5 Mar 16, 18:44
joha: Thugger. Not sure about him, honestly.
15 Feb 16, 20:16
Adwiin: Because I'm diggin his stuff with the day lol
15 Feb 16, 20:15
Adwiin: Can anyone of you give your honest opinion on Young Thug's music? I am really curious to know :)
14 Feb 16, 23:01
Adwiin: It's one whole messed up position Pain is in lol I don't even know what to think of...
14 Feb 16, 23:00
Adwiin: At some point I think so, especially budget-wise and aside from that I think his management plays an important role in the overall distribution of music
14 Feb 16, 22:47
patik: yea...that RCA thing...how about free projects? they hold on that to?
14 Feb 16, 21:18
Adwiin: Yep but RCA wouldn't be ok with that I am afraid...
13 Feb 16, 13:17
patik: he started good...i agree with you all, but the key i think is drop more songs\projects as well
12 Jan 16, 00:33
Adwiin: He really needs a good and proper team behind him (marketing-wise) and then he's good to go
11 Jan 16, 18:21
joha: i really hope. in the meantime, i am not sure if 2016 will be very much successful for Pain, I really hope I am wrong
10 Jan 16, 16:34
Adwiin: Officialy Yours is definitely on it's way by the looks of it :)
10 Jan 16, 16:33
Adwiin: If it wasnt for these tracks I probably would of have given up on my site :p
10 Jan 16, 16:33
Adwiin: Haha well these tracks keep me 'off the street'
9 Jan 16, 15:01
joha: Hey guys, am I the only one who terribly needs a new TPain after all these Kanye and DJ Mustard releases?
25 Dec 15, 13:00
Adwiin: Merry xmas! :)
20 Nov 15, 12:22
Adwiin: Sounds like minimal exposure of autotune on there yea
19 Nov 15, 23:08
patik: ...he did that without auto-tune right?
19 Nov 15, 21:04
Adwiin: I think this is the first T-Pain hook in a long ass time that I like.
19 Nov 15, 20:57
patik: t-pain = king of hooks!
19 Nov 15, 19:37
Adwiin: Feels good to hear these two again on a track aside from the DJ Khaled collaboration
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