4 Jan 15, 21:30
Gameidiot: portal game easy baru
23 Nov 14, 20:28
nicky: iPad Air 2 launched
20 Apr 14, 21:24
Irene Swastiwi: Ping, I just deactivated my blogspot acc and made a new one hehe :P
22 Mar 14, 15:02
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
2 Dec 13, 21:46
pingkan: new posts! haha trimakasih banyak nossss :) hehe
1 Dec 13, 21:24
Noska: Hai Pingkan, blognya bagus :) Gue menikmati saat-saat membacanya lho hehe. Ditunggu lagi post-post berikutnya ya :glad:
30 Nov 13, 22:38
pingkan: thanks for the visit, all :)
30 Nov 13, 22:38
pingkan: hahaha last grade, thanks ANGGIA :)
27 Nov 13, 23:40
Anggia: Hi, you have a nice blog :) I've heard about your school and it was cool enough for seniorhigh level. What grade are you & what you feel while school at there? Sorry if i ask too much, nice to meetya
27 Nov 13, 18:08
Nial: hi, visit me if you dont mind :)
20 Nov 13, 21:32
gabe: come increase your traffic
19 Nov 13, 18:39
Jane: what a nice blog you have :)
19 Nov 13, 17:04
Dani: why?? was your boyfriend left you or something? i'm dani just some stranger that want to have some chat with another stranger, or maybe someone that i know? who knows ;-)
18 Nov 13, 21:38
pingkan: hahaha maybe, it was. tbh, the latest one wasn't belong to whom u said "lucky guy" HAHAHA. i write coz i want to, just it. hey, who r u?
14 Nov 13, 18:34
Dani: You're welcome :) He must be really special for you, and what a lucky guy he is, has a girl that admire him so much :)
12 Nov 13, 22:51
pingkan: just visited urs ZEZEN :)
12 Nov 13, 22:49
pingkan: thankyou whoever u are DANI :) hahaha tbh yeah u're not wrong at all. hey, me too!
5 Nov 13, 19:10
Dani: what a nice blog you have, some words that describe what you feel and what you are. your latest poetry, you are in some kind of lovesick aren't you? haha sorry for my rudeness, nice to meet you :-)
1 Oct 13, 08:09
zezen: hello.. come to my blog too :D
30 Sep 13, 10:45
Hana Chaca: Hi, I like your blog,.. :) I follow..
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