1 Apr 10, 22:25
aldi dip****dawg: awesome web...
1 Apr 10, 22:24
aldi dip****dawg: cewl web....!!! keep rawkin
24 Jan 10, 11:25
ForInSaneHuman: Hi Aaron, our things will be ready for sales in Apr 10 at Parco Millenia Walk!!
11 Jan 10, 02:26
aaron: just wanted to check if you are already retailing your pieces? thanks!
11 Nov 09, 03:17
forinsanehuman: HI Nicole... LOL... thanks for the mentioning us on ur blog!!!
9 Nov 09, 23:29
nicolethen: hey TERRY :) Nice job with the designs. haha, yes i'm guessing i took a picture of u? haha. yes i know it was ur design! it's really COOL. the whole article is up now :) that was just the draft u saw
24 Sep 09, 17:02
ForInSaneHuman: Hi Shaman, that was the promotion give away for the company launch... it is SOLELY used for accessory... It was suppose to be glue together to prevent anyone from using it...
22 Sep 09, 21:40
shaman: Out of concern, will just like to enquire if the Terumo hypodermic syringes are used as a medical product or it's just simply a fashion accessory. Coz one was found with my sibling.......
29 Aug 09, 14:45
ForInSaneHuman: Currently we are not selling bags, but we wil be selling them as soon as we find suitable ones. And we will update everyone one this.
29 Aug 09, 13:51
sandra: wat types of bags will u see selling???
19 Jul 09, 18:43
prinya: keeep up the work dude, im sure you'll do well!
5 Jun 09, 00:03
ForInSaneHuman: Thanks... We will be doing so basic stuff, like Bags and Scarf... should be doing some leather bracelets and such soon...
3 Jun 09, 18:30
X: so looking forward for the men's wear =D btw what kinda accessories? for men? ladies?