21 May 20, 16:32
Kayleigh: Gotcha. I don't have a instagram, just a twitter to promote some things for the site. Alex's instagram is here; [link]
21 May 20, 14:56
Gill: just looking for photos for my Trish & Lita facebook page. needing the photo credits
21 May 20, 14:55
Gill: in the photos from Smackdown on Fox from 4th October, you credit someone called Alex, do they have instagram?
21 May 20, 14:48
Gill: do you have instagram? If you do, I will check out your insta page
20 May 20, 17:05
Kayleigh: Not usually. I'm lucky enough to find certain ones. I find photos all over, hours of searching over the years. It had to have been a instagram page. If I find it again, I will post it
20 May 20, 15:11
Gill: Do you have a list of sources you use to get photos? Looking for JMH photos from the Royal Rumble 2018 photos you posted.
18 May 20, 15:44
Kayleigh: Got it. Thanks
18 May 20, 13:47
Gill: on the front page, you put Amy wrestled with WWE from 2000 to 2007. Her last match was 2006 Survivor Series. So you need to change your bio on the website's main page
14 May 20, 08:55
Frankie: yeah same
13 May 20, 17:08
Kayleigh: I think she worded it well. I agree. The same reason I liked Amy right away.
11 May 20, 15:05
Frankie: yw. this was nice - [link]
11 May 20, 14:01
Kayleigh: Right. Thank you.
3 May 20, 01:21
Frankie: probably from the IG himself. BigVito wrestled as TheSkull. and I recall her taking a piledriver from that name as her 1st thing there
2 May 20, 20:20
Kayleigh: Never seen it before
2 May 20, 20:20
Kayleigh: Was that taken from a book or something?
2 May 20, 10:09
Frankie: wow always looked for video of this - [link]
24 Apr 20, 09:38
Kayleigh: Cool and yes, nothing.
23 Apr 20, 17:27
Frankie: whichever one covers tough enough. Have you checked the previous ones (eps 1-4) ?
22 Apr 20, 12:41
Kayleigh: Oh. Is she in the next episode of ruthless aggression too?
21 Apr 20, 18:11
Frankie: oh that was just the preview for next eps, nvm
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