21 Oct 17, 08:53
DrReff: 3ric - Yup, my 1st choice new XV 32k, Vitara 28k, Sportage around 27k, not sure if its worth it to go for the new XV
20 Oct 17, 18:22
3ric: DrReff - Suzuki Ignis, MazdaCX3..unless u r going for used market..30k is pretty tight for suv
20 Oct 17, 10:26
DrReff: Hi Eric, any suggestion for SUV or mini SUV under 30 k? :D
17 Oct 17, 08:18
3ric: AL3F - yes i bought it at AutoPro..but most tyres shop can get it for u
17 Oct 17, 08:17
3ric: pulsar - my friend told me the red and blue 2.3 ecoboost already sold..GT is still available n now on display at gadong
15 Oct 17, 21:35
AL3F: @3ric saw u get the parada tyres for srt at tyrepro. Are they the same as Autopro?
15 Oct 17, 19:16
pulsar: yeah true around that price range but this price seriously too expensive
15 Oct 17, 17:01
3ric: pulsar - a reasonable price for a mustang GT V8 is about 59k~65k..this are official prices from Ford Australia
15 Oct 17, 17:00
3ric: skyboy - is a r34 with malaysian plate owned by a local bruneian...
15 Oct 17, 17:00
3ric: skyboy - there are only 1 official imported R34 GTR in Brunei from a friend of mine..yes the blue color R34 gtr is in Brunei but is not a brunei license plate..
15 Oct 17, 16:59
3ric: skyboy - it was for sale in facebook for BND39K but the post has been removed..
15 Oct 17, 12:26
pulsar: in US the car cost $25,585. here in brunei cost 88k for the normal one oooh god why.. if its around 40 to 50k that would be the reasonable price
15 Oct 17, 12:24
pulsar: yeah too over price for a cheap car cost in america tbh
15 Oct 17, 10:17
Skyboy: How many GTR R34 are there in brunei anyways? Automagination just posted a blue one. looks nice.
15 Oct 17, 10:17
Skyboy: oh, there is someone selling a GTT now? where can I find ?
15 Oct 17, 10:16
Skyboy: Okay i understand about not putting a RB26 into the GTT. im not saying to make the GTT to be like a GTR because it cant. But just saying for a better engine and 6 speed.
14 Oct 17, 23:49
3ric: julz - yes it does come with drift button..
14 Oct 17, 23:49
3ric: pulsar - yes it is.. ridiculously over price for both ecoboost n gt
14 Oct 17, 18:19
julz: i wish ford bring i ford mustang gt350,that is more bad*** and no mode needed
14 Oct 17, 18:17
julz: eric,does the rs in brunei have the drift mode?
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