21 Mar 19, 23:04
Kayleigh: That's what I thought
21 Mar 19, 18:55
Frankie: yw. finally a new appearance
22 Feb 19, 10:09
Kayleigh: Thanks for that. Didn't know about that date. Yes. I agree
19 Feb 19, 16:06
Frankie: yeah Im sure I was suprised seeing a behindthescenes of her 1st post injury appearance. Seems like the paraplegic fans were comforting to her
18 Feb 19, 22:45
Kayleigh: I need the original recording of so many episodes.
18 Feb 19, 22:44
Kayleigh: Yeah. Superstars in really rare. I've never seen the one from June 22, 2002. I only have the second part from that episode. That was such a rough time for her
18 Feb 19, 12:21
Frankie: know if theres anything missing from those from the original broadcast?
18 Feb 19, 10:54
Frankie: the ones the recap clip shows (superstars, etc.) are even harder and less likely to ever be on wwenetw
18 Feb 19, 10:53
Frankie: I'll check with mine
18 Feb 19, 10:25
Kayleigh: Those were always the more rare videos to find.
18 Feb 19, 10:24
Kayleigh: I know there's quite a bit. I def don't know them all. I have a few here; [link]
18 Feb 19, 07:40
Frankie: & 06/22/02
18 Feb 19, 07:36
Frankie: 02/22/03 WWEconfidential is on wwenetwork; do any of the rest have any appearances?
15 Feb 19, 10:00
Kayleigh: I know.
10 Feb 19, 21:43
Frankie: yeah, but in all this time, this is like what the 2nd head-scratcher decision she's made. thats pretty amazing
10 Feb 19, 17:36
Kayleigh: That's why I hate all that political stuff
10 Feb 19, 08:16
Frankie: whoa she's getting lit up for her recent political tweet. its literally fakenews and her comicbook buddy is soon to be proven wrong in court about comicsgate
10 Feb 19, 08:14
Frankie: ok I just wanna be sure that wwenetwork is the only source
7 Feb 19, 21:41
Kayleigh: I'm not sure. I know the recent evolution was only released on dvd. Not sure why they did that
7 Feb 19, 10:43
Frankie: can any of her recent (past 2 years) ppv appearances be found on blu ray? RR can in uk release but the others?
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