5 Jan 21, 02:16
Mary: I want to cite this site in an essay, who is the author, please?
15 Dec 20, 17:40
Xun: I wanna say thanks to all. that is a message from China.
30 Oct 20, 09:05
Jujji: Thanks for the transcription crazy internet people from a crazy internet person :)
25 Jan 18, 23:34
Ly: I love love love your page. Always reading transcripts. Thank you.
26 Dec 17, 00:40
keeley: plus how unimportant the role of april was she came in ruined luke and lorelai and then her mum takes her away to new mexico at thet point the writers annoyed me for making them break up for amber
26 Dec 17, 00:39
keeley: rewatching the whole show and all i can think of is how perfect luke and lorelai are together and how wrong she is with Christopher hes actually a control freak and he doesnt deserve her at all
4 Dec 17, 18:58
Sand: THX for the new transcripts!!!!!
29 Nov 16, 20:18
Catriona: S4 E19 Unknown Music playing at Yale while Rory is trying to study in here dorm when Lorelai comes to see her is "After Dark" by Mower. It's been stuck in my head for ages :) Great site
5 Oct 16, 02:23
Miriam: Great site! Thank you!
23 Sep 16, 13:36
Susan: looking for name of episode where Lane says to her mom "There’s no such thing as a cool, Christian, Korean boy
21 Oct 15, 02:24
Sand: Jeah my fav page is alive !!!!
9 Jun 15, 02:46
Cardin: What is Sookie's fancy stove she wanted for the dragonfly
9 Jun 15, 02:46
Cardin: What is Sookie's fancy stove she wanted for the dragonfly
18 May 15, 12:23
ida: im from singapore! huge GG fan
7 Mar 15, 03:00
Sandra: How many of us shippers are still here? Greetings from Germany
14 Jan 15, 11:50
Sarah G: Everytime Will Earn Money Better Forever! Proof: http://goo.gl/hP6ojN
9 Jan 15, 16:35
Vivian: Unlimited Real Visitor View You Website!! http://goo.gl/wCcghP
3 Apr 13, 22:38
Cassie: Gilmore Girls movie? That's great!!!
24 Feb 13, 16:54
craig: Sorry to hear that Alexandra and for the slow response. As you can see I've done a short story on Scotts father.
9 Feb 13, 04:07
Alexandra: Hello Sweethearts...Scott's Patterson father Frank passed away.Leave ur condolences here.http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/philly/obituary.aspx?n=frank-ford-patterson&pid=162926940#fbLoggedOut
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