2 Jul 10, 14:22
Aertimus: @Khaophorm: I'm sorry, I'm not doing gear lists anymore since I have not been playing. I'm sorry my list doesn't include the up to date info : (
1 Jul 10, 04:28
Khaophorm: Wheres the ICC10 gear!
2 Jun 10, 10:53
LĂșa: Heya trees :)
12 Apr 10, 14:15
Kae: Aert posted! <3
26 Mar 10, 14:17
Niniel: /wave :D Hope all is well!
26 Jan 10, 21:41
Aertimus: No, not that abandoned.
2 Dec 09, 08:49
Kae: Aert!!!! ...hi :D
5 Nov 09, 19:14
Aertimus: The list I made on Aug 7th, 3.2 BiS is just from 10 man normal raids, not 25 or heroic. So you could call it a starter list.
4 Nov 09, 19:57
Faramere: cause thers a awful lot of cloth, and i bet there is better leather out there
4 Nov 09, 19:56
Faramere: is this max healing gear or starter healing gear?
4 Nov 09, 19:55
Faramere: Yo awesome aertimus your on?
6 Oct 09, 09:58
Weyoun: ooh found what i was looking for on the site :D Keep up the pro work Aertimus<3 love the site :D
6 Oct 09, 09:54
Weyoun: How much haste is needed before i can drop point out of GotEM?:P I got 422 atm. can u help me :P ?
30 Sep 09, 18:34
Aertimus: If you are not haste capped and don't need more regen and really don't use crit spells that often, you are correct - spellslinger would be better.
30 Sep 09, 13:57
Fallen: Personally though, I dont use Nourish much since I raid heal all the time, so the only spell I use that can crit really is Regrowth. So I assume haste would be best or am I mistaken?
29 Sep 09, 14:08
Fallen: For Resto Druid BiS, is the Boots of Wintry Endurance or Spellslinger's Slipper's better? Basically it just comes down to either crit or haste. Which is better?
22 Sep 09, 08:20
Aleks: bah-.-
19 Sep 09, 10:46
Aertimus: On a long vacation might be a better description than closed. I still try to follow up with all comments and e-mails. I will be back some day!
18 Sep 09, 08:27
Aleks: this blog is closed?:(
17 Sep 09, 09:06
Kae: Dropping by to say hi!
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