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01/16/18 10:30 AM
BeenThere: $mydx
01/16/18 10:32 AM
SlikdARelic: $ehvvf gap up
01/16/18 10:47 AM
SlikdARelic: $rnva
01/16/18 12:50 PM
SlikdARelic: $ehvvf movin
01/16/18 07:43 PM
Kumo: $GMER hearing crypto coming in there. Only 28mm O/S and 3mm float
01/16/18 08:17 PM
SlikdARelic: niiice
01/17/18 10:24 AM
SlikdARelic: lets go my peeps!!!
01/17/18 10:34 AM
SlikdARelic: $fncx support level
01/17/18 10:41 AM
SlikdARelic: $rnva has news
01/17/18 11:14 AM
SlikdARelic: $eled out of nowhere in my portfolio.. i'll take it!!!
01/17/18 11:43 AM
SlikdARelic: $stva is waking up from the very bottom
01/17/18 11:44 AM
tympanogram: I tried to play $orpn this morning but couldn't get in...
01/17/18 11:46 AM
SlikdARelic: hen did u know about it? its been havin a slow rise on the charts for weeks i see
01/17/18 11:46 AM
SlikdARelic: when
01/17/18 11:46 AM
SlikdARelic: today was breakout day
01/17/18 11:47 AM
tympanogram: I caught wind this morning about .00001 seconds before it took off...
01/17/18 11:47 AM
SlikdARelic: lol..
01/17/18 11:47 AM
tympanogram: It only has around a million float...
01/17/18 11:47 AM
SlikdARelic: yea.. u shouldve been in that yesterday
01/17/18 11:48 AM
SlikdARelic: im hopin $rnva does that soon.. it has a similar chart
01/17/18 11:49 AM
SlikdARelic: and the RSI is creeping up..
01/17/18 11:50 AM
SlikdARelic: and the float is only 5.5mil..
01/17/18 12:11 PM
SlikdARelic: $clka..im havin a decent day so far.. lets see if they all can hold their positions!
01/17/18 12:56 PM
SlikdARelic: $twoh.. support level
01/17/18 01:02 PM
jay123: $MEDH
01/17/18 01:03 PM
jay123: noticing since last 2-3 days people accumalating at .03
01/17/18 01:03 PM
jay123: Silk what u think?
01/17/18 01:22 PM
SlikdARelic: i cant find a float count on it.. but where its at now looks like a support level.. i see it has a lil twitter buzz..
01/17/18 01:23 PM
tympanogram: $medh has 41 million shares outstanding, but I can't see the float either
01/17/18 01:24 PM
SlikdARelic: yea.. i seen that part too
01/17/18 01:24 PM
tympanogram: $srmx left the station without me too...
01/17/18 01:24 PM
SlikdARelic: $ohrp might be makin that move.. i brought it up yesterday'
01/17/18 01:28 PM
SlikdARelic: dont have the money i wanna have to take a chance on $ohrp.. but i really believe its gonna rebound.. any thoughts fellas?
01/17/18 01:28 PM
tympanogram: Not sure. I need to research it a bit
01/17/18 01:29 PM
tympanogram: It looks like the dumpathon on $zngy is over for the time being.
01/17/18 01:29 PM
SlikdARelic: i just know these pharmas dont stay down for long.. they go up n down all the time.. and they always have multiple things cookin
01/17/18 01:29 PM
SlikdARelic: it better be.. smh..
01/17/18 01:30 PM
tympanogram: For all those consecutive days of conversions, it held up pretty well.
01/17/18 01:32 PM
SlikdARelic: $rnva was at .031.. but damn.. these guys be sellin shares too early.. let the stock run till i say sell!!!
01/17/18 01:35 PM
tympanogram: :nuts:
01/17/18 01:43 PM
SlikdARelic: $dtst.. a bounce comin? showin a doji right now
01/17/18 01:45 PM
SlikdARelic: i screwed up on $zngy.. i couldve sold and made about $400.. and jumped back in lower than the first time.. smh
01/17/18 01:46 PM
SlikdARelic: when it spiked on jan. 10th.. i should jumped ship..
01/17/18 01:46 PM
SlikdARelic: shouldve
01/17/18 01:58 PM
Diddy: $SRMX
01/17/18 01:59 PM
tympanogram: I'm not chasing $srmx now.
01/17/18 01:59 PM
SlikdARelic: i havent found one of those in years.. that hold the candle steady like that
01/17/18 02:00 PM
Diddy: I tried to post it earlier at .003 was able to get some before the rush
01/17/18 02:00 PM
SlikdARelic: yea.. u definitely was supposed to be in that a few days ago Gram
01/17/18 02:01 PM
tympanogram: I was watching for a bit more pullback, the at&t news came out of nowhere...I was mesmerized elsewhere...
01/17/18 02:01 PM
SlikdARelic: lol.. :confused:
01/17/18 02:02 PM
SlikdARelic: if u couldve manage to get in at .0013, u wouldve been fine n dandy right now..
01/17/18 02:03 PM
Diddy: Yup
01/17/18 02:03 PM
SlikdARelic: $mmex dropped to support level
01/17/18 02:23 PM
tympanogram: got hype on $uatg, but not sure why
01/17/18 02:25 PM
tympanogram: $onci got a new nissan contract
01/17/18 02:32 PM
tympanogram: https://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=76491887&symbol=ONCI
01/17/18 03:40 PM
jay123: $swhi finally
01/17/18 09:06 PM
jtrader: Still in $AKER
01/17/18 09:06 PM
jtrader: I'm thinking of riding it out, want to see if it hits $1+
01/18/18 10:56 AM
Diddy: $SRMX
01/18/18 10:56 AM
Diddy: $NGTF
01/18/18 11:06 AM
Diddy: $NPHC news
01/18/18 11:20 AM
SlikdARelic: sup my peeps.. overslept dammit
01/18/18 11:21 AM
BeenThere: Dreamin abour all the money your makin lol
01/18/18 11:21 AM
SlikdARelic: luckily, my charts arestill doin good
01/18/18 11:21 AM
SlikdARelic: lol.. yea.. i guess so
01/18/18 11:29 AM
BeenThere: $lexg
01/18/18 11:50 AM
SlikdARelic: did lexg have a split or something? why am i only gettin 1 candle on the chart
01/18/18 11:56 AM
SlikdARelic: $stva gapped.. but i dont know wat to make of it.. limited activity if any
01/18/18 11:59 AM
BeenThere: $lexg looks fine to me no gap
01/18/18 12:01 PM
tricks4freee: $lexg was $lexgd for a spell after an r/s
01/18/18 12:01 PM
SlikdARelic: when did the r/s happen? last night?
01/18/18 12:03 PM
SlikdARelic: ok.. i see now.. no split, but a symbol change.. bcuz the price range is still the same
01/18/18 12:03 PM
tricks4freee: month or so ago
01/18/18 12:03 PM
SlikdARelic: they just picked up from yesterday with a different symbol
01/18/18 12:03 PM
SlikdARelic: ok.. thx
01/18/18 12:04 PM
SlikdARelic: theyre back in tank mode..
01/18/18 01:04 PM
tympanogram: $gmgi is tempting me
01/18/18 01:50 PM
SlikdARelic: that looks like it could be a long hold
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