22 Aug 17, 12:34
Amy: Hey Pixie <3 Did you get my email to make me a page sweetie??
19 Aug 17, 08:11
Pixie: Attn2 I am not ignoring anybody...we sold house and have to move into new place. Busy but Nonie and Tiara can help you as well.
14 Aug 17, 07:36
Pixie: Good to see you Moonie!!! I have been busy renovating family room! Needed it badly
11 Aug 17, 18:46
moonie: Stopped by to say Hi Pixi, Nonie!!
11 Aug 17, 17:35
Pixie: day14
10 Aug 17, 08:08
Pixie: 55613
2 Aug 17, 12:22
Heather: wow6
2 Aug 17, 12:21
Heather: Niceeeee Survivor Pages and Family Feud Pixie!!! Your amazing
2 Aug 17, 11:08
Pixie: np5 Check out Family Feud Category under Special Tours
2 Aug 17, 10:36
Pixie: np2 Check out Survivor Category under Special Tours
2 Aug 17, 09:23
Pixie: Thank you so much CieloBlu!!! I so enjoy working with you and your AWEsome team!
1 Aug 17, 23:33
CieloBlu: Thank you sooo much Pixi hun for all your wonderful work...You the best!! urock
1 Aug 17, 11:27
dennis: did you get my fall 5 if so like to know when i be geting it
1 Aug 17, 07:25
Pixie: We have WINNERS!!! BUTRFY_, Jason, Seafaringlady!!! c3
31 Jul 17, 11:20
Pixie: Sounds Good jetmyx...You can always reach me by email or trillian
30 Jul 17, 16:26
jetmyx: Hi Pixie. I'm about to go away for a month then when I get back will be leaving for the states hopefully b4 end Sept. will try & get in touch with u when I'm over there n
29 Jul 17, 14:25
Pixie: Thanks so much justmyluck!!!!!!!
29 Jul 17, 13:18
justmyluck4: I am a HTD for a league and happened to stumble on this site by accident. Love some of your designs and have used some for the main tour page of my tours. Thank you so much <3
28 Jul 17, 16:00
Pixie: Nonie!!! It was wonderful having you here!! We did have a truly awesome time traipsing all over Oregon!! and Idaho... Got a little confused a time or 2 on the roads, but hey.....we had a super time
28 Jul 17, 07:41
Nonie: I am home had a great vacation spending time with Pixie and Tiara and meeting new friends...Thanks Ladies for the wonderful time. heart2
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