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05/23/17 10:30 AM
blkMaN: got the volume but its doing those $GLLK moves
05/23/17 10:31 AM
MakingMoney101: Yeah.. I'm thinking it may be a p-n-d but I haven't had time to check all the numbers .. See if it's a pumper or not
05/23/17 10:31 AM
MakingMoney101: $ADTM $CUBV same guy..
05/23/17 10:32 AM
MakingMoney101: might want to look into what's going on with $NNSR today too.. Got some news and several emails / chatter about it.. just saying ..
05/23/17 10:34 AM
MakingMoney101: News coming out about $KAYS .. something about a 700% cash increase.. May want to watch it
05/23/17 10:35 AM
MakingMoney101: Pot stock
05/23/17 10:37 AM
MakingMoney101: Insider Financial calling $AVOP ..
05/23/17 10:38 AM
MakingMoney101: May want to read it online first see what's going on with it
05/23/17 10:40 AM
MakingMoney101: Man what's happening with $ABVG .. It's been stuck around 2-3 forever hasn't it? Pushing volume all the time.. Got to be somebody dumping on that one
05/23/17 10:41 AM
blkMaN: yeah, they holding it down
05/23/17 10:42 AM
blkMaN: you know how the big hands do
05/23/17 10:42 AM
blkMaN: manipulating it all
05/23/17 10:43 AM
MakingMoney101: I've started to buy it myself several times b/c it's always running volume but looks like everytime it gets ready to roll, big ole dump comes
05/23/17 10:43 AM
MakingMoney101: Do you watch $ONCI? It's starting to look a little better
05/23/17 10:44 AM
MakingMoney101: $MRNJ seems to be gradually gaining
05/23/17 10:45 AM
MakingMoney101: Did you hear anything about $ORSX ? News or something?
05/23/17 10:46 AM
beng: got some emails
05/23/17 10:47 AM
MakingMoney101: $CHIT done dumped again..lol
05/23/17 10:48 AM
MakingMoney101: $SSOF has been trying to get out for 2 or 3 days now..
05/23/17 10:48 AM
beng: $ORSX Chinese mobile phone company
05/23/17 10:49 AM
MakingMoney101: Awe hell no.. I don't need no more of that..
05/23/17 10:49 AM
MakingMoney101: My luck with those is about like my luck with those movie stock..lol
05/23/17 10:52 AM
MakingMoney101: I'm going to wish I had kept that $PGPM longer..lol
05/23/17 10:53 AM
MakingMoney101: $AZFL trying to get a little life
05/23/17 10:54 AM
MakingMoney101: $FCGD .. Look at that dump lol
05/23/17 10:56 AM
MakingMoney101: I'm just glad to see the boards getting some volume going again..
05/23/17 10:57 AM
MakingMoney101: $MRNJ looks like it's for real..lol
05/23/17 11:46 AM
upisgood: $psid split new ticker $psidd time to take the money
05/23/17 12:49 PM
blkMaN: $dolv bout to hit them highs again
05/23/17 11:10 PM
blkMaN: $krfg, Mann
05/23/17 11:11 PM
blkMaN: Looking like its heating up
05/23/17 11:13 PM
blkMaN: If it passes the smell test then make a move on it
05/24/17 09:00 AM
tympanogram: Dang...up too late and missed $xgti this morning.
05/24/17 09:04 AM
tympanogram: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/xg-technologys-imt-vislink-businesses-114500272.html
05/24/17 12:52 PM
DiggidyUp: $XTRN
05/24/17 12:53 PM
DiggidyUp: Does anyone here knows if it's a pump
05/24/17 12:57 PM
DiggidyUp: $AAPH is going up
05/24/17 12:57 PM
DiggidyUp: Will stick with it and hopeful i breakeven
05/24/17 12:59 PM
tricks4freee: break even better than lose digger lol
05/24/17 01:02 PM
DiggidyUp: Yup
05/24/17 01:02 PM
tympanogram: $xtrn could be a winner, but I am cautious wondering why it hasn't already shot to .02 at least given the reported terms of the buyout deal. Let's all keep digging
05/24/17 01:04 PM
DiggidyUp: I agree with you Tympa. Still browsing for more info
05/24/17 01:07 PM
tricks4freee: $nsav ..ducks n a row
05/24/17 01:07 PM
tympanogram: Late to $xtrn and its hard wading through all the pumps and bashes to find good info on the fly...
05/24/17 01:09 PM
DiggidyUp: Ya I missed on $DOLV at .0005 because of lack of data but I have been burned so many times too. Sometimes OTC is like playing the lottery
05/24/17 01:13 PM
tricks4freee: gramm...look into $gyst ..w u thnk there?
05/24/17 01:15 PM
tympanogram: Not real familiar with $gyst. Personally
05/24/17 01:16 PM
tympanogram: Looking at their price range I would need to research them a bit before forming a good opinion.
05/24/17 01:16 PM
tricks4freee: niether I
05/24/17 01:18 PM
tympanogram: All I can find is one report of $xtnt deal "accepted", but no other source so I won't link it until I can find more reports
05/24/17 01:27 PM
tympanogram: Looks like people are selling and bid-sitting for now.
05/24/17 02:49 PM
tympanogram: $xtrn not xtnt...
05/25/17 09:39 AM
MakingMoney101: $BTCS $BTSC $CCTL .. Coins are moving today
05/25/17 09:46 AM
MakingMoney101: Looks like $$CCTL is going to pull out as the leader today..lol ( just saying)
05/25/17 10:08 AM
fallenangel59: $USFCQ
05/25/17 11:51 AM
tympanogram: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/24/oil-prices-rise-in-anticipation-of-extended-opec-led-production-cut.html
05/25/17 11:53 AM
tympanogram: Oil rose, then crashed back below $50 after OPEC said "no mas" to more cuts. Unless they panic and pull emergency cuts, this crash could get ugly.
05/25/17 11:54 AM
tympanogram: Which, the goal of wiping out US shale producers may come back into play
05/25/17 12:23 PM
tympanogram: My list so far today: $lexg, $mgti, $gigl, $chro, $cctl, $btsc, $btcs, $bitcf
05/25/17 12:27 PM
tympanogram: My crystal ball tells me that oil will hault its falling momentum as US producers idle production if prices get closer to $40. I don't buy the worst case scenarios of $25 oil any time soon.
05/25/17 12:38 PM
tympanogram: But I could see a dip into the mid 30s.
05/25/17 01:49 PM
tympanogram: Bitcoin having a big pullback today.
05/25/17 01:50 PM
tympanogram: Around a $500 dip at its lowest point today.
05/25/17 02:00 PM
tympanogram: Bitcoin back on the upswing now
05/25/17 02:57 PM
Willow1: $vgid news out!!
05/25/17 04:42 PM
MakingMoney101: I hope you had some $CCTL .. Man look at that volume.. lol
05/25/17 04:44 PM
MakingMoney101: $MGTI turned up today too..
05/25/17 04:46 PM
MakingMoney101: @WILLOW yeah some news is btter than none but I'm hoping for something BIG in June on that $VGID
05/25/17 07:17 PM
05/25/17 07:18 PM
05/25/17 07:19 PM
DEERBALLS: Whats everyone trading???
05/25/17 07:19 PM
DEERBALLS: Glad to be back was here 2014
05/25/17 07:20 PM
05/25/17 09:31 PM
blkMaN: $LTSN... Sorry I wasn't able to chat earlier but take a look at the charts, mannn
05/26/17 07:04 AM
05/26/17 08:12 AM
DEERBALLS: might want to look into what's going on with $NNSR today too.. Got some news and several emails / chatter about it.. just saying ..
05/26/17 09:06 AM
tympanogram: My crystal ball predictions for the day: oil continues to fluctuate between $45-$50, bitcoin settles around $2400-$2500 range while flictuating sharply but returning to this range quickly.
05/26/17 09:10 AM
tympanogram: But, given my prediction track record, the exact opposite will probably happen to both markets...
05/26/17 09:23 AM
blkMaN: lol
05/26/17 10:09 AM
tympanogram: Hey, there is a reason I am not a professional financial advisor...
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