh: oh, yes. ^^ Thanks for that.
8 Feb 18, 15:49
Frankie: I rely on u for the high(est) res pics; am not good about finding that stuff. Heres some fan cams [link]
8 Feb 18, 09:17
Kayleigh: Kind of sucks
8 Feb 18, 09:16
Kayleigh: This, that first picture of Amy doing the twist of fate, where did that come from, it wasn't on wwe.com; [link]
8 Feb 18, 09:15
Kayleigh: I know. I don't even know where that photo originaly came from. That's the highest quality and source.
7 Feb 18, 11:28
Frankie: thnx. whoev took that group RR pic, trying to save HDD space? jeez
4 Feb 18, 14:36
Kayleigh: Anytime. Here's the video. She's in it a couple times throughout the whole video; [link]
4 Feb 18, 11:57
Frankie: [link]
4 Feb 18, 11:57
Frankie: thnx. Took me awhile to get it from there b4 realizing its on utube, altho the other is higher res. can I get the link and the time frame for this [link]
3 Feb 18, 15:44
Kayleigh: No. That's from wwe.com; [link]
3 Feb 18, 14:53
Frankie: @kayleigh: this from a longer/more hq vid - [link] ?
3 Feb 18, 14:51
Frankie: yeah, make a ebay alert for it too
2 Feb 18, 17:05
Kayleigh: Your best bet it so keep your eyes open on ebay.com. That's the one place you will probably find one of them.
1 Feb 18, 14:55
Luchablonde: I put a link of that kind of shirt.. [link]
1 Feb 18, 14:55
Luchablonde: [link]
1 Feb 18, 14:55
Luchablonde: Hi Guys! How is everyone going? I have a question.. i‘m Looking for so long for Lita shirt that I can’t find anywhere.. it’s so she’s To find.. someday know anything where I can buy it?
1 Feb 18, 00:06
Frankie: thnx. sure
31 Jan 18, 17:34
Kayleigh: Yes. Just the rumble. I have a request. Would you please send it to me. I've been having a hard time getting it. :(
31 Jan 18, 17:07
Guest: @Frankie Just the rumble.
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