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29 Sep 18, 08:53 AM
The SmallBall Helper: The team Skins has been doing it for years
29 Sep 18, 08:53 AM
The SmallBall Helper: I am also having the same loader issues and the webpage seems to be running slow as well. Very frustrating and would appreciate this getting looked into. Have to open and close it like 3 times just for it to load.
29 Sep 18, 08:26 PM
Xavier: Running really really slow. Lost track of the amount of times I had to open and close the soccer trainer just for it to open. When it did open either connection timed out when trying to train, no skill was burning, or connection timed out.
30 Sep 18, 08:03 PM
SnowBeast65: I have been having the same issues as well for almost a week. The website connections have been hit and miss and lots of disconnects during trying and failures trying to connect through the loader.
1 Oct 18, 07:13 AM
Xavier: Ran perfect yesterday. Now slow slow again….
1 Oct 18, 11:41 AM
The SmallBall Helper: Need to contact the host provider to see what is going on with this. Has to be something on their end that needs to be fixed.
4 Oct 18, 05:43 AM
Xavier: Running really slow again. Frustrating when teams playing well! Please can get this looked into further?
6 Oct 18, 09:57 AM
martin: Regular season of SCL Season 65 ends tonight at 11pm central. Good luck!
6 Oct 18, 08:13 PM
martin: Congrats to Alabama who finishes SCL Season 65 atop the RPI rankings! Congrats also to our regular season conference champions - ACC - Virginia Tech, IW - North Texas, IE - Cincinnati, PAC - UCLA, SEC - Alabama
6 Oct 18, 08:16 PM
martin: Conference Tournaments begin Monday, check forum for details.
7 Oct 18, 09:57 AM
Xavier: New season??
7 Oct 18, 05:00 PM
Xavier: Thank you!
9 Oct 18, 03:42 AM
martin: PAC12 full of upsets ... follow conference tournament action on the forum.
11 Oct 18, 07:41 PM
martin: Congrats to our conference champions - North Carolina, North Texas, Xavier, Stanford, and LSU! Regionals begin Friday!
12 Oct 18, 07:05 AM
martin: SCL Regionals start today. Check forum for details!
14 Oct 18, 08:13 PM
The SmallBall Helper: Best team I have ever assembled just hit 10*. Took about three months. :biggrin:
14 Oct 18, 08:30 PM
The SmallBall Helper: But if you subtract the timeframe of getting the players I wanted, it took about a month and a half.
18 Oct 18, 06:32 AM
Rainbow Six: How often do you guys use tickets?
18 Oct 18, 05:50 PM
martin: Congrats to the 8 teams advancing from Super Regionals to the World Series! Series starts next Tuesday, for more info, see the forum!
20 Oct 18, 11:41 PM
The SmallBall Helper: Double digit teams and back at number three. :biggrin: