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09/14/18 10:42 AM
blkMaN: I see the past few weeks they have been getting consistent amount of volume
09/14/18 10:44 AM
blkMaN: But it seems throughout the years, they have put out a lot of fluff news they never backed up so just wondering if they ever got it all together
09/18/18 12:13 PM
Kumo: $BEMG big buys on share reduction news, reducing from 800mm to 255mm
09/20/18 10:18 AM
Kumo: $BEMG just keeps coming with news ... https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/mbo-holdings-bemg-subsidiary-get-credit-healthys-strategic-expansion-to-offer-identity-theft-20180920-00536
09/24/18 10:36 AM
blkMaN: AMMX
09/24/18 10:36 AM
blkMaN: $AMMX
09/24/18 11:03 AM
blkMaN: But most importantly, keep your eyes on them metals prices
09/24/18 11:03 AM
blkMaN: and have a solid mining company that will lead you to the promise land
09/25/18 12:07 PM
Kumo: $BEMG 815mm share reduction due by the 30th, starting to run
09/25/18 12:12 PM
Kumo: $BEMG tweet, reduction is on track... https://twitter.com/BEMG12/status/1044588411217051649
09/25/18 12:42 PM
blkMaN: volume kinda low on that
09/25/18 02:55 PM
Kumo: $BEMG average volume per OTC markets 420k, today 630k volume, it's thin. When share reduction hits it's gonna likely do a 4mm volume day and be sitting double digits, IMO
09/25/18 05:34 PM
tricks4freee: how u arrive at that thinkin,,,kumo
09/27/18 01:59 PM
Kumo: $SIRC 20 million share reduction, $15 million acquisition, uplist to QB https://finance.yahoo.com/news/solar-integrated-roofing-corporations-audits-090000764.html
09/27/18 02:08 PM
resx18: Amazing $SIRC revs
09/27/18 02:08 PM
resx18: And share reduction.. WOW .. looking now thanks
09/27/18 02:24 PM
Kumo: $SIRC is a gap and run, look at chart
09/27/18 02:43 PM
resx18: It reset and heading up .. I see that
09/28/18 09:41 AM
blkMaN: that $AMMX
09/28/18 09:53 AM
blkMaN: keep an eye on it
10/01/18 11:55 AM
meektechgeek: g’morning I have a few stock screen apps but I don’t know what to set my parameters to. Can anymore help
10/01/18 11:55 AM
meektechgeek: I’m using price, RSI <35, volume and volitility
10/01/18 11:57 AM
meektechgeek: Any help or recommendations would be great
10/02/18 12:40 PM
blkMaN: Start with a strategy first
10/02/18 12:41 PM
blkMaN: average # volume you look for before purchasing a stock
10/02/18 12:42 PM
blkMaN: percent gains you look for before selling
10/02/18 12:42 PM
blkMaN: percent losses you look for before selling
10/02/18 12:43 PM
blkMaN: 95% of these penny stocks are trash
10/02/18 12:43 PM
blkMaN: keep that in mind
10/02/18 02:13 PM
tricks4freee: $lode frickin finally got 1 goin my ay
10/02/18 02:13 PM
tricks4freee: way
10/02/18 02:15 PM
tricks4freee: here evbody go n here...cant even here outa pumper any more...ha
10/02/18 02:16 PM
tricks4freee: where...my "w" broke
10/02/18 02:39 PM
tricks4freee: $kgkg ..wurkd too..
10/03/18 04:30 PM
meektechgeek: thank you blkman
10/09/18 12:06 PM
blkMaN: If you not in already keep an eye on that $XXII and $WTER
10/09/18 12:06 PM
blkMaN: they next up
10/09/18 12:07 PM
blkMaN: mining stocks as well
10/09/18 12:07 PM
blkMaN: excluding $NAK lol
10/09/18 12:31 PM
tricks4freee: ha... $nak attack ..its all good
10/14/18 09:29 PM
tricks4freee: ok..sum u guys ...like now ..market closed...place my buy order on ..wev.. @ 5 and then next guy places bid @ 5 couple hours later ..but b4 market open....will mine fill first???
10/14/18 09:30 PM
tricks4freee: ha guess sum1 might jus cut n line or what
10/15/18 11:17 PM
tricks4freee: any 1 ? Gene....a little help
10/16/18 03:50 PM
tricks4freee: $plsb ..bustnoff
10/18/18 10:12 AM
blkMaN: Yours should get filled first if they other person is not an insider lol
10/18/18 10:13 AM
blkMaN: A sub penny thats building up some steam
10/18/18 10:13 AM
blkMaN: $IDDR
10/25/18 10:48 AM
resx18: Loading $MAXD
10/25/18 11:33 AM
resx18: $MAXD has Intellectual Property lawsuits against one of the world’s top tech giants that could result in lucrative long-term licenses $GOOG vs $MAXD
10/25/18 11:37 AM
resx18: http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/06/19/1526868/0/en/Max-Sound-Provides-update-on-Attia-vs-Google-Court-Grants-Attia-Leave-to-Amend-the-Racketeering-Influenced-and-Corrupt-Organization-Ac
10/25/18 12:19 PM
resx18: Bad link ^^
10/25/18 12:19 PM
resx18: https://twitter.com/MaxD_Audio/status/1009249256740306944
10/29/18 11:31 AM
BeenThere: $CGC
10/29/18 04:19 PM
tricks4freee: ssssslllllliiiicccckkkkk!!!!!!
10/30/18 10:17 AM
blkMaN: A
10/30/18 10:21 AM
blkMaN: $KALY was on the move yesterday
10/30/18 10:25 AM
blkMaN: DB (deutsche bank) is in single digits. Hitting new lows
10/30/18 10:27 AM
blkMaN: If they go mann
10/30/18 10:28 AM
blkMaN: boom!
10/30/18 10:28 AM
blkMaN: for these mining stocks. Find a good one a jump in
11/03/18 10:31 AM
jtrader: man i'm holding $BIOAQ waiting to see if its a Merger or not
11/04/18 08:24 PM
tricks4freee: $nsav maybe
11/14/18 10:30 AM
BeenThere: Lot of news on $cgc
11/15/18 06:17 PM
metoo: IDDR ... youmust own it and posting here to get it dumped, IDDR has been TRASH for months and has ONLY sold for .OOO1!
11/15/18 06:20 PM
metoo: Be ware folks, there are people out there trying to get someone to buy their trash. Check for yourself IDDR price has been all .0001 for months !!!
11/15/18 08:15 PM
tricks4freee: ha...peeps b manipulatn
11/16/18 11:12 AM
tricks4freee: ha ... mr. manipulator bought 3 cents worth ... $plsb
11/16/18 11:13 AM
tricks4freee: up 50% ha
11/16/18 02:46 PM
tricks4freee: any1 know whats pushin $gsml up a bit?
11/16/18 04:58 PM
tricks4freee: $onov been hibernatin...?
12/03/18 08:27 PM
tricks4freee: word up peeps
12/19/18 10:48 AM
BeenThere: $kaly still goin
12/26/18 04:26 PM
tricks4freee: MERRY CHRISTMAS
01/10/19 02:55 PM
tradingmylifeaway: anything hot to buy
01/10/19 03:03 PM
tradingmylifeaway: missed all of you
01/11/19 04:14 AM
Bivioso: man
01/11/19 04:14 AM
Bivioso: kinda surprised some of you guys are still here
01/11/19 04:15 AM
Bivioso: blkMan and Slik its been years fellas
01/11/19 04:15 AM
Bivioso: resx too
01/16/19 04:12 PM
tradingmylifeaway: where is everyone
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