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02/07/19 08:55 AM
resx18: morning'
02/07/19 08:55 AM
resx18: $ARSN in play today
02/07/19 09:51 AM
resx18: $CZNI up 71% ;-)
02/07/19 10:17 AM
resx18: BOOM $ARSN up 42%
02/07/19 11:56 AM
resx18: $ARSN news out
02/07/19 11:56 AM
resx18: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ARSN/news/story?e&id=1279556
02/08/19 08:29 AM
RogueDeadGuy: Good Morning Gents!!
02/08/19 08:35 AM
RogueDeadGuy: $ARSN bouncing hard today imo
02/13/19 01:37 PM
resx18: I loaded some $ARSN today
02/15/19 09:22 AM
resx18: morning
02/15/19 09:22 AM
resx18: Watching $ANWWQ this morning
02/15/19 11:13 AM
resx18: $ANWWQ up 257% !!
02/15/19 03:14 PM
resx18: Loaded $RMRK
02/20/19 09:13 AM
RogueDeadGuy: Good Morning Gents!
02/20/19 09:13 AM
RogueDeadGuy: Loading up some more $ARSN today!
02/21/19 07:57 AM
blkMaN: Whats up, fellas
02/21/19 07:58 AM
blkMaN: yeah... that $RMRK is a good buy. I got it but I still don't know how legit they are
02/21/19 07:59 AM
blkMaN: Just along for the ride
02/21/19 08:00 AM
blkMaN: for years I have been mentioning the mining stocks in relation to the metals prices
02/21/19 08:01 AM
blkMaN: We are approaching 1350 gold price so keep a look out for whatever mining company you deem worthy of your dollars
02/21/19 08:02 AM
blkMaN: Because when the price of gold hits 1400... Off to the races
02/21/19 08:05 AM
blkMaN: Y'all were right lol. $IDDR was trash. Thankfully I only have 100 bucks left in it. It took me months to sell
02/21/19 08:08 AM
blkMaN: For some reason, this chat only allows me to sign in when using Safari web browser.
02/21/19 08:09 AM
blkMaN: Has anyone else encountered this issue ?
02/21/19 08:22 AM
blkMaN: $GAHC trying to bounce back from its 3 months lows
02/21/19 08:24 AM
blkMaN: If the cryptocurrency rebounds then thats a good stock to flip
02/21/19 08:32 AM
blkMaN: $AITX came out of no where with a 400% gain and good volume.
02/21/19 08:32 AM
blkMaN: Probably a pump
02/21/19 11:05 AM
lucid: and then it drap
02/22/19 12:46 PM
lucid: $GVSI is alive agian
02/25/19 06:40 AM
SlikdARelic: 👀
02/25/19 10:36 AM
lucid: im LooKing at IGCC
03/01/19 09:30 AM
lucid: I thought GAP was a bad thing not today
03/01/19 09:34 AM
lucid: and the OLD NAVY no longer serve in the army did i just do that my bad
03/05/19 10:07 AM
lucid: SRMX is moving
03/14/19 06:38 PM
assetking: $SCTN NEW MERGER COURT FILING SOON SKULL AND CROSS BONES REMOVAL (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) (bike) REINSTATEMENT SCTN SECURITY DETAILS Share Structure Market C
03/18/19 11:59 AM
lucid: I would like to $LYFT things up
03/29/19 11:30 AM
lucid: today i will lyft my head up
04/15/19 06:19 AM
04/15/19 06:19 AM
SOLAS: Been a while
04/15/19 09:14 AM
blkMaN: $GAHC
04/15/19 09:16 AM
blkMaN: It will follow the bitcoin run up atleast to .01 before folks start selling
04/18/19 08:44 PM
assetking: hey
04/18/19 08:44 PM
assetking: guys
04/18/19 08:44 PM
assetking: new play next weeek
04/19/19 07:00 PM
assetking: HEY WAS UP[
04/20/19 09:42 AM
assetking: gm
05/02/19 11:15 AM
lucid: i wonder how high Uber will go
05/03/19 02:02 AM
barnell: one of my partners found this investment and is the best in awhile https://www.inspirationsystems.com
05/03/19 02:03 AM
barnell: I bought $10,000 worth of shares they have already projected growth on the financials page
05/03/19 02:03 AM
barnell: My partner and I bought the shares from https://www.corporationtrade.com
05/06/19 03:27 AM
Asmad: I bought $200 worth of the same stock this morning, expecting gains
05/06/19 03:27 AM
Asmad: I boughtine fro
05/06/19 03:29 AM
Asmad: M www.inspirationsystems.com cheaper than a trade fee or close if you buy 6 or 7 shares
05/06/19 11:12 AM
lucid: Good morning to every one
05/06/19 12:41 PM
meagain: I'm unable to get the top 100 list of the penny stocks,, anyone else having the problem, this has been since mid last week
05/08/19 08:31 PM
barnell: How many penny companies do yall need
05/08/19 08:32 PM
barnell: i have an equation that works for anybody interested in starting a company funding there business with penny stocks
05/10/19 11:38 AM
lucid: I HAVE the same problem with peeny stockits block
05/14/19 03:37 PM
meagain: The PSL site has been shut down
07/31/19 10:06 AM
jeff77: hello everyone.
07/31/19 10:06 AM
jeff77: Gene is no longer able to support this site and its tools. However..
07/31/19 10:07 AM
jeff77: He has provided instructions and full site access to get all back online for whoever that would be interested in taking the site over.
07/31/19 10:08 AM
jeff77: The site is being sold for $10k. If anyone is interested. You can email info@pennystocklist.com
08/14/19 07:11 PM
resx18: $IGEX load da boat
08/18/19 12:49 PM
resx18: tried to tell ya .. $IGEX :) pennyland coming
08/18/19 12:49 PM
resx18: I remember meanmrv ..
08/18/19 12:55 PM
resx18: :thebox:
08/20/19 11:04 AM
jeff77: https://www.gofundme.com/f/bring-back-penny-stocks-top-100-tools&rcid=r01-156631338507-95826f3a007d44a0&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
09/11/19 08:32 PM
assetking: Hey guys
09/11/19 08:33 PM
assetking: This chat was busy in 2014
09/16/19 05:33 PM
resx18: ASSET
09/16/19 05:33 PM
resx18: Whats up man
09/17/19 11:16 AM
resx18: $ZHUD
11/01/19 01:17 PM
TheStockDud3: Great list of strategies for trading penny stocks https://pennystocks.com/featured/2019/10/10/how-to-trade-penny-stocks-9-key-strategies-to-learn-now/
01/02/20 07:05 PM
assetking: yo
01/02/20 07:05 PM
assetking: happy new year
01/02/20 07:05 PM
assetking: im gonna geet his jumpin again
01/03/20 01:26 PM
01/03/20 01:27 PM
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