23 Jul 19, 21:56
Frankie: I'm sorry but her last liked tweet is hilarious to me - ppl being triggered over a diet bar sample shipped along w/ their plus-sized clothing orders. Lol
22 Jul 19, 23:23
Frankie: I'd only want the 1. Be nice to bookend it with the esse era figure
21 Jul 19, 16:21
Kayleigh: I guess it's suppose to be a battle pack with her and Trish
20 Jul 19, 17:44
Frankie: well we know now its new, just debuted at SDCC
18 Jul 19, 23:54
Frankie: the scan on that is not bad... IDK I don't follow the action figs. Nothing online about it
18 Jul 19, 23:52
Frankie: Maybe that was the company admitting that she was Soo over that the wins she got was the minimum for some1 like that.
18 Jul 19, 17:09
Kayleigh: Did they never release it?
18 Jul 19, 17:08
Kayleigh: This is the new one. [link]
18 Jul 19, 17:08
Kayleigh: A new action figure too. Whatever happend to the last one? [link]
18 Jul 19, 17:06
Kayleigh: They didn't even fit me somewhat nice. Way to big.
18 Jul 19, 17:05
Kayleigh: I like how they finally started making shirts for girls too. I never liked wearing guys shirts as a wwe fan. I always wanted one fit for girls.
18 Jul 19, 17:02
Kayleigh: It has something to do with her return in 2003. Even though I believe her entire career counts.....
18 Jul 19, 17:02
Kayleigh: This one; [link]
18 Jul 19, 15:22
Frankie: I have the flaming heart 1 but never understood the "but this time it counts" phrase on there. Whats that even mean?
18 Jul 19, 15:19
Frankie: What design? & Amy modeled for the latest 2k game & not many ppl like the render choice on that
18 Jul 19, 13:32
Kayleigh: To be honest I'm not a fan of any of those shirts. I do have the one wwe.com has with the black, pink, and yellow. I love that shirt.
18 Jul 19, 00:53
Frankie: I just really don't like the depiction then
18 Jul 19, 00:01
adam: She did model for photo, that is Amy.
17 Jul 19, 16:08
Frankie: Any1 like her new sci-fi shirt? I think the face is off & there's no tattoo. The model could've been for someone else & just aped poorly for her
17 Jul 19, 16:06
Frankie: Yeah I think so
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