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03/19/18 08:51 AM
jtrader: Anyone see the float for Aker I see 68mill?
03/19/18 10:20 AM
jtrader: Ugh if I had money to put in Aker back when i found it in december at 0.13 I would be loaded right now lol
03/19/18 10:41 AM
Linda1976: $NVCN
03/19/18 11:09 AM
tympanogram: Hello greedy capitalist devilscum. Anybody making any cash this morning? Me...? Why yes. Yes I am.
03/19/18 11:10 AM
Linda1976a: A little...NVCN looking good so far
03/19/18 11:11 AM
tympanogram: Lots of goodies on my scanner this morning. I got in $tvix Friday at 6.70 and it is treating me quite well so far.
03/19/18 11:41 AM
tympanogram: Ka-ching!
03/19/18 11:46 AM
tympanogram: "Bathe my money and bring it to me!
03/19/18 11:58 AM
tympanogram: With all the Fed activity coming this week, the China trade spats and government shutdown showdown coming this week, this pop in $tvix was easy to see coming.
03/19/18 11:59 AM
tympanogram: What's harder to see is how much it will pop before coming back down. Depends on so many unknowable-by-me factors...
03/19/18 12:46 PM
03/19/18 01:07 PM
tympanogram: Ain't nobody happy for gram? Gram is sad...
03/19/18 01:07 PM
tympanogram: On the other hand, I do have cash for therapy now...
03/19/18 02:19 PM
tricks4freee: HA HA ..i b happy 4 the GRAM!!!
03/19/18 02:21 PM
tricks4freee: $milv was my thing...it made ME happy!!!
03/19/18 02:41 PM
DEERBALLS: Nrpi update coming
03/19/18 02:41 PM
DEERBALLS: $npri hot stock to watch
03/19/18 03:02 PM
Kumo: $MEDH moving strong .06 with 112mm O/S CEO tweeted updates coming this week
03/19/18 03:03 PM
tympanogram: Everybody makin' coin up in here!
03/19/18 03:06 PM
resx18: $MEDH really looks nice
03/19/18 03:06 PM
resx18: :D
03/19/18 03:07 PM
resx18: Also $UITA .. I bet that hits .01 soon
03/19/18 03:08 PM
Kumo: Nice, will check out $UITA. I like the sub pennies with penny break potential
03/19/18 03:09 PM
resx18: So glad I don't mess with those volatile big boards . OTC much safer imo :cool:
03/19/18 03:10 PM
Kumo: Whatever works. I've just never done well on big board swings. I have a much better feel for pennies, personally
03/19/18 03:11 PM
resx18: I grabbed a bunch of .0001 $FRNC the other day .. hoping to get .0004's
03/19/18 03:18 PM
Kumo: The trip zeros are doing really well lately. I was in BLLB from trip 7 it went to .005's I made almost $30k. Will check it out. I'm in love with $MEDH right now. 112mm O/S should be .25 stock IMO
03/19/18 03:18 PM
Kumo: FRNC did you mean $FNRC?
03/19/18 03:24 PM
Kumo: Ok, I bought some $FNRC trip 2's I hope that was right one
03/19/18 03:34 PM
resx18: $FNRC yes sorry about that
03/20/18 09:43 AM
SlikdARelic: $vtnl buyback program
03/20/18 09:43 AM
SlikdARelic: $ahix
03/20/18 09:43 AM
SlikdARelic: $prpo blew
03/20/18 10:39 AM
tympanogram: Be leary of $vtnl now. Their buyback looks to be very misleading, if not an outright lie. They're announcing dilution via warrants now. Not a single share has been bought back yet.
03/20/18 11:56 AM
RStew: $eglt accumulating nicely here
03/20/18 02:43 PM
tricks4freee: $attbf newsie
03/20/18 03:04 PM
RStew: $eglt volume alert
03/20/18 04:16 PM
SlikdARelic: ok.. good advice Gram grizzle
03/20/18 05:08 PM
tympanogram: It did ok today, but I don't know if it has any real legs to keep it up. Then again, what matters is what the mob thinks! If they buy it, it will rise...
03/21/18 07:23 AM
SlikdARelic: No doubt..
03/21/18 09:14 AM
tympanogram: Keep an eye on $tvix today for reaction to whatever the fed does with interest rates.
03/21/18 09:26 AM
SlikdARelic: ok.. also watchin $pmcb
03/21/18 09:30 AM
SlikdARelic: $vtnl gapped
03/21/18 09:43 AM
SlikdARelic: ive been doin a lil paper experiment on earnings dates.. i must say, its very successful..
03/21/18 09:44 AM
tympanogram: :cool:
03/21/18 09:44 AM
SlikdARelic: lol..
03/21/18 09:44 AM
tympanogram: $rhe...wow
03/21/18 09:44 AM
SlikdARelic: yep
03/21/18 09:44 AM
SlikdARelic: and $liqt
03/21/18 09:44 AM
SlikdARelic: ive been writin them down.. loggin them.. and just keepin up with each one that shows up on my scanner
03/21/18 09:45 AM
SlikdARelic: i think i just added something new to the strategy.. bcuz i wasnt doin that b4
03/21/18 09:47 AM
tricks4freee: $adhc
03/21/18 09:47 AM
SlikdARelic: it was like 4 weeks of research ive been doin.. not long.. but long enuff to see
03/21/18 09:47 AM
tympanogram: Knowledge is power!
03/21/18 09:47 AM
SlikdARelic: yep yep
03/21/18 09:48 AM
SlikdARelic: so is research.. lol
03/21/18 10:17 AM
SlikdARelic: i need $ahix to bust thu this .001 barrier and stay up there
03/21/18 10:34 AM
resx18: morning
03/21/18 10:35 AM
resx18: Grabbed $UITA this morning on the dip
03/21/18 11:59 AM
SlikdARelic: wats good Resx
03/21/18 11:59 AM
SlikdARelic: gl
03/21/18 12:09 PM
tympanogram: Seems like the entire market is waiting for the fed conference to reset.
03/21/18 12:57 PM
RStew: $cris
03/21/18 12:58 PM
RStew: $jagx
03/21/18 01:02 PM
RStew: Really like $cris could go 1.00 pretty quick
03/22/18 09:35 AM
SlikdARelic: wats good!
03/22/18 09:41 AM
tympanogram: $tvix again, if you got in at 7 yesterday.
03/22/18 09:42 AM
tympanogram: $omex
03/22/18 09:43 AM
tympanogram: Bitcoiners may recover now that the EU has decided against dropping the hammer
03/22/18 09:43 AM
tympanogram: American companies that have been crushed by Chinese imports may pop. We shall see...
03/22/18 09:45 AM
tympanogram: $tvix may pop again depending on what the Trump admin announces on tariffs.
03/22/18 10:28 AM
RStew: $evep
03/22/18 10:35 AM
tympanogram: And now, Japan has thrown cold water on bitcoin's recovery...
03/22/18 11:32 AM
tympanogram: $tvix is an atm now...
03/22/18 12:29 PM
tympanogram: $tvix pulling back for me to reload...
03/23/18 09:15 AM
tympanogram: $tops...were you in?
03/23/18 11:15 AM
SlikdARelic: wats good fellas
03/23/18 11:16 AM
SlikdARelic: $eltz looks like its startin to rise
03/23/18 12:05 PM
SlikdARelic: wassup with $uita?
03/23/18 12:20 PM
tricks4freee: reintatement,merger,8k filed...pump?????
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