21 May 17, 20:59
Diego Rastafari: It doesn't load, it says 'An error occured, please try again later' HELP!
19 May 17, 20:22
Jayman: Just checked the link and it is fine Diego... Just click on the red link that says Download 20116/17 That will take you to dropbox were you click on download... Good luck... PEACE
7 May 17, 20:14
Diego Rastafari: Boom Shacka Lacka Southall Community Centre November 1993. Sorry for late reply mate.
22 Apr 17, 13:17
Jayman: What are you trying to download my friend?
22 Apr 17, 10:24
Diego Rastafari: Jayman, that button aint coming up 4 me.. I tried refreshin the page several times and it aint comin up.. please help.
21 Apr 17, 17:54
JaymanWCTD: Hello Diego... Click on the red link at bottom of review of tape... It says Download 2016/7... PEACE
21 Apr 17, 17:47
JaymanWCTD: Special request to the Ranking Miss E... Thank you for your support... PEACE
21 Apr 17, 16:45
Diego Rastafari: thanks JaymanWCTD I am a new listener and I would like to know why I cant click on any music? it wont let me... must be a glitch... but if you can help thanks.
21 Apr 17, 10:07
JaymanWCTD: Welcome to all new listeners and members of the WCTD Posse.... PEACE
21 Apr 17, 08:08
[Content Deleted]: [Content Deleted]
20 Apr 17, 22:05
Jayman: Thanks donald & doug and Fatima and billy
20 Apr 17, 22:04
donald & doug: this reggae is better than mine, you overtook me man.. wow.. BUT IT'S GOOD...
20 Apr 17, 22:00
20 Apr 17, 21:54
billy: thanks man for the hard work, jayman i think you put alot of hard work into this and thanks again!
20 Apr 17, 21:54
Jayman: and Sammy.... Love the name .... PEACE
20 Apr 17, 21:53
Jayman: and Trevor
20 Apr 17, 21:53
Jayman: Thank you so much for the feedback, Reggie,Reggae John anf
20 Apr 17, 21:52
Sammycorkthedance: My friend just told me about this, reggae rules mate I am so happy you are doing this free stuff for people I think it is a really nice thing Jayman, I appreciate this, you inspired me! Thanks man
20 Apr 17, 21:50
DanceHallTrevor: Mate! I can't believe what I have just come across! Jayman, good to see you back.
14 Apr 17, 17:47
Reggie: Thanks for all the great work Jayman, good to see you back in the saddle son. People, show the man some appreciation instead of just taking a slice
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