13 Dec 18, 06:37
VaGurl: day10 loveya
10 Dec 18, 12:15
10 Dec 18, 10:24
Nonie: Hey BOO sp glad you stopped by hope Destney getsher PC running soon ... hugs6
9 Dec 18, 23:42
BOO: hi1 Wanted to drop in & say hi & that i miss ya ladies!!! Destny has been with out a working pc & I work wayyyy too much....keep up the great work & hope to chat w/yas real soon! kisses1
9 Dec 18, 18:53
TweetySexyPi: Previous message
9 Dec 18, 18:52
TweetySexyPi: www.myleague.com/birdsoftheflock Pixie need for you to go into chat box change settings to where no non memebrs can leave chat in the box plz. And delete whats in there.
8 Dec 18, 23:23
CindyJ16: I sooooo love my tourney page :) Great work and thank you :) day9
7 Dec 18, 19:14
Pixie: Thank you so very much NannyTurtle!!!! We love you too!
7 Dec 18, 12:23
nannyturtle: I just want to say THANK YOU for the beautiful tourney page you made me and the continued awesome site with league sets just too good to be true!! Merry Christmas Girls!!!! Love you!!!!
3 Dec 18, 18:53
Pixie: I sent you an email Cindy!!!
3 Dec 18, 06:59
CindyJ16: YAY I won! Thank you so much. What is my next step?
1 Dec 18, 14:15
Pixie: attn5 WE HAVE WINNERS!!!!!! --- MATILDAMUDRAKER, Mary Lou Shafer, Marilyn Hamilton, and CindyJ16!! Private emails are on their way!
30 Nov 18, 11:46
krazyscorpion: TY very much for the page we love it
30 Nov 18, 06:41
Pixie: ad1
24 Nov 18, 20:07
deadshark01: how come no one does any pages with sharks on them attack sharks sharks swimming i can never find one
23 Nov 18, 17:41
22 Nov 18, 10:51
Pixie: tg1 To all of YOU............ I am so very thankful for good health, happiness, and......................my wonderful team here at PixiDesign!!!! I am so blessed.
21 Nov 18, 02:00
Angie: Happy Thanksgiving! From Design Fairies
20 Nov 18, 16:22
Pixie: Thank you Carole!!!!!!!!! lvya BACK!!!
20 Nov 18, 13:39
Carole: Gorgeous site, as always! Happy Thanksgiving!! lvya
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