9 Dec 17, 21:11
3RIC: B - i was told next year arrive in Brunei..prob April or earlier
9 Dec 17, 21:11
3RIC: j7 - u know RAMBO exhaust in GADONG..?? is directly opposite LEXUS showroom
9 Dec 17, 21:11
3RIC: ji - yea i know
4 Dec 17, 00:25
B: Hi Eric. Do Trackhawks reach Brunei already?
3 Dec 17, 15:57
j7: can i know the location for the place u sent ur alternator fix/repair?
3 Dec 17, 14:24
ji: btw the new prototype tesla roadster remind me of alfa romeo 8c and 4c
3 Dec 17, 14:20
ji: 3RIC- true, bit weird due to soundless, use to hear engine growling all the time. I think lambo terzo milennio will beat it by 1.0 sec 0-100kph
1 Dec 17, 20:34
3RIC: B - fastest car in the world
1 Dec 17, 20:33
3RIC: ji - is fast but lack soul
1 Dec 17, 20:33
3RIC: skyboy - don think there is one for sale..even if there is probably would be snap up immediately by someone...lol
25 Nov 17, 10:23
B: ji - 1.9 sec to 100km/h. Sonic fast. Haha
24 Nov 17, 21:20
ji: that new tesla roadster tho, im sold lol
21 Nov 17, 21:20
Skyboy: Hey. Do you happen to know any Supra owners that is considering to sell their Supra?
19 Nov 17, 16:43
3RIC: milo -go to ah mok...he is at berakas..same simpang as bengkel..but instead of turn left to bengkel..u turn right n go straight in n there is a workshop there..
19 Nov 17, 16:42
3RIC: jason - on ebay...lol...
17 Nov 17, 11:56
Milo: hi bro. do you know any good place that does paint touch ups? its just for a minor rear bumper scratch.
15 Nov 17, 22:19
jason: eric where did ur order ur union jack accessories for your r60? the center console.
13 Nov 17, 22:37
Fn2r: @lengzai theres an instagram called nsxbrunei. U can contact them. Theyre very informative & helpful
5 Nov 17, 20:26
3RIC: pulsar - haha 50k is too much for a korean car..ppl can just buy a vw gti
5 Nov 17, 20:25
3RIC: lengzai - i guess any good electrician ...?
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