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7 Jun 18, 05:40 PM
martin: Yes, just waiting for you to join!
8 Jun 18, 07:00 AM
The SmallBall Helper: When you open and train a team to 10* without using any tickets (rookies/lefties/QTs/Stadiums) but you can’t get out of PL3. The struggle is real!
9 Jun 18, 01:00 PM
martin: SCL College World Series starts today! Check forum for details!
12 Jun 18, 06:19 AM
Xavier: No, thanks. It’s already a struggle just go get 9 games played in a season.
13 Jun 18, 12:19 PM
brabus: @martin Please, provide me the link to the Conference's forum topic!
13 Jun 18, 03:18 PM
The SmallBall Helper: You need a registered account of the forums to view the SCL portion: http://www.smallball.org/forumdisplay.php/51-Smallball-College-League-SCL
13 Jun 18, 03:45 PM
brabus: Thanks!
13 Jun 18, 04:16 PM
martin: Thanks SBHelper. We have reached the SCL World Series final - North Carolina vs UCLA. Also, taking signups for Season 64 at the link above.
13 Jun 18, 05:20 PM
SeptemberCallUps: September 1st... I will be calling them up... Brace yourselves
13 Jun 18, 06:36 PM
Wiley: Ohhh I know that bravado ;lol
13 Jun 18, 07:03 PM
SeptemberCallUps: Do you now?
13 Jun 18, 07:38 PM
Xavier: The Chicago Mob is back :o
14 Jun 18, 06:31 AM
martin: Time for the N*S Army ...
15 Jun 18, 06:00 AM
martin: Congrats to UCLA, SCL Season 63 CWS Champion! To play in Season 64, sign up now on the forum!
17 Jun 18, 01:39 PM
brabus: Hello Guys. I have a question. Pitcher Skill grow up while training or playing games?
17 Jun 18, 01:39 PM
brabus: Oh, another one. Throw Skill matters in a pitcher?
17 Jun 18, 04:04 PM
julias: Throwing skill and pitching is one of those things that is a controversial topic. But personally, I believe it helps. Unless you have available training potential with passive training on (that is not advisable), played games will slowly decrees pitch speed.
17 Jun 18, 04:06 PM
brabus: @julias Oh I see. Thanks Julias.
17 Jun 18, 07:05 PM
martin: @brabus - here's a couple of good discussions on pitching. In DT: http://www.smallball.org/showthread.php/18118-Pitcher-Training?highlight=pitching+skill ... and ST: http://www.smallball.org/showthread.php/6786-Ultimate-Standard-Trainer-Guide?highlight=guide ... hope they help!
19 Jun 18, 05:12 PM
brabus: @martin Thanks martin, I had read it before and it helps me a lot!