11 Feb 18, 10:16
3r1c: Jarvis - my wife company paid for all the shipping..lhehe..so i have no idea how much it cost..
10 Feb 18, 22:13
Jarvis: Hey Eric. How did you ship the large items from UK? Appreciate if you share. Will be going to UK and looking to buy some car parts for an ongoing project
8 Feb 18, 10:31
3r1c: Jagged - U can try SHHProshop, or Tyrespec at Berakas..they regularly change suspension for their customer for aftermarket suspension
7 Feb 18, 14:52
Jagged: Hi 3ric, can you recommend me some workshop you would trust to install lowering springs on your Porsche or any euro/brit cars?
31 Jan 18, 12:53
Lengzai: J - 2426205
31 Jan 18, 08:29
J: Thanks Lengzai. Anyone has a Jeep dealer number?
28 Jan 18, 12:52
Lengzai: Can't speak for range rover but my 2013 Jeep SRT8 has been holding up very well with no issues whatsoever. You go through tires quite quickly though. And brakes
28 Jan 18, 12:44
J: Got a question to the lurkers here. Reliability of the range rover and jeep SRT. Good?
22 Jan 18, 15:11
salmonh: thanks alot eric.
22 Jan 18, 09:33
3RIC: salmonh - not sure about the latest x6 price but it was abour 150-160k a few years ago
20 Jan 18, 10:27
salmonh: Any idea on the price of Bmw x6 in brunei? what variants available?
19 Jan 18, 18:56
3RIC: 392- If the caliper is yellow then its the trackhawk...srt has the red caliper
19 Jan 18, 18:56
3RIC: 392 - very easy to differenticate a trackhawk n a normal SRT
19 Jan 18, 18:07
392: was it the Trackhawk that was used by our HM for Friday prayers today??
17 Jan 18, 23:09
3RIC: steven - i got 3 choices for my w210..my usual workplace at kilanas..2nd MBStar in Tungkulink..or Mok at Berakas..still deciding
17 Jan 18, 15:48
Steven: 3ric - Thanks. Any workshops in particular you recommend?
17 Jan 18, 15:16
3RIC: steven - it all also depend on the condition of the car body... mine has lots of ding and dents..n require lots of minor repair...
17 Jan 18, 15:15
3RIC: Steven - a workshop with ovenbake u will expect minimum 1800 to highest 3000... i got a quote for my w210..ovenbaked at 1800..another trusted workshop quote me 2800..
17 Jan 18, 10:56
Steven: Hi 3ric. Where would you recommend for respray a whole car? I have a project car ML350. wanna change colour. Also, around how much should I expect to pay?
15 Jan 18, 19:30
JH: Thanks guys ! Need it for my 2016 E300.
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