26 Jun 18, 07:15
Zaki: Hello, which branch of Singapore Motor is this? My 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee is having alternator problem and I cannot get parts anymore. Tq
26 Jun 18, 07:14
Zaki: Hi there, my jeep grand cherokee 1997 model also having alternator problem and manufacturer dont make the parts anymore. Can the Singapore Motor fix any kind of alternator? Which branch is this? Tq
20 Jun 18, 15:06
JD: Hello, wanna ask what's the legal requirement on white headlights & spot lights because I am thinking of changing my car's normal headlights bulb from yellow to white.
26 May 18, 09:18
3r1C: eish - prob the royal family member will have a few in the garage..m760 gonna cost an arm n leg..lol
22 May 18, 20:02
eish: will give that try after raya.. would be interesting to drive the lambo.. short circuit though
22 May 18, 20:02
eish: https://www.buyagift.co.uk/driving-experiences/supercars?Channel=PPC&cm_mmc=google-_-DRV+-+Supercars+-+Exact-_-DRV+-+Supercars+-+Exact+-+%28Supercars+Drive%29-_-drive%20a%20supercar&mkwid=sC9M9Y3ia_dc
22 May 18, 19:45
eish: love the m760li with all the tech and v12 engine!. have u spotted a few in brunei?
11 May 18, 08:04
3r1C: Steven - no process..just install it..lol.. kena caught then handle later..
11 May 18, 08:00
3r1C: Eish - anything modded to the car not certified by a engineered and JPD is consider illegal..
9 May 18, 11:45
Steven: 3r1C - What about body kits / wheels? Are they legal? I'm working on getting an AMG body kit and wheels for my ML. What process should I go through?
8 May 18, 17:19
Eish: Seriously?even if the car is professionally tuned?
8 May 18, 13:57
3r1C: eish - the law in brunei is "IT'S ILLEGAL TO MOD YOUR CAR"
7 May 18, 16:59
eish: whats the law in brunei re professionally tuned car?
7 May 18, 16:25
eish: http://www.litchfieldmotors.com/nissan-gtr/stage-upgrades
1 May 18, 09:55
C20: 3r1C - The monitor screen but usually is the whole thing need to change (Mercedes Benz E240 speedometer)
1 May 18, 09:18
3r1C: kevin - there might be a few for sell in used car dealer..or u can just order one from used car..they import japan
1 May 18, 09:17
3r1C: eish - 2 different car..lol...m4 is pure track performance..and i8 is more of a technology showcase for fuel efficiency
1 May 18, 09:17
3r1C: ji - hmm...not bad..not really diggin the rear end
1 May 18, 09:16
3r1C: julz - u shud ..it really work
1 May 18, 09:16
3r1C: eish - u r welcome !
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