17 Jun 19, 07:51
Pixie: Thank you so much Toja!!!
17 Jun 19, 05:40
11 Jun 19, 20:14
Nonie: Thanks Erica so glad you like it hope to do many more pages for you in the future.
11 Jun 19, 19:47
pearlscup411: Thank you Nonie and pixiedesigns for the tour page! Love it!!! beautiful
6 Jun 19, 16:42
Pixie: Awesome blue!
6 Jun 19, 15:05
bluesky: hi pixie new league lol www.myleague.com/myrowdyfriends/
6 Jun 19, 05:23
Pixie: hi awsmgrlpl!!! We got it...will get it out to you today!
6 Jun 19, 01:36
awsmgrlpl: hi pixie i put the page i wanted for my new league on your trill ty in advance
5 Jun 19, 19:13
Darlgrgs: Thanks so much you rock I love your pages lvya rck
3 Jun 19, 09:27
Nonie: Thanks beachebabe was a pleasure working with you. kisses1
1 Jun 19, 12:45
Pixie: Thanks so much beachebabe s98
1 Jun 19, 11:14
beachebabe: Nonie and pixiedesign words could never express how grateful and thankful our league is for all the help you did and getting our homepage done and in a very quick time that a little early to check off today without any problems. The page is absolutely gorgeous . And all your help was awesome. Thank you so much again for all The help you did for our league you didn’t awesome job
1 Jun 19, 06:38
Pixie: 424winner Darlgrgs, CountryGirl778, Jason Smith and pearlscup411 !!!! private emails on their way! c3
26 May 19, 20:06
Pixie: You are so very Welcome my lovely Rain!!!! Thank you so much!
26 May 19, 17:50
Rain_Raingoaway: Hugss my dear Pixi and ty sooo much for all your wonderful work!!....Luv! love015
22 May 19, 20:45
Pixie: day13 Cielo!!! Hugs my friend
19 May 19, 20:50
Pixie: You are so VERY WELCOME John!!! Thank YOU!
19 May 19, 13:04
John: THANK YOU All for everyything you all do ty030
17 May 19, 05:03
Pixie: 55613
17 May 19, 05:02
Pixie: ihome
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