24 Jan 20, 16:21
Kayleigh: I've been keeping an eye out for that dvd. No luck. Agreed
8 Jan 20, 14:36
Frankie: Anyone see the liked tweet from wwe Paige? There's nothing to disagree with except the I was young/dumb-at-the-time general argument. Cant refer to something in your 20's while still having yrs left
6 Jan 20, 19:14
Frankie: anyone know if the BestFriendsRivals is on wwenetwork?
31 Dec 19, 07:02
yeans: i send my upscale collection to your mail. don't remove original file if you have. i believe that in a future ai upscale will make look better.
29 Dec 19, 15:33
Kayleigh: Looks good. Wish there was more HQ photos of her
23 Dec 19, 07:29
yeans: i change old lita pics to look cool. it not work 100% with all pics but fantastic. this is original [link] / upscale [link]
6 Dec 19, 14:44
Kayleigh: Agreed
4 Dec 19, 19:24
Frankie: Hope so too. Not holding my breath, u know how much more wwe favored. There's no single accolade they haven't tried to do more and first with her over Lita
4 Dec 19, 16:52
Kayleigh: I hope they make a WWE24 on Lita. I feel it would be wrong since both her and Trish were such a big part of the women's division.
30 Nov 19, 14:50
Kayleigh21: Awesome. Thank you
30 Nov 19, 00:46
Frankie: I prefer to get it from the official site, but they're still pulling a hide-the-cancel-subscription-option so you have to stay a member until they get back to you bs
30 Nov 19, 00:44
Frankie: utube channel "Alita"
29 Nov 19, 15:27
Kayleigh: I have one more request, do you have the new UFOSHO episode or know how to get it?
23 Nov 19, 14:55
Kayleigh: Thank you and yeah, we'll see.
23 Nov 19, 13:31
Frankie: yeah. gonna buy a cameo vid? looked it up there's a ton of ppl on there from 15min-realityTV ppl to top athletes
21 Nov 19, 18:20
Kayleigh: Ha. Do you have the download?
19 Nov 19, 21:36
Frankie: that wweRideaAlong ep.. to this day I dislike Trish the more I have to see of her
1 Nov 19, 18:52
Frankie: yeah.. that really sums it up
1 Nov 19, 14:42
Kayleigh: once**
1 Nov 19, 14:42
Kayleigh: I completly get it. There hasn't been anyone since I stopped watching wrestling that caught mine. Not that I dislike all of them but nobody worth watching. It's okay though, glad wrestling was fun onc
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