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06/20/17 11:11 AM
PumpandDump: Thats me . with this kind of sell off , I'm definitely waiting of that low..It feel so fast it makes me nervous lol
06/20/17 11:11 AM
PumpandDump: it fell
06/20/17 11:11 AM
PumpandDump: Just wonderijng why all the sudden pull out
06/20/17 11:12 AM
sometimesright: I could not find anything that caused it to go from 8 to 3 in a day either.
06/20/17 11:12 AM
PumpandDump: Somoone on the inside must have told them to sell.. Anyone mention the big ""M""?? MERGER ?? lol
06/20/17 11:13 AM
PumpandDump: or should I say anything about a MERGER we don't know about?lol
06/20/17 11:13 AM
sometimesright: LOL - i am not afraid of the M word - its the RS that has burned me lately. These idots and their aggressive greed. let us have a piece
06/20/17 11:14 AM
PumpandDump: And yeah youre right.. That's a lot of "dip".. That's a crash ..
06/20/17 11:15 AM
PumpandDump: Both of them scare me off lately .. Nearly every time I get in the middle of some kind of merger news ( i n the past) it turned into a split and a loss or a VERY long wait for a rebound
06/20/17 11:15 AM
PumpandDump: and I'm not up for that these days ..lol
06/20/17 11:15 AM
sometimesright: it is hard to keep up. my watch list is getting too long. i need to do some pruning and narrow my focus a little.
06/20/17 11:16 AM
sometimesright: I have too many long postions. I need a few quick turns. March was a great month for me, now its buy and wait
06/20/17 11:16 AM
PumpandDump: Yeah .. That's what I said too.. When I get to following too many I can't keep up with all the "news" It's hard to tell which ones are legit.. But when theyy say "MERGER" \
06/20/17 11:17 AM
PumpandDump: it always gets my VERY FAST attention .. I think I've only came out what I would call "ahead" in one of those and it was a mess..lol
06/20/17 11:17 AM
sometimesright: true. there are too many pumpers out there (you excluded). I try to check at least three sources first.
06/20/17 11:18 AM
PumpandDump: I've got more than several longs myself but I think most of them are legit and I'm holding them for future outlook mostly
06/20/17 11:19 AM
PumpandDump: They always turn into long term or that's been my experience.. they may have a little run on the news but mostly it's been a down turn
06/20/17 11:20 AM
PumpandDump: then a long, LONG wait to "see:what happens' and I have had one that turned out well, but it was months down the road ..
06/20/17 11:20 AM
sometimesright: Just a quirk of mine, and i have gotten burned once so far, i never sell when in the red. I will wait the LONG wait as well.
06/20/17 11:20 AM
PumpandDump: I'm really not into penny stocks ( for the most part) to sit them out and wait unless they look for real and GREAT potential .lol
06/20/17 11:21 AM
PumpandDump: Hehe.. I'm torn.. I do sell some of them when i'm red , But it's usually because I've realized they were nothing but scams l
06/20/17 11:22 AM
PumpandDump: I've got 2 right now.. I've been waiting on a turn around for a while on but I do think they will eventually come around.. Just longer than I expected..
06/20/17 11:22 AM
PumpandDump: But I bought them knowing that .. They just dipped well below my buy in b ut I do expect them to turn good down the road. ..
06/20/17 11:23 AM
PumpandDump: But just like we've talked about time and time again on here. .The entire market turned suppressed there for a couple of months
06/20/17 11:24 AM
PumpandDump: Seems like it's gradually turning back up over all to me right now.. I'm really looking forward to some turn-abouts here in the future.. there are some good little gems out there
06/20/17 11:26 AM
PumpandDump: Im not going to lie.. I sank quite a bit in more than a handful of those low dippers in the last 2 months..I'm sitting on a lot of eggs, but they have also gradually turned back up..
06/20/17 11:26 AM
PumpandDump: Im' not nearly as red today as I was 2-4 weeks ago..
06/20/17 11:28 AM
PumpandDump: Like I said, I knew what was happeening when I bought them and several went even lower, but they're making money now.> I think you prob should wait on some of those too and see where we go in the next
06/20/17 11:28 AM
PumpandDump: couuple of months..
06/20/17 11:32 AM
PumpandDump: It does look like $USRM is working on a sell off but it does also seem to be slowing down . Not sure if that was intentional or not
06/20/17 11:34 AM
PumpandDump: Know anything about $OCLG ? Sub penny
06/20/17 11:36 AM
PumpandDump: $PGPM has been hot off and on for a couple of weeks now
06/20/17 11:51 AM
sometimesright: sorry, work emergency. No, PGPM popped up today and i havent had time to look into it.
06/20/17 11:51 AM
sometimesright: i am going to watch it today and see where it lands. i might jump in tomorrow.
06/20/17 11:53 AM
sometimesright: i would not touch $OCLG.
06/20/17 12:15 PM
Gamis: $dcth .24 @sometimesright
06/20/17 01:41 PM
PumpandDump: Looks like the big reverse .. Yal cashed out I hope! ..lol
06/20/17 02:29 PM
PumpandDump: I think I'm going to hold my $OCLG for a bit. ..lol.. I can see a little life there right now
06/20/17 02:37 PM
sometimesright: $dcth cashed out at .25 not bad for a days work :)
06/20/17 02:39 PM
sometimesright: $OCLG - hearts beating but on life support
06/20/17 02:41 PM
sometimesright: I hope the pumpers for $GRMX start working again. I am still in the red on that one
06/20/17 02:47 PM
PumpandDump: I can't tell..lol
06/20/17 02:48 PM
PumpandDump: I got that one from a guy who is usually right .. I' don't know how long or how right but he's 80-90% right most of the time..
06/20/17 02:48 PM
PumpandDump: Not telling anyone else to buy it.. That's up to you.. But I just go by the folks who get it right on my list MOST ..lol
06/20/17 02:51 PM
PumpandDump: And no, I don't care who they are , just as long as they make me some money..lol.. That's as honest as it gets..lol
06/20/17 02:53 PM
PumpandDump: not being sassy bout it either but I've listened to a lot of people over the years on these boards, lost a lot of money, that's why Ive got a VERY short list of people I listen to now..
06/20/17 02:55 PM
PumpandDump: He seems to be right so far.. It may be gone by tomorrow but I'm going to keep an eye on it for another week or so and see what happens..
06/20/17 03:17 PM
PumpandDump: I made my decision partially b/c of his suggestion but partially b/c of this https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/OCLG
06/20/17 03:19 PM
PumpandDump: I look at these as a 50/50 opportunity.. Nothing more . Nothing less. It's a chance to get in at the bottom and who knows, it may run and make us all some money.. This is bargain basement pricing\
06/20/17 03:20 PM
PumpandDump: and it does seem to be gaining momentum. It's a crap shoot.. Sub pennies always are.. You cant get them all rightr but if you get ONE right, you can make some cheese..lol
06/20/17 03:23 PM
PumpandDump: So far it's had a really good day .. I'm very curious about tomorrow .. Anyone got any thoughts you can weigh in.. It won't hurt my feelings..\
06/20/17 03:24 PM
PumpandDump: I just jump on the train when I see it headed in the right direction or at least I try to ..lol
06/20/17 04:15 PM
earthends: $ahfd
06/20/17 04:15 PM
earthends: $gawk
06/20/17 04:20 PM
instantwin: $gawk
06/20/17 04:46 PM
instantwin: $icnm
06/20/17 04:46 PM
instantwin: $ahfd
06/20/17 04:46 PM
instantwin: $bvtk
06/20/17 04:47 PM
instantwin: $hiph
06/20/17 04:47 PM
instantwin: $ppje
06/20/17 04:47 PM
instantwin: $dcac
06/20/17 04:47 PM
instantwin: $pttn
06/21/17 09:56 AM
sometimesright: $DCTH still has some life in it.
06/21/17 10:49 AM
Rstew: $orrv if those 9s get taken down again she gone
06/21/17 10:55 AM
sometimesright: thats one i stay away from. i almost jumped in, and should have, but i just dont have a good feeling for it - $ORRV
06/21/17 11:27 AM
sometimesright: too quiet this morning. time for lunch, maybe something will pop this afternoon
06/21/17 11:38 AM
MakingMoney101: Anybody in on $INOH ?
06/21/17 11:39 AM
MakingMoney101: or $MRNJ
06/21/17 11:41 AM
MakingMoney101: Just asking $MRNJ looks like it's holding on good volume
06/21/17 11:43 AM
MakingMoney101: $IBRC trying to come back off that major dip
06/21/17 11:43 AM
MakingMoney101: I'm not in it .. Just watching though
06/21/17 11:44 AM
MakingMoney101: Think $DCTH will hit that .50 before the week is up guy?
06/21/17 11:45 AM
MakingMoney101: Looking very good right now like someone said yesterday
06/21/17 11:52 AM
MakingMoney101: Anybody in on $PRGE ..Waiting on that forward split ? ??
06/21/17 03:16 PM
instantwin: $gawk
06/22/17 10:03 AM
PumpandDump: $SDVI had a nice little run
06/22/17 10:03 AM
PumpandDump: $USRM may be turning back up
06/22/17 10:51 AM
tympanogram: $srup
06/22/17 11:14 AM
sometimesright: $LTSN making a run.... back to .03+???
06/22/17 05:06 PM
tympanogram: Took my eyes off $chro for a while and it came to life a bit. Something is cooking with them it seems
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