19 Dec 09, 20:19
Jeremy: hi Amy, no problem at all! I do what I can. :-)
19 Dec 09, 09:17
Amy: Thank you Jeremy! The pictures look great! We love them and you are so kind to fit us into your tight schedule!
18 Dec 09, 21:55
kristy: good job again!! dont forget the ;ittle people, remember i work fr food, i will be tyou lighting asisstant and hold the big round disc
19 Oct 09, 15:09
Tamar: thank you so much! we love the pics!
21 Jun 09, 22:34
joyce: wow jeremy...you're a really cool guy/photographer!
21 Jun 09, 17:11
Jeremy: Thanks for the encouragement, aunt mary. I really appreciate it.
21 Jun 09, 07:07
Aunt Mary: FABULOUS display of photos, What talent you have for capturing the innocence of youth. Also the simplicity of a drawing is "canon moment". Kudos Jeremy Chou Photoworks.
18 Jun 09, 15:09
kristy mckindley: love those pics!!1 love the ones with his mommy especiallym so pretty!! good job!
18 Jun 09, 15:09
kristy mckindley: cool pics, hes sooo cute! i love the pics with his mom, so nice!!! yeah, what happened to our weekly shoot schedule as mentioned above, oh thats right my kids are always plauged by germs
30 May 09, 21:52
jeremy: Thanks Kristy, I had a blast. What are we...on a weekly photoshoot schedule now?
30 May 09, 21:39
kristy mckindley: love the pics, awesome! great job!!!!!!
24 May 09, 19:48
jeremy: hey Kristy, anytime, really. let's get pictures of the boys and the girls together, too.
24 May 09, 17:28
kristy mckindley: hey awesome page, well i guess i better get my pics, b4 u get fampus. hey i was thinking of going to the park, and getting some pics of them playing around the baseball field. also 4 fathers day
22 May 09, 22:02