12 Aug 17, 09:54
3ric: steven - haha so true n so sad
12 Aug 17, 09:54
3ric: ji - i m not sure y but i m not surprise..haha
12 Aug 17, 08:34
Steven: Wow Huracan at 380k with only delivery miles is pretty sweet. Still too expensive for most of us here though haha
10 Aug 17, 21:22
ji: 3ric- any idea why porsche always come on top in german TUV annual report ?
10 Aug 17, 20:25
3ric: boss - yeap i know..thx for sharing..
10 Aug 17, 20:24
3ric: knocturnal - good article there
10 Aug 17, 18:12
3ric: knocturnal - i know ferrari fx was the first to uses F1 pedal shifter on roadcar..but F1 car has been using it..we can call it a stepping stone for all f1 paddle shifter. :)
10 Aug 17, 12:02
knocturnal: here's gift for u eric https://www.theverge.com/2016/4/6/11371554/pininfarina-ferrari-fx-first-semi-automatic-transmission
10 Aug 17, 11:58
boss: http://www.rrsilverspirit.com/models/1996Buccaneer.htm#top for the rare bently that our sultan have
10 Aug 17, 11:54
knocturnal: and did u know 3ric semi-auto f1 style paddle shift its exist because our royal family spend tons of money to make it on their cars..try google ferrari fx william its only 6 in the world,no4 chassis currently own by meseum
10 Aug 17, 11:50
knocturnal: 3ric-its 850 gwidestar i-business i think its only three in the world right
9 Aug 17, 22:43
3ric: knocturnal - the tag said 800, no ?
9 Aug 17, 22:42
3ric: boss - yes we know..someone already posted tons of royal family supercar collecton in IG last month..including the buccaneer
9 Aug 17, 22:42
3ric: ji - i m not sure about that....have not seen a g squared with 6.5v12 online yet
9 Aug 17, 19:26
knocturnal: for the sultan brabus its nt 800,it brabus g850 widestar
9 Aug 17, 19:07
boss: that buccaneer own by royal google it,its only exist in brunei, and it cost £4mill 10years ago
9 Aug 17, 13:46
ji: 3ric- heard that g squared can be bought in swb,lwb and extra lwb plus engine also can change to 6.5 bi turbo v12, is it true ?
7 Aug 17, 14:51
3ric: B - yes i read that somewhere in IG.. its official our KIA dealer is bringing in Stinger!
6 Aug 17, 22:03
B: by*
6 Aug 17, 22:03
B: Eric, I heard Kia Stinger GT is arriving ny year's end.
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