21 May 13, 07:57
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14 Nov 09, 01:27
Rolls (OTFL) Royce: HAHAHA I just had to come back and laugh at these pics again! Loves it!
5 Nov 09, 22:56
RO(TFL)yce: OmgomgHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Fudged Myself AHHAHAA. this is so payback from evonne for tat comment jimbo. i cant stop... LAughing!
19 Oct 09, 20:07
Jimbo: lol, wtf, thats the ugliest case of evonnator ever! hahaha!
6 Oct 09, 12:15
Eve: OMG please don't... LOL that's a horrifying thought
5 Oct 09, 23:18
Royce*: I love it, I can't help staring at the combo creature. It's like, I might tap evonne on the shoulders from behind, then she turns around..GYAAAAH!
5 Oct 09, 22:43
Eve: It did more than wake me up when I first saw it hahaha!
5 Oct 09, 14:30
Julie: HAHA! That (partial) pic of Eve woke me up!
5 Oct 09, 14:11
Eve: boing boing boing...
16 Sep 09, 00:02
Royce ♛: Just to keep this box from shutting down.
7 Jul 09, 12:19
Shawn: Nostalgia oozes out of my lcd monitor...
28 May 09, 09:53
Eve: yay! At least someone else other than myself actually visit this blog!
27 May 09, 22:25
JT: YAY!!! new chatbox!!! :D
27 May 09, 18:48
Eve: A brand new chatbox for everyone to use