1 Apr 20, 18:15
Kayleigh: Yeah. I get it.
1 Apr 20, 12:23
Frankie: & left. It ain't like Trish' retirement win over Lita for the belt, where she may have wanted to lose to Lita but mgmt wanted her to win
1 Apr 20, 12:21
Frankie: ..she wouldn't lose to Lita cuz she could "beat her up when she was 12" , doesn't matter if that's kayfabe or drugs talking. Chyna quit WWE right after the match so she could've done the job (lost)...
1 Apr 20, 12:17
Frankie: I don't think it matters whether or not it was to appease Chyna on her way out out for the HHH/Stephanie relationship or for any other reason. Chyna stood to benefit and she always said..
1 Apr 20, 09:31
Kayleigh: Wow. I wonder why they changed it.
31 Mar 20, 16:30
Frankie: in the book "100 Things Wwe Fans Should Know" by BryanAlvarez&LanceStorm, its confirmed that Lita was supposed to defeat Chyna at that '01 ppv. gotta get that book just to scan that into image
28 Mar 20, 14:48
Frankie: ok
28 Mar 20, 13:33
Kayleigh: Yup
28 Mar 20, 13:03
Frankie: contact@amy-dumas . org
28 Mar 20, 13:02
Frankie: is email: [email] ?
28 Mar 20, 12:40
Kayleigh: Ha. Anyway to steal money.
28 Mar 20, 00:55
Frankie: the cost is cheap but I refuse that kind or horrid customer service
28 Mar 20, 00:54
Frankie: well I can't sign up anymore cuz the owner sperged out on me for complaining that there was no cancel membership feature & didn't answer emails to cancel, & thus charged me
27 Mar 20, 20:35
Kayleigh: Can't seem to find it anymore.
25 Mar 20, 13:02
Frankie: that utube channel I said awhile ago that looked like it was ok'd by the prod company to upload is it
25 Mar 20, 10:00
Kayleigh: It's called "land of enchantment"
24 Mar 20, 16:40
Frankie: Sure. The latest gallery update or is there one after that?
23 Mar 20, 15:45
Kayleigh: @Frankie. If you ever come across the latest episode of the ufo sho, could you please let me know
19 Mar 20, 15:20
Kayleigh: Thank you.
18 Mar 20, 18:58
Frankie: FYI - there's a chrome extension app called "IG Stories for Instagram" that can dl IG stories and the live IG videos that last less than a day
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