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04/21/17 02:04 PM
PumpandDump: Are you listening? .. It's really easy..
04/21/17 02:05 PM
PumpandDump: $INMG .. We'll use this one as our example
04/21/17 02:05 PM
PumpandDump: Go on Investor Hub and type in the symbol.
04/21/17 02:05 PM
PumpandDump: Go to the top of the page where it says "TRADES"\
04/21/17 02:06 PM
PumpandDump: The stock was Dying out.. Nobody was bidding
04/21/17 02:06 PM
PumpandDump: Now look at the trade patten .. You'll have like 20-30-40 consecutive trades that happen within just a matter of minutes..
04/21/17 02:06 PM
PumpandDump: Most of them small
04/21/17 02:06 PM
PumpandDump: Most of them around the same number
04/21/17 02:07 PM
PumpandDump: Manyh of them ( as with this one) at the same exact amount and nearly the exact same time..
04/21/17 02:07 PM
PumpandDump: it's that easy folks.
04/21/17 02:07 PM
PumpandDump: Watch the trading patterns..
04/21/17 02:07 PM
PumpandDump: Sometimes they get slick and they will spread these mini trades out all throughout the day to make it not so conspicuous.
04/21/17 02:08 PM
PumpandDump: But generally, you'll see these small trading patterns erupt at some point to "encourage" trading.
04/21/17 02:08 PM
PumpandDump: They want to make you think that there's a LOT of people trading at one time.. It pushes up the trade volume and makes the stock appear to be a "hot commodity"..
04/21/17 02:09 PM
PumpandDump: Everytime the stock starts to level out, they will start a volume and trade pump pattern to encourage buying.
04/21/17 02:11 PM
PumpandDump: You can even follow most of the activity on several of a host of penny stock trading sites. Sometimes there's one person doing it and sometimes, you'll have more than one participant.
04/21/17 02:12 PM
PumpandDump: Generally , from what I've seen, it appears to be either a few people or at least 1 person using several screen names.
04/21/17 02:13 PM
PumpandDump: Either way, you have to be alert to this type of trading. You have to make sure that every single trade that you make , you are watching for volume spikes and then check it out meticulously before
04/21/17 02:13 PM
PumpandDump: Before you buy in , once the spike is over with generally the price will decline rapidly and you can get caught in the cross fire
04/21/17 02:22 PM
beng: Thanks P&P that really helps us newbies
04/21/17 02:22 PM
beng: sorry P&D
04/21/17 02:32 PM
PumpandDump: Don't get me wrong, you can make money on these but just know that when they are working their way up much more rapidly than most, that the buying is being
04/21/17 02:33 PM
PumpandDump: influenced. You can indeed make some very quick money from what is commonly called a Pump and Dump, but if you are new to this and you don't know when to get in and out, you can also lose your pants
04/21/17 02:34 PM
PumpandDump: You have to realize that they are running for a reason, and the price is also consistently being allowed to fall back to encourage selling
04/21/17 02:35 PM
PumpandDump: You will notice that it will usually happen several times as these stocks climax to their highest point. The question you have to ask yourself is, How much risk am I willing to take,
04/21/17 02:35 PM
PumpandDump: Should I buy back in when it starts to decline? will it fall all the way back to it's low levels or will it steady and climb again.
04/21/17 02:35 PM
PumpandDump: You can easily get caught in the cross hairs of these types of trades if you don't know when to get in and out and if you don't
04/21/17 02:36 PM
PumpandDump: understand the charts and patterns. Go on youtube and watch a lot of trading and investment videos on penny stock trading
04/21/17 02:37 PM
PumpandDump: There's several guys on there that will tell you all about how to watch for trends, how to look for declines . It takes some practice but I highly recommend
04/21/17 02:37 PM
PumpandDump: that if you are new to penny stock trading, you do it on a somewhat conservative level until you learn to watch the graphs and charts, watch the trading / buying and selling patterns
04/21/17 02:38 PM
PumpandDump: So you don't get discouraged and burned out. You can make a lot of money in penny stocks if you are cautious and you learn all you can about the gaps / patterns/ spikes/ watch the trading / compare
04/21/17 02:39 PM
PumpandDump: compare the buy in to the sell off. That's an easy one. Go back to that same chart and make sure the selling isn't massively out passing the buying.. It's that easy
04/21/17 02:41 PM
tricks4freee: beng ..dont b shy...if u had eyes on $blvd yday ...give it up!!! lol
04/21/17 02:49 PM
tricks4freee: $bldv sorry..dislexic mayb
04/21/17 05:10 PM
PumpandDump: You want to see an even better example of an UGLY , DESPERATE attempt to keep a Pump and Dump from tanking? Look at $RDAR on Investors Hub. Check out the trades , the timing, and the amounts.
04/21/17 05:10 PM
PumpandDump: Completely bogus numbers.
04/21/17 05:11 PM
PumpandDump: Maybe I shouldn't call it a Pump and Dump , the Company appears to actually be legit, it's the idiots on the site that are doing it..
04/21/17 05:21 PM
Tommyapodaca: $gthp has went up 4 days in a row
04/21/17 05:22 PM
Tommyapodaca: What does everyone think of the swing of $gthp
04/21/17 05:57 PM
MakingMoney101: @Amy Just got this in an email from $IBRC. Hope you guys and gals are still holding.
04/21/17 05:58 PM
MakingMoney101: They are going to release news of the merger details in the next 2 weeks! https://twitter.com/iBrandsCorp
04/21/17 07:59 PM
blkMaN: lol... P&D dropping the science on the pumper stocks
04/21/17 07:59 PM
blkMaN: niiiice!
04/23/17 06:23 PM
PumpandDump: blkMaN What's bad about it is, it's hard to know how long they will push it. When they will pull out completely. Unlike regular trends caused by regular buying and selling,
04/23/17 06:24 PM
PumpandDump: They do it intentionally to run up the price rapidly to ecourage buying, and they will pull out just as quickly many times as they see fit / see their opportunity fading and you can't pick that up
04/23/17 06:25 PM
PumpandDump: on an investment chart. That's why so many new investors get hung out to dry. It also hurts legitimate companies a lot because people don't know what to look for when a legitimate company price
04/23/17 06:27 PM
PumpandDump: starts to rise. Unless they get online and watch the buying and selling and learn to see these irregularities in the buying / selling and volume, well you get burned a lot. . I did myself early on.
04/23/17 06:28 PM
PumpandDump: As many of us know, It's not above and beyond pumpers to fake headlines and "interviews" and everything else. You have to get info from the company's own sites. Facebook pages, twitter sites, Company
04/23/17 06:29 PM
PumpandDump: web page. That's what I do. If it's something I hear someone repeating I don't pay any attention unless it has a direct link to a Companies own web page. Twitter and Facebook can come in handy
04/23/17 06:29 PM
PumpandDump: That's probably the only thing I do like since these companies started using Twitter and Facebook to keep investors up-to-date.
04/23/17 06:30 PM
PumpandDump: You don't have to believe the "he said and she said" and "i talked to the CEO and HE said" ..When you hear a pumper using the "he said she said" kick it to the curb unless you can verify .
04/23/17 06:33 PM
PumpandDump: Heck I've even seen some of them make up entire financials and all sorts of documents online that you could never verify and many times, nobody catches on until the scam is over. Some of them run
04/23/17 06:33 PM
PumpandDump: these pump and dumps fast and hard, some take weeks. As long as people keep believing the "fake news", they'll keep coming back but eventually they all tank..lol
04/23/17 06:39 PM
hun28ter: hello room
04/23/17 09:31 PM
blkMaN: sup 28ter
04/23/17 09:31 PM
blkMaN: the room welcomes all
04/23/17 09:32 PM
blkMaN: even pumpers... Although we never respond to em
04/23/17 09:34 PM
blkMaN: eventually they get the picture and keep it moving
04/24/17 07:21 AM
PumpandDump: Yeah and we know that everyone that most information and recommendations isn't a pump and dump either. The best thing to do in my opinion is check the selling and buying details
04/24/17 07:23 AM
PumpandDump: Most people post about a stock because they believe it has potential. The best thing to do is check the buying and selling for irregularities and unusual volume spikes. Most of the time you can tell
04/24/17 07:24 AM
PumpandDump: By just looking because you'll see the buying take off like a machine gun and it looks pretty obvious once you figure it out.
04/24/17 07:26 AM
PumpandDump: Sometimes it's not that easy because they get slick and start spreading them out, but most of the time you'll notice they buy a lot of small volume buys in a shorter period of time to make the stock
04/24/17 07:27 AM
PumpandDump: look active. .. Anyway. Enough about pump and dumps, Have a great trading day there are THOUSANDS of penny stocks out there with good potential. Lets get rich!
04/24/17 07:27 AM
PumpandDump: Good people on all boards and lets just try to follow them. Seems like we have some good ones here.
04/24/17 07:35 AM
Willow1: $vmgi is a pump don't go near it!! Tweets every ware on it
04/24/17 07:38 AM
Willow1: Do your own homework but I'm upping my position in $usrm looks like she is ready to go!!
04/24/17 07:38 AM
Willow1: Going to be a good week!!
04/24/17 07:48 AM
Willow1: Also look at $shrk I'm not in it found it over weekend..
04/24/17 08:24 AM
roko21: whats up with $usrm willow
04/24/17 08:45 AM
Willow1: My chart study and technicals show is sold out and changing to a bull market
04/24/17 08:45 AM
Willow1: Just keep an ion it
04/24/17 08:46 AM
Amy: I'm hoping for that Willow ... I need $USRM to run! it's gone wayy down since I got it so it's got a ways to go for me.
04/24/17 08:46 AM
Willow1: Just keep an eye on it
04/24/17 08:46 AM
Amy: sooooo if it's sold out ... i can't buy more?
04/24/17 08:46 AM
Willow1: No that's not what I meant all the people that had it have sold
04/24/17 08:47 AM
Willow1: You can for sure by more but I would wait to confirm it's headed up
04/24/17 08:48 AM
Willow1: Also $ecez has 10 k today
04/24/17 08:49 AM
Willow1: And most important good morning!!
04/24/17 08:50 AM
Amy: Morning :)
04/24/17 09:20 AM
blkMaN: yep... $USRM is looking ripe
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