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07/21/18 09:26 PM
ThatisawesomeJesse: .
07/21/18 09:27 PM
ThatisawesomeJesse: I feel like someone took my brain out and boiled it in boiling hot anthrax
07/23/18 12:24 PM
SlikdARelic: $myec
07/23/18 08:19 PM
BuddyRevell: So you can take that paper of yours and wipe off your dick with it! You made me mad Jerry... now I'm gunna have to do something to work it off.
07/24/18 01:06 PM
BillyMad: Buddy At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
07/24/18 01:30 PM
tricks4freee: wtf....give me a shout on our side channel slik
07/24/18 01:34 PM
tradingmylifeaway: what would you sell #pacv at
07/24/18 01:34 PM
tradingmylifeaway: $pacv
07/24/18 04:35 PM
SlikdARelic: $ppcb
07/24/18 04:36 PM
SlikdARelic: $drus
07/24/18 04:36 PM
SlikdARelic: keep an eye on $fagi..
07/25/18 12:03 PM
07/25/18 01:03 PM
SlikdARelic: .0138 might become $fagi's support level.. keep watchin it
07/26/18 09:39 AM
meektechgeek: good morning! anything moving?
07/26/18 10:21 AM
meektechgeek: guess not =(
07/27/18 09:08 AM
blkMaN: $GRPS been making alot of noise past couple days
07/27/18 09:08 AM
blkMaN: maybe Im late but keep an eye on it
07/27/18 09:12 AM
blkMaN: For the sub pennies... $VGTL
07/27/18 09:16 AM
blkMaN: And like slik mentioned... $GAHC
07/27/18 09:20 AM
blkMaN: $NAK is dead in the water lol. I lost on that one
07/27/18 09:35 AM
blkMaN: $VLNX is movin!
07/27/18 11:20 AM
blkMaN: Alright, I gotta head out. Y'all be safe out there
07/27/18 03:39 PM
tricks4freee: $drus lookin innterestin...thnx SLIK
07/27/18 03:52 PM
tricks4freee: paired up $nak and $clf n 1 account together n early 2016 ....sold/bought/sold/bought a few times now....
07/27/18 03:53 PM
tricks4freee: smellin sweet
07/27/18 03:55 PM
tricks4freee: i thnk u had sum $nak way back then blkman
07/29/18 08:58 PM
SlikdARelic: no prob trick.. lets get readt for tomorrow..
07/29/18 09:00 PM
SlikdARelic: $plpl maybe
07/29/18 09:01 PM
SlikdARelic: might be time for $fagi
07/30/18 09:32 AM
SlikdARelic: $rbiz
07/30/18 02:47 PM
tricks4freee: $phil $bivi
07/30/18 03:01 PM
tricks4freee: $drus newsie again ...w ur take on $pvct slik
07/30/18 03:12 PM
SlikdARelic: $pvct.. the buyin pressure has been high.. but the volume has been goin down..
07/30/18 03:12 PM
SlikdARelic: im not sure about it right now.. might drop back down to .60cents if no news comes out for it
07/30/18 03:13 PM
SlikdARelic: float is over 300mil.. so it needs higher volume to move and stay
07/30/18 03:14 PM
SlikdARelic: correction.. not .60 cents... .06 cents
07/31/18 10:30 AM
tricks4freee: $attbf woke up
07/31/18 04:18 PM
tricks4freee: i need more cowbell ..!!!
07/31/18 05:41 PM
SlikdARelic: lol
07/31/18 05:41 PM
SlikdARelic: $pacv confusin the hell outta me
07/31/18 05:41 PM
SlikdARelic: $ppcb
07/31/18 05:41 PM
SlikdARelic: $libe
08/01/18 06:09 AM
DEERBALLS: Mgon seem ready
08/01/18 06:09 AM
DEERBALLS: MGON revenues already ahead of 50% of pinkies
08/01/18 06:10 AM
DEERBALLS: Current soon! $MGON
08/01/18 06:10 AM
DEERBALLS: $mgon I am super excited by theshare.tv launch. Major advertising revenues expected
08/01/18 06:10 AM
DEERBALLS: $MGON All @TheShareTV shows are legit! Going to be something special. Coming soon to a cable channel near you! $MGON more potential than any other otc. Specialty channels (like HGTV or FOOD NETWORK) g
08/01/18 06:11 AM
DEERBALLS: $$MGON these shows are legit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbkFqzeGZO0
08/13/18 12:59 PM
SlikdARelic: we suck in here now.. pause.. :(
08/15/18 05:17 AM
williammilligan: $DSGT Looking good for a run
08/16/18 02:48 PM
williammilligan: my level 2 is not working and i have paid full subscription and no body to call to fix what can i do
08/17/18 02:20 PM
SlikdARelic: william.. u called it man on $dsgt...
08/19/18 02:25 PM
williammilligan: Its going Higher Monday Folks $dsgt
08/19/18 02:27 PM
williammilligan: Also looking for $owvi to start a good run very soon
08/20/18 05:40 AM
williammilligan: Liking $DRUS
08/23/18 06:08 AM
SlikdARelic: damn.. i totally missed this whole week.. lol
08/23/18 01:48 PM
tympanogram: :D
08/24/18 10:05 AM
JimmerMO: Looking to rollover my 401K into an IRA
08/24/18 10:06 AM
JimmerMO: it's only $3K...any recommendations?
08/24/18 10:12 AM
JimmerMO: Or...tips, really? Brokers, maybe?
08/28/18 07:51 PM
tricks4freee: :/ :( ;) :cool:
08/29/18 08:52 AM
basyl: gram gram, is that u? r u back? and JimmerMO, it's homework: got to study each stock vigorously :)
08/30/18 04:57 AM
williammilligan: $BIOAQ Looks Great
09/04/18 10:50 AM
SlikdARelic: maaaan listen.. who's been keepin up with $ppcb.. it's been goin bezerk for a week now
09/04/18 10:50 AM
SlikdARelic: i sold last week.. made about $700.. and she's still poppin!
09/04/18 10:51 AM
SlikdARelic: if u got in when it was a supersub, ur definite at 5 figures now
09/04/18 04:07 PM
tricks4freee: ha..whatn me
09/05/18 01:18 PM
tricks4freee: hurricane Gecko...i mean Gordon...Hurricane Gordon Gecko
09/05/18 08:06 PM
williammilligan: DSGT Going for a run real soon News on the horizon
09/06/18 01:16 PM
williammilligan: My Level 2 is still not working who can i contact please Iam paying for it
09/07/18 09:51 AM
tricks4freee: $nsav another share rduction...nice
09/09/18 05:17 AM
SlikdARelic: william.. ur gonna hafta contact ur broker.
09/13/18 09:02 AM
09/13/18 09:02 AM
DEERBALLS: Nnsr long hold
09/13/18 01:26 PM
Kumo: Have you seen $PSIQ CBD products? Going to .50 IMO https://twitter.com/IncProfile/status/1040286467350618114
09/14/18 09:41 AM
blkMaN: ANybody get bach into $HEMP ?
09/14/18 09:41 AM
blkMaN: I remember years back they had a run I was apart of but never jumped back in
09/14/18 09:42 AM
blkMaN: I see the past few weeks they have been getting consistent amount of volume
09/14/18 09:44 AM
blkMaN: But it seems throughout the years, they have put out a lot of fluff news they never backed up so just wondering if they ever got it all together
09/18/18 11:13 AM
Kumo: $BEMG big buys on share reduction news, reducing from 800mm to 255mm
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