21 Jun 18, 13:15
pixie: an2
16 Jun 18, 07:36
Claudette: 1drfl
16 Jun 18, 07:33
Claudette: dropping in to share some love...nice website
13 Jun 18, 01:37
fitspat707 aka Paul Hunte: Thank you so much for the great page beautiful
2 Jun 18, 07:26
Pixie: attention1 Emails have been sent to our contest winners!!!! wahoo con4
1 Jun 18, 11:19
Claudette: Thanks Pixie nice chatting with you am getting better each day also....nice page today.(Nonie) ..in funtimes... will chat soon again
27 May 18, 09:26
Nonie: Hi Cyndi I sent you a email
27 May 18, 06:00
cyndi hughes: good morning, i need help in finding someone to do our league home page. name of my league is DILLIGAF...can some one please help??
25 May 18, 14:45
Pixie: fae please email pixidesign3@gmail.com
25 May 18, 14:26
fae: trying to ask for a page but when i click on it dont work for me
25 May 18, 09:32
Nonie: Thanks Holly Glad you love it.
21 May 18, 17:46
21 May 18, 09:26
holley_ange: Fantastic job on our custome league page!
21 May 18, 09:25
holley_ange: Fantastic job on our custom league page!! We have had so many compliments. Great work!!! awesome3
17 May 18, 09:48
Nonie: oops
17 May 18, 09:48
Nonie: send me the url
17 May 18, 09:48
Nonie: thanks Claudette glad you enjoy the page
17 May 18, 05:44
Pixie: ad1
17 May 18, 05:44
Pixie: It was divine to hear from you Claudette! You are sounding awesome! You are most welcome for new page too! Keep in touch my sweet friend!
16 May 18, 19:45
Claudette: WAS NICE CHATTING TONIGHT Thanks for thee new page and banner very nice hugss hun very nice nonie
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