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07/20/17 11:09 AM
MakingMoney101: more with a triple zero low baller than you can a steady penny stock
07/20/17 11:10 AM
MakingMoney101: BUT, you can also make a lot more quick money.. Like we've all said before here.. It's like gambling.. You got extra money to risk and you've done some homework, sometimes you can make out likeabandit
07/20/17 11:10 AM
MakingMoney101: lol
07/20/17 11:12 AM
MakingMoney101: That's the primary reason I try to never buy anything "just because" and wait for my price.. Sometimes I miss out, but about 9 times out of 10, I end up not losing if I wait for the right price.
07/20/17 11:14 AM
MakingMoney101: When I first started I was listen to a lot of hype and get anxious, couldn't get my price, then mess around and buy it a point or two higher than I REALLY wanted in and nearly always I lose
07/20/17 11:14 AM
MakingMoney101: \When you're talking about stocks that are playing by .0001 point at a time...0001, .0002 can be all the difference.. It looks cheap but it AINT...lol
07/20/17 11:15 AM
MakingMoney101: I think we all missed out on some $DOLV a few times. I know I did many months back..
07/20/17 11:22 AM
MakingMoney101: $CCTL: looks like it's got a little upward motion today ,but I haven't looked to see how much negative it's pushing
07/20/17 11:22 AM
MakingMoney101: Doesnt seem to want to break much above that 3 to 4 range from what I remember though.
07/20/17 11:23 AM
tympanogram: If you can squeeze those .0001's it is worth it to pick some up. But, getting those is hard...
07/20/17 11:23 AM
MakingMoney101: $CNXS looks like it's got a little play on that volume
07/20/17 11:24 AM
MakingMoney101: Yeah .. I always get stuck with them especially in that 2 to 3 range ..lol.. Most of the time I end up with minimal profits or selling near cost just to get back out..lol
07/20/17 11:25 AM
MakingMoney101: I guarantee you, If I buy one of them at 2 or 3 , It MAY go to 4 and work back down and I can't sell it at 3 and end up dumping it at 2...lol
07/20/17 11:26 AM
MakingMoney101: When I first started, I must have ate about a dozen of those before I realized there's no room to play ..lol
07/20/17 11:27 AM
MakingMoney101: Not saying occassionally you won't have one to break out, but again, statistically, i would say 9 out of 10 don't ever break that 5.. or that's been my experience..Maybe someone else thinks different
07/20/17 11:28 AM
tympanogram: Yeah, you have to first learn that it is rigged and manipulated. Most upward movement is due to what enough people are made to believe, not anything real.
07/20/17 11:28 AM
tympanogram: A very hard lesson to learn the hardway...ugh.
07/20/17 11:29 AM
MakingMoney101: Oh yeah.. I'm glad I didn't really invest a lot when I started because I was like some other people, I thought every .0001 just HAD to run and make me rich...hehe..
07/20/17 11:29 AM
MakingMoney101: I was like OH BOY , .0001 .. IF IT DOUBLES I will get RICH ..hehe
07/20/17 11:30 AM
MakingMoney101: That's the best way to get your ass bit...hehe
07/20/17 11:30 AM
tympanogram: My personal favorite are those who trash a stock and imply they are there to "save" naive investors from some fraud scam...
07/20/17 11:30 AM
tympanogram: The more someone trashes a stock, the more obvious it is that they're looking for cheap shares or to short.
07/20/17 11:30 AM
MakingMoney101: I think they're all trash stocks myself...lol.. You just have to know when to dump em .lol
07/20/17 11:31 AM
MakingMoney101: Youre right..lol
07/20/17 11:32 AM
MakingMoney101: Wlell, I shouldn't say ALL of them are trash stocks.. They're not all trash , just a lot of them.. My guess is the majority are shell companies..
07/20/17 11:32 AM
tympanogram: The best you can do is capitalize on the opportunities when you see them. Oh...and never put your hopes in a CEO...a penny CEO
07/20/17 11:33 AM
MakingMoney101: You're right. You just have to go with the flow. See a stock moving, got a good upward trend, get in and get out.. That's pennies.
07/20/17 11:34 AM
MakingMoney101: But realistically I have to say that nearly every single one that I have invested in whether I made money or not, turned out to be a shell company that disappeared or turn into a "merger deal"
07/20/17 11:34 AM
MakingMoney101: And I have made a lot of money off of shell companies.. Not going to lie about that either.. That's just how penny stocks work.. Some shell companies BLOW UP !
07/20/17 11:37 AM
MakingMoney101: If it wasn't for Shell companies, my opinion is, the larger portion of these sub penny stocks wouldn't be around... Well that or they are very POOR start ups trying to generate start up income
07/20/17 11:37 AM
MakingMoney101: and they wont' stick around long.. Many of them will have some good runs and if you catch them you can make very good money. Just like you said.. you gotta know when to GET OUT..lol
07/20/17 11:39 AM
MakingMoney101: Heck I got some on my list, I've made money off of for months.. Some I've lost on.. A couple I lost 500 bucks on, it's all part of learning to play the game.. You have to pay your dues! ..
07/20/17 11:46 AM
MakingMoney101: I think maybe one of the hardest lessons I learned wasn't when to buy, but making sure I checked the volume constantly to see when the trend was changing.
07/20/17 11:47 AM
MakingMoney101: Making sure there was enough volume to be ABLE to get out in a good price range. That one will get you every single time. Just because a stock is moving up, doesn't doesn't mean you're going to be
07/20/17 11:48 AM
MakingMoney101: able to sell at your price.. I've seen stocks move up slowly in a day and turn up with good percentages at the end of the day and still not be able to sell at a decent profit b/c vol wasnt there
07/20/17 11:50 AM
MakingMoney101: I'm glad I bought back into $BVTK the other day ..lol
07/20/17 11:51 AM
MakingMoney101: $BVTK really has had some good up and down motion for the last couple of weeks. If you can catch it on the down, you can make some money..
07/20/17 11:52 AM
MakingMoney101: Well actually for probably a month now
07/20/17 11:53 AM
MakingMoney101: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/BVTK
07/20/17 11:54 AM
MakingMoney101: That's not a buy recommendation even if BARCHART says so, I'm just saying it's playing enough to make money if you can be patient enough to wait on a good price
07/20/17 11:55 AM
tympanogram: $blkg woke up a little
07/20/17 11:55 AM
tympanogram: $fare did too
07/20/17 11:55 AM
MakingMoney101: It just broke it's 2nd high BC resistance.. It may be headed up
07/20/17 11:55 AM
MakingMoney101: Yeah .. I got me some $BLKG ..hehe..waiting on that one
07/20/17 11:56 AM
MakingMoney101: That baby's been working for a while now.. I'm hoping she grow wings soon!
07/20/17 11:58 AM
MakingMoney101: Which I got in cheap so that's not a buy rec either.
07/20/17 11:59 AM
MakingMoney101: Dang I don't have $FARE but I wish I had bought it..
07/20/17 12:01 PM
MakingMoney101: $SDVI seems to be turning steady now.. Only prob not a lot of volume yet
07/20/17 12:02 PM
tympanogram: $sbes could take off if it got some volume
07/20/17 12:05 PM
MakingMoney101: $RDAR is hitting low today may buy some more of those 2s after I watch it a while. See if it can get a 4 or 5 again next week..lol
07/20/17 12:29 PM
bengranado: $ECGI
07/20/17 12:30 PM
MakingMoney101: $OTTV is another one that's got the volume to make money.
07/20/17 12:31 PM
MakingMoney101: Constantly playing around 5 to 10 points up and down
07/20/17 12:34 PM
MakingMoney101: $FBEC appears to be bottoming out
07/20/17 12:34 PM
MakingMoney101: Or crashing one..lol
07/20/17 12:36 PM
MakingMoney101: It almost had 2 pennies back 3 months ago.. Back to .0002 and falling fast right now...Might buy a hundred bucks of it at the .0001 and hold it
07/20/17 12:36 PM
MakingMoney101: lol
07/20/17 12:41 PM
MakingMoney101: FBEC
07/20/17 12:41 PM
MakingMoney101: whoops. accident..lol
07/20/17 12:41 PM
MakingMoney101: Still looking at it on my ticker ..lol
07/20/17 12:42 PM
MakingMoney101: Your $MDIN is down to the 2... lol
07/20/17 01:02 PM
MakingMoney101: Back to the 3.. I dang I should have put in a buy on that one lol
07/20/17 01:04 PM
MakingMoney101: Think it will get back to a 4/ 5 it might be worth it..
07/20/17 01:04 PM
MakingMoney101: The way It dived kind of makes me worry about the play on it though
07/20/17 01:10 PM
MakingMoney101: $INMG is playing back over a penny again.
07/20/17 01:32 PM
red13: hi all what do you all think about $AMLH ?
07/20/17 02:16 PM
tympanogram: $amlh is hard to gage. They never do what I think...
07/20/17 02:17 PM
tympanogram: $mnzo may...may...get a decent pop tomorrow if the expected updates are kosher.
07/20/17 02:18 PM
tricks4freee: GRAM ...where b the SLICKSTER?
07/20/17 02:19 PM
tympanogram: He must have ran off with the poolboy...
07/20/17 02:19 PM
tympanogram: Got rich and off livin' the dream!
07/20/17 02:20 PM
tricks4freee: damn poolboy !!
07/20/17 02:20 PM
tympanogram: Seriously, he needs to get back here and school me on charts
07/20/17 02:21 PM
tricks4freee: yep...inddeed
07/20/17 02:27 PM
tympanogram: Or, more accurately, if enough people believe the news is coming and will be good, $mnzo will pop
07/20/17 04:45 PM
inv4life: $mcoa
07/21/17 08:44 AM
tympanogram: :cool:
07/21/17 01:08 PM
MakingMoney101: Gram take a look at $ACRL
07/21/17 01:08 PM
MakingMoney101: https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/ACRL
07/21/17 01:09 PM
MakingMoney101: Price - resistance levels.
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